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megstwinmegstwin Posts: 5
We have a 2006 Ford freestyle. It currently is at the dealers because at 60,000 miles it has these problems:

Dead power steering pump
Bad throttle body
bad egr valve

From what I have been reading the throttle body issue is prevalent in these cars. Because of this I phoned the NHTSA to file a complaint about the safety problem. I have been scared more then once when my car lurched forward or backwards.
I urge everyone who has had this issue to contact them and file a complaint. The women I spoke to said they only had seven filed to date. I know I read at least 20 on various forums online. Ford needs to fix this problem and we need to have an investigation to make them do it.
I'm so torn up about this since up until now we have loved this car. In the coming years it won't be viable for us to be putting thousands of dollars into it. I also understand that the transmission is another item of worry.

Phone the NHTSA @ 1-888-327-4236, I phoned around 6pm and only had to wait 15 min for someone to talk to. You can also file a complaint online at Let's not forget that the governments job is to work for the people, call asap.


  • So you're saying that 3 things, all unrelated to each other, just happened to go wrong at the same time? I've had very little problems with my Freestyle over 4 years and 53,000 miles. Consumer Reports rates the Freestyle as above average in reliability. Cars break, but to have 3 things happen at the same time is weird.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    So you're saying that 3 things, all unrelated to each other, just happened to go wrong at the same time?

    I would guess that the car was taken in for one of the stated reasons while the other two were lurking in the background waiting to be "discovered" though it does happen that multiple independent problems arise simultaneously. I read the other day about a guy who won two substantial lotteries within two or three weeks of each other. Sometimes, the coincidence is good and sometimes it's not.

    tidester, host
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  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I'm at 73,000 miles on my '05 FWD SE. I recently replaced the power steering pump under my extended warranty. I had a transmission control module go out a couple of years ago and had that replaced under the emissions warranty. The rear brakes were replaced for free too. Otherwise no problems other than maintenance.
  • I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle and it has been in the shop for over 70 days now waiting for a new Throttle Body. Headquarters will not return my calls and no one can help. Yet they expect you to continue to make payments on a car they can't fix right now. I was told by an inside source that the Throttle body will not be avail for install until after the first of the year . I did file a complaint with NHTSA and I have the Attorney generals office looking into this matter. Keep me updated on your situation... :lemon:
  • sindersinder Posts: 37
    Hi Megstwin,

    My 06 Freestyle is currently in the shop having the ENTIRE transmission replaced.
    How does over $5K sound, while you're still making payments? Nice, Hah?

    I was crossing a busy intersection here in town and all of a sudden, the car would not move. I pushed the gas pedal to the floor....NO engine rev....NO rpm change...NOTHING. I have a semi coming my way and I was freaking out. I turned the car off, immediately turned it back on and put it in drive and it BOLTED across the intersection. And I mean BOLTED !

    I've already had to have the rear brakes replaced. I have contacted FORD Headquarters, but they could care less because it is out of warranty and they know that NOBODY will work on the transmissions that break down. They know that people will most likely have to buy a new or remanned one directly from FORD so, it's a win, win , win for them.

    I am not letting this go. This Freestyle damn near got me killed ! The fact that this forum exists proves that we are not alone. I am working to gather enough information to make FORD stand up and pay attention. :lemon:

    There will be a new group on Facebook addressing this issue. With 200 million users, we will be able to reach more people having the same problem.
  • I would never dismiss the pain "sinder" is having over the Freestyle transmission problems, even though the Freestyle CVT transmission is more reliable than conventional automatic transmissions across the public fleet (about 300,000 Freestyle/500 CVT transmission out there).

    I felt uneasy initially about the longevity and durability of my Freestyle's CVT when I bought it in August of '05, so I bought an extended warranty for 6 years or 72k miles. I suggest that people who feel uneasy even now after they bought a Freestyle buy an aftermarket warranty.

    I have had no problems with my Freestyle CVT so far at 67,000 miles and 4.4 years. I've got a little time/miles left on the warranty, so I hope its OK. Any vehicle is a risk.
  • I also have a 06 Freestyle that is having problems with lunging forward and backwards. When we approached a red light the engine acted like it didn't want to idle down but finally did. We didn't think much about it until I went to drive the car later that day and it wouldn't start, thought it was the battery so my husband replaced it and now it will not rev up now at all and the yellow wrench light stays on now. My car now sits in my garage because you can't drive it, the car will not move in gear. I have been having problems with it lunging forward and backwards, I almost hit people in parking lots and also in drive-thru's at fastfood restaurants. I went online and filed a complaint yesterday 9/25/10 with the NHTSA. This is a major safety problem that should be recalled. I contacted the ford dealership and was told that it was the throttle body and it was on backorder and also they have seen this problem many times. I asked the guy why don't they recall it if they are having so many problems. He agreed with me about recalling it but could not answer why ford hasn't done it. I'm hoping that if enough people file complaints that maybe they might do something about it before someone gets seriously hurt or worse.
  • So sorry you're experiencing the problem. It does seem that Ford doesn't care about this as a safety issue, hence the fact they've done nothing. I look back and wish I'd gotten the extended warranty because now my air conditioning seems to be leaking and will cost 1000-1300 to fix.
    We need more people on this forum and for them to also call the NHSTA and contact Ford. Maybe we should put flyer's on any Freestyles we see in parking lots with the phone #'s and info to NHSTA, could help.
    You might have noticed that Ford also renamed the car the Taurus X, perhaps to distance it's self from the problems. Lets keep talking to keep this alive and hopefully someday triumph.
  • It does seem obvious that more then one problem can arise when dealing with an automotive engine. When I've gone to have the oil changed the car always seems to have some other minor issue ie,air filter, battery, fluid flush etc. But the difference is my car's problems were all pretty major issues. I know enough about car engines to realize each of mine were unrelated .It doesn't mean the three aren't a problem because of poor quality control on Fords part. Life is a "crap shoot" all by itself, but that doesn't mean I want all the crap to land on me. I believe these forums are for people to alert others to problems with cars or trucks they have. I did just that.I thought your comment was a bit smug, perhaps you would like to rephrase it to be more supportive since you seem to be the host.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    perhaps you would like to rephrase it to be more supportive

    Hmm. Actually, I thought I was supporting your position. I'm not sure how I would rephrase it. :confuse:

    tidester, host
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  • dkincaid36dkincaid36 Posts: 7
    edited September 2010
    Fortunately enough people have filed complaints now.
    Hopefully good news:
    I just got off the phone with NHSTA and spoke with a woman that stated this is under investigation as of August 23, 2010 and it is in Phase 1 and has 4 steps of the investigation. It could take anywhere from 4 months to a year to get a final decision. As of Friday, I cannot drive my car at all. When it is started now in the park position, it won't rev up at all and in drive it just won't go now, with my foot to the floor on the gas pedal. How funny, you worry about it just taking off on you all the time and now it won't move. The woman also stated to keep my receipts because the freestyle is going into the shop to have the throttle body replaced (if they can get one) and also to contact Ford at 800-392-3673. She said it is good to have a paper trail with them. I think I am going to get it fixed, sale it and get another vehicle. From what I have read so far, it will only be a matter of time before the throttle body will have to be replaced again. Or my air conditioner starts having problems like yours. I wish you all the luck with it. Maybe they will have the parts in stock to fix it for you. LOL. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes. I will post more on here if I find out anything else. Believe me, I won't let this go, I will be contacting Ford tomorrow also.
  • megstwin, I did it. Traded my car in yesterday and went with a Toyota. Too bad I already spent the money for the throttle body. LOL
  • we recently put down a payment of 800 dollars on a 2005 Freestar Van Sel, and i know some things about engines and such.And my thing is i was told the a/c compressor was about to go out and was reduced 1000 bucks on the Van,that way i had enough time to save money to replace it when it went out. I took it to get diagnosed and was told the EGR Valve was going out! Now it"s gonna cost me another 125 bucks to get,but the good news about it is I can put it on myself. Yet I will be calling NHTSA about it too! So wish me luck on it and i wish the best to all who have issues with the problems in the future on these vehicles.God Bless
  • geminimegeminime Posts: 4
    edited December 2011
    Wow you got super lucky cause there are over 200 complaints at about the lunging alone. At least 18 people have been in car accidents and I'm sure not everyone knew to or took the time to report. Reading through these forums it seems as though a lot of people simply sold their cars to get rid of the issues. I've had 3 issues that popped up with my Freestyle within a short period of time; the lunging issue, wet floors, and also noise in the steering wheel when I turn that I was told by the dealer is just how the car is and it can't be fixed. So it can't be that weird lol. I wish I had your luck.
  • Wet floors may be your heater core. My car sometimes makes the steering noise but mostly when it is cold outside. If you find a spot to spray some silicone you could try that maybe.
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