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VW Passat Wagons (GL, GLS, GLX & W8)

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  • e271pwoe271pwo Member Posts: 1
    The cruise on my '99 Passat GLS wagon sometimes works and sometimes does not. I already took it to the dealer and they supposedly fixed it but it continues to occur. They said that the brake was having an adverse effect on the cruise (sounds like BS to me). Anybody else have this problem and any ideas on how to fix would be appreciated.

  • rsilkrsilk Member Posts: 3
    You may have more success on another forum where the "enthusiasts" hang out.

    Try http://www.clubb5.com or http://vwvortex.com for fellow Passat freaks.

  • div2div2 Member Posts: 2,580
    My wife has always liked the Passat wagon, and now that 4 Motion is available I'm considering one. One question(and please, no lectures on the purported "safety" they provide): Can the running lights be disabled permanently? If so, how? Thanks in advance!
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Member Posts: 121
    Most VW serice depts can disable the DRL for you gratis prior to you taking delivery of the car. If you already have the car/the service dept refuses, you can remove the fuse for the DRLs yourself --- this has been describe by other VW Vortex members in the forums at www.vwvortex.com (feel free to join other B5 passat owners here to discuss other issues !)

    Finally, since you are considering the 4motion, I would carefully assess your needs (ie do you live in a snow belt,etc) before spending the extra $1600 and dealing with the very few drawbacks of 4Motion.

    FWIW, my wife and I have no regrets in our purchase and would do it all over again, except could VW come up with more functional rear cupholders ?!? ;)

  • div2div2 Member Posts: 2,580
    Thanks for the information. Simply put, I don't enjoy driving FWD cars that much. I do like the 50/50 Quattro/4motion torque split, and the car would serve as our foul weather car when our half mile gravel driveway gets 12"+ of snow.
  • nickd3nickd3 Member Posts: 1
    We're considering a Passat Wagon for our next car. We mountain bike and sometimes drive dirt/forest roads to trailheads. We've driven our '90 Accord to these areas without any ground clearance problems. Has anyone driven their Passats to similar trailheads? Any ground clearance problems?
  • bruce40bruce40 Member Posts: 1
    I have been trying in vain, for the last several weeks, to purchase a GLS V6 Anthracite wagon with beige leather. The salesman said no additional 2000 model cars will be coming to the US. He also said the 2001 models may arrive in as little as three weeks (mid July). Does anyone know when the 2001's will arrive?

    Related Question:
    The dealers I have spoken with say they have no control over the cars (color, features) they get from the regional rep. Can dealers impact this random allotment?

    I live in northern New Jersey. Any info. would be appreciated.
  • sg207ptgsg207ptg Member Posts: 4
    Bought ours today, Auto, with Luxury Package and CD changer, Anthracite Blue but with black interior. Walked all over the dealer back lot and saw at least 4 other wagons. No hassle, used the UBS service (fixed 3% over invoice). I know it might not be the best deal but it saves us time and headache. The whole thing took about 4 hours, most of it for test driving and waiting for the car to be cleaned. There are plenty of y2k wagons here in Northern VA (DC metro).
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Member Posts: 121

    I think I answered this elsewhere, but based on info from the VW vortex forums, the '01 MY Passats will be out later this fall (Aug or Sept).
    AFAIK, VW dealers don't have much say on allotment. Larger VW dealerships seem to have the in on the largest selection. Its possible that some dealerships have reached their allotment for the year - but my local dealership is still receiving a steady supply of wagons. Your local dealers could always try and do a swap to get a wagon for you. The other option is to contact dealerships outside of your area, such as in Md or DC. Fitzgerald VWin that area seems to have a reasonable supply of wagons according to their online inventory.


    Congrats on your new wagon. I'm sure you'll love it as much as we have so far!! Make sure you also check out VW vortex forums for more resources on the Passat.

  • strvtstrvt Member Posts: 12
    Did anybody use "driver's option" financing that VW suggest?
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Member Posts: 121

    Its VW's fancy name for a balloon loan. We considered it briefly, but ended up going with traditional loan thru our credit union. Our credit union also offered this option, but some things you need to consider:
    1) remember, this option is essentially a different type of loan, but the interest rate typically is higher than the conventional loans (at least 2% point higher for us)
    2) The end of term value of the car is usually determined by some kind of firm that establishes the residual values on leases. Cars (and wagons for that matter) have 3-4 year values that are significantly lower than SUV's
    3) Even though you don't have to pay leasing charges, termination fees, or security deposits, you do have to pay for slaes tax on the full purchase price of the vehicle. I suspect that in most cases, that would be equivalent to all of those lease charges added up.

    After considering the different options, for us the 3 year baloon loan route would have been about $100 less per month compared to a 4 year conventional loan. Since we new we would be keeping the car for long term, we ended up going the traditional route.

  • sg207ptgsg207ptg Member Posts: 4
    Getting ready for my wagon's first long road trip, what should I buy to haul luggage on the roof? Have been looking at Thule's and Yakima's crossbars/luggage boxes as well as at Weathertech's portable cargo carrier.

    Would you recommend to secure the Weathertech soft cargo carrier to the wagon's side bars, without the crossbars? I might just buy the crossbars anyway, which would come in handy later on.

    VW also sells its own crossbars, which are cheaper than those from Yakima and Thule, I think.

    Thanks for advices
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    My father has a Passat with thule cross bars, and he carried a 7' rattan sofa up there for 1,500 miles. No problems. The Yakima is probably good as well. I thought VW charged more for their rack about $165 vs $120 or so for the thule. The Thule and Yak also have more and cheaper accesories than the VW.

    I would not put a carrier directly on the roof - you might get scratches and dents. You would be much better off with a rigid carrier (from thule or yakima)that is designed to go on top of the cross bars.
  • doagzombiedoagzombie Member Posts: 4
    My 2000 Passat wagon is nearing 5000 miles and has developed a rattle in the front end. As usual with these problems, I can never make it rattle on cue--it seems to occur the most when going over rather slight imperfections in the road surface. Has anybody else experienced this so I can arm myself as well as possible when I bring the car in for its 5,000 mile servicing?
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Member Posts: 121

    Sorry to hear about your problem. Hopefully that's the worst that you will experience. I can't help you out personally, but if you haven't done so yet you should check out the VW Vortex Forums. Run a search for "rattle" and see what others have described, or post the question directly. Hope you can find an answer.

  • ghanghan Member Posts: 1
    Just taking delivery tomorrow on 2000 GLX Wagon 4 motion Silver. Getting old and wanted to splurge. I got price of invoice + 200 prep fee. something like 3% over invoice. The dealers we talked to said wagon are not in high demand and dealers are forced to take them by VW to get other cars. I wonder who in their right minds would buy a SUV for normal travel. These small wagons are a good compromise
    The 4 motion was a concession to myself for sporty driving. I to do not like FWD cars. The quattro i drove a few years ago was very impressive. Just returned from Italy and rented a Ford Focus diesel which was the same as a Passat. The diesel performed very well but gas is just too cheap in US to have any demand for diesels. VW is making a big light diesel push for cars and boats. Maybe we will see them soon.
  • noahsmomnoahsmom Member Posts: 5
    We are taking delivery on a 2000 GLS V6 4 Mo tonight. We asked about the CD changer, but our dealer (Fitzgerald in Annapolis) says none will be available for several months. Does anyone have any leads on sources other than through the dealer? Thanks!
  • noahsmomnoahsmom Member Posts: 5
    Thanks George! This is a big help!
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Member Posts: 1,284
    Also, Panasonic makes that CD changer-- you could probably get a Panasonic unit, put it in yourself (very easy to do-- slides right in) and save some money. Any reputable audio/video store (NOT Best Buy or similar) would know exactly which model would fit and if you need to buy any kind of adapter plug.
  • rllbrllb Member Posts: 1
    The Passat wagon is an attractive choice which I am considering. I am aware of a silver GLX 6cyl with tiptronic, single CD changer with 4300 miles. The dealer is asking $28,515(incl. destination charge; is this a good bargin?
  • noahsmomnoahsmom Member Posts: 5
    As the most recent Passat buyer in this forum, I would say "it depends." The price seems to vary by where you live. We just bought a new 2000 GLS V6 with 4Motion and Monsoon stereo in the Annapolis, MD area for about $28,000 drive away price. That 4WD adds $1650. The San Francisco folks report higher prices. If your price includes the destination charge and all the taxes and stuff, and the 6-CD changer (which is a $500 option) I'd say the price is not bad, but not great considering the mileage. The dealer we used has new GLX's listed on its website at $27,862. You can check them out at www.fitzgeraldautomall.com to see what that price includes. Or check dealer sites in your area. BTW, we just love the car. We've only had it for 2 weeks, but it's been a great 2 weeks--except for the arguing over who's going to drive. Good luck! :)
  • bbettsbbetts Member Posts: 2
    We can relate to arguing over who drives the new Passat! My wife and I just bought a 2001 V6 GLS with Lux, Monsoon and heated seats. The black with tan interior is an awesome combo. The V6 is extremely refined and we are thrilled with our purchase. We call it our "Bond mobile" (as in James Bond) because it has so many nice little features.

    Did any '01 buyers happen to notice or ask about the new child seat safety latches under the back seats? Our car did not come with them and the dealer was unsure what it should have or how to get them because the system is so new.

  • georgek44georgek44 Member Posts: 81
    The above 8/31 posts raise an interesting question.

    In late July I bought a 2000 Passat GLS wagon; 1.8T, AT, lux pkg, Monsoon upgrade, and dealer installed rubber mats, 6 CD changer and dog net cargo partition. The negotiated price works out to $232 over "dealer invoice". I could have ordered an '01 for $600 or $700 over "invoice" but needed the car more or less immediately.

    I am happy with the car thus far (except for a jammed sunroof, repaired under the warranty), and believe that I paid a fair price considering that they had to transfer the car from another dealer about 120 miles away. On the other hand, I can't really believe that "dealer invoice" is anything other than a marketing ploy, a fictitious number.

    If we take the alleged dealer cost (invoice minus HB and incentives) for any car, as provided by Edmunds and others, how can a dealer possibly make any profit by selling cars anywhere near that price?

    In my case, $232 is less than 1% over "invoice". My checking account earns more than that.

    How can dealers possibly pay salaries, commissions, interest on inventory, rent/mortgage, utilities, insurance and other overhead, and stay in business?

    It's simple - they can't, ergo "dealer invoice" cannot possibly be what they actually pay for a car.

    A friend who was in the car business many years ago says that the actual cost to produce a car typically is one third of "sticker price", and that dealers actually pay the manufacturer or importer (net after all accounting trickery) about two thirds of "sticker". This leaves a third for the dealer's expenses and profit.

    This scenario strikes me as much more believable, however comforting it might be for me to think that I bought a car for $232 more than the dealer paid for it.

    Anyone have any knowledge or comments that might shed light on this?
  • vasilyvasily Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2001 Passat and trying to hook up
    a CD changer. It is a Panasonic 8-disk changer
    for $189 and I had to buy an adapter for
    another $80. It works, sort of, but CD numbers
    and tracks are not displayed correctly. Also,
    it tends to scroll through the tracks until I
    press the round scan button. I have already
    packed it back and about to return to the store.

    Any suggestions what to buy instead?

    My VW dealer is asking $475 for a 6-disk changer, installed. The saleman in the car audio store warned me that it is not yet clear which 3d party changers will work in 2001 models.
  • bbettsbbetts Member Posts: 2
    On the national VW web site, the price for the 6 disk-CD changer is $350(if I remember correctly). Problem is you can't order directly online from VW until sometime early next year. They ask buyers to place orders and take the order form to a local dealer to fill the order. The prices on the web site are suggested retail, but their is a clause that says local dealer pricing may be different.

    Try Russel as George suggested. They are located close to me and they do have a good reputation for parts sales. Another alternative is to use the web site price as leverage for pricing at a local dealer. Simple request they match the web price and to get your business.

  • tdbeartdbear Member Posts: 5
    I just picked up my 2000 GLS Wagon. Outside of a passenger door "buzz", the car is great.....

    I was wondering if anyone in the group had bought a cargo liner. I'd rather not tear up the carpet or have things sliding around in the back.

    Thanks for any help!
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Member Posts: 121

    Congrats on the new car !! What color combo did you end up with ??

    A cargo liner is a must and most owners have ended up going with Weathertechs. You can get them thru Mac Neil Automotive. Another place where you can purchase the mats from is Auto Accessory. I actually got mine thru the later since they often run specials, and the mat ended up being $10 less than MacNeil. Whats more is that the mat was shipped from Mac Neil !!

    While you're considering getting the cargo mats, you may want to consider getting a matching set of weathertech floor mats. The OEM mats are chinzy and most owners note that they wear out within 6 months. A better option would be the premium rubber floor mats by VW. Unfortunately they only come in black or grey. If you're insistent on getting carpeted floor mats, look for a Lloyd Mat Dealer -- top notch quality!


    BTW, whats up with looking for a new Chevy in your profile ??
  • tdbeartdbear Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the information. I have the black exterior/tan leather interior (really tan leather with black dash/trim). The black mats would probably go since part of the interior is black. I haven't decided which floor mats to buy - the factory ones will probably fit better but you seem to get a shipping discount if you buy the floor mats/cargo liner together.

    I finally updated my profile. I traded a '99 Malibu LS for my Passat. The Malibu was an okay car but I really got tired of taking it back to the dealer for squeaks and new brakes (3rd set at 28,000 miles).

    Thanks again!
  • georgek44georgek44 Member Posts: 81
    I tried to buy a "Cargo Logic" set from CarParts.com. After sending me the wrong size twice they told me it is available only for the sedan, even though the web site still lists it for the wagon.

    If anyone else has found a waterproof liner with raised edges to contain water and dirt, I too would like to hear about it.
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Member Posts: 121

    see my post above (#30). Weathertechs have a 2 inch semi-flexible lip.

  • tdbeartdbear Member Posts: 5
    I have a few more Passat questions? 1. Has anyone bought the splash guards and is it something you can do yourself? (it rained in Atlanta this week and the side of my car really shows it) 2. Does everyone use premium unleaded for their turbo (the dealer told me they put regular unleaded in all the cars on the lot)? and finally 3. for the scheduled maintenance oil changes - do they use synthetic oil? I drive 35 miles one way to work (stop and go for a lot of it) and I'm leary of waiting 5000 miles between oil changes.

    Thanks again....
  • georgek44georgek44 Member Posts: 81

    Thanks. The one I looked at on a website appeared to be a one-size-fits-all design that did not cover the entire cargo area floor. Are they available custom-fitted for a Passat wagon?
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Member Posts: 121

    The front mud flaps can be installed without removing the tires (just turn thenm to one side). You do apparently need a special wrench to do the install. The rear flaps , on the other hand, typically require removal of the rear tires. I personally don't have them, but this is what I recall from others who haave installed them. You should also check out this link in the VW Vortex Forums for some other opinions and tips.

    Yes you can run both the V6 and 1.8 T on the cheap stuff. But the ECU will reduce the timing, hence the performance, in order to avoid engine knocking. IMHO, its not worth the couple of dollars you save at the pump.

    No...VW does not use synthetic. You can, however, ask your service department to put it in (you supply them with your brand). The issue about early oil change for the Passat has been extensively discussed in the VW Vortex and Club B5 forums. The bottom line.... Don't change the oil any earlier than the recommended 5,000 miles.

    I almost went with the black VW premium rubber floor mats. But at the time, there was a major delay, so I went with the WeatherTechs (tan).


    The Weathertech cargo mat is an exact fit. When you order it, the site should ask for the specific make, model, and year. The Weathertech floor mats on the other hand, are from a generic template, but does fit fairly well without any trimming.

  • noahsmomnoahsmom Member Posts: 5
    George, I don't know the answer, but I am curious. Did the dealer show you the invoice or just tell you what its (alleged) invoice price was? Our dealer gave us a copy of the VOA invoice--I am not so foolish as to be convinced by that alone--as you say there are incentives and so forth--but since the dealer's "no haggle" price of the car was fair based on our research and they didn't jerk us around by trying to sell us all kinds of weird accessories, warranties, dealer financing, etc., we didn't really care. The saleman mentioned that he is on salary (no commision) and that VW's are selling in good volume, so maybe that has some effect, but it does seem that the profit margin is mighty slim.
    I don't know any impoverished auto dealers, so there's obviously more to it. But to be fair, I did feel that we were treated well.
  • alingaling Member Posts: 598
    Glad to see you're still around here! What are your thoughts on the facelifted Passat? And also on the new Subaru Outback H6 wagons.

  • georgek44georgek44 Member Posts: 81
    - Noah's mom,

    I didn't ask to see the dealer's invoice. My figures came from Edmunds and from a site linked to my credit union (it's no longer linked there and I can't remember the name)that had identical invoice prices, and also showed the port prep and "chassis reserve" fees that added another couple of hundred dollars to the invoice.

    My salesman also said he was salaried and not on commission. Another salesperson there was vague about whether they received additional incentives that varied with the sales price of the cars.

    All in all I was happy with the buying experience at my dealer, CVM VW/Subaru/BMW in Mechanicsburg, PA, but I still can't believe that dealers are willing to sell cars at a net loss in order to make it up on service and maintenance.

    - George,

    When I had the first oil change on my Passat I wanted to use full synthetic, or a blend, and pay the difference in cost. The service tech told me the VW USA advises against synthetic in Passats because they cause "pressure problems". This sounded bizarre to me.

    When I tried to ask about this at VW's 1-800 customer service department I first was told that synthetic oil is OK. Then, that was retracted and I was advised to speak with the service manager at my local dealership. I have not yet done so.

    Has anyone else encountered this claim about synthetic oil from a VW service department?
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Member Posts: 121

    I have not heard anything about NOT using synthetic oil...only to avoid changing out the oil prior to the first scheduled maintanence at 5000mi. In fact, I have confimed with my local VW svc dept that they will add synthetic for the difference in the cost of the oil. I know other Passat owners are running on synthetics inclu Mobil 1 and the Castrol Synthethic too. If you haven't looked, you should check out the Passat Forum at VWvortex.com or Clubb5.com


    Yes I'm still around :)

    Mainly a lurker here at Edmunds since the Passat threads are slow. I've been spending most of my time at the boards at VWvortex -- good group of people and at lot of useful info to be found there!

    As for the '01.5/'02 facelifted Passat, I personally like the looks. It definitely gives it a more upscale look. My main concern with the redesign and the introduction of the larger engine is that the price is estimated to approach $40 K for the top of the line model !! That obviously puts it into the arena of some prominent luxury models. I'll be curious to see how VWOA handles this since it is obvious that VW's present level of customer service and basic warranty are not in the same league as the other luxury brands.

    In regards to the new Sube H-6, I'm waiting to read some impresiions from current Sube owners. (I've been lurking in the Sube Owners forums for new models since its creation). The reviews in the car mags are certainly positive. I'm personally glad that I didn't try and hold out for the LL Bean or VDC Outbacks. My preference would be to see the technology dropped in to the Legacy GT wagon. I also prefer the cleaner look of the Legacy as opposed to the "SUV" styling of the Outback (which BTW is much better than previous model yr designs). While I understand SOA's marketing strategy to introduce the new engine in the Outback line, IMHO the VDC should have just been an option to the LL Bean instead of a separate model. Nevertheless, the H-6 should do well, and it will generate some good competition in the "entry-luxo" wagon market along with the Passat GLX 4 Motion.

  • jlevine17jlevine17 Member Posts: 1
    Pictures of the updated 2001.5 Passat were just released on www.vwvortex.com. What do you think?
  • maloney2maloney2 Member Posts: 3
    The Panasonic CX-DP610 is the only stock, plug-in, screw in changer that I have been told will work, or come closest to working, with 2000 and 2001 Monsoon systems. Other 8 disc players may work, but they need electronic interfaces from between $50-$70 and all of the track info might not display. I found the Panasonic 6 disk player this week for $189.99 at www.thecameraclub.com.
    I don't work for 'em by the way.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Edmund's Road Test: 2000 Volkswagen Passat 4Motion Wagon

    Come back here to post your comments!

    Wagons host
  • kabelkabel Member Posts: 1
    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone has comments about the 96 GLX Passat. I'm considering getting one with 28,633 miles on it. What should I know before I make my final decision?

    Thanks, Kim
  • smccrawsmccraw Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a Passat Wagon two weeks ago. I noticed tiny pin head rust spots on the hood. There are several spot over the entire hood, but none on the sides or rear of the car. Should I consider this normal or is this a manufacturing problem?

  • roxrepsroxreps Member Posts: 35
    This might sound like an unusual request, but I'm looking to take over a Passat V6 wagon lease. Color is not major consideration, but leather is a must, and so is automatic transmission, and the car should be in excellent condition. I've done this twice before, and with great results for all parties concerned. I'm credit worthy, I own my business, and I have great references (and phone numbers) from the people I've dealt with on this matter. If you're the least bit interested, even if you're only intrigued by the idea, contact me, and we can talk further.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    As Steve said, Town Hall members are a classy bunch....and we expect them to behave responsibly.

    If you wish to discuss this further, please send me an email.

    Wagons host
  • jeanw2jeanw2 Member Posts: 1
    My in-laws bought a 2001 Passat wagon on Friday (10/27). When they picked it up it had about 1/4 tank of gas according to the fuel gauge, but the next morning, the gauge read empty. They went to the gas station and while filling up gas began shooting back out of the gas tank. From their account it was a forcible discharge of gas that shot gas about 3-5 feet into the air. They said that the station attendant told them that he had seen this same thing happen to three other 2001 Passat's within the last two weeks. Has anyone heard of this before, or do you know if it is a potential problem with the 2001 model?
  • hiflyerhiflyer Member Posts: 79

    I'm not sure whether you figured out the problem since you have last posted, but just in case you did not, I'll give you my best guess.

    There have been a few postings on this site and others that have reported defective fuel gauge sensors. This was especially problematic on the 4-Motions several months ago and I believe a certain number were recalled to replace the sensors. Quite possibly your in-law's Passat had this problem. Thinking that it was near empty, they simply overfilled it.

    Otherwise, just keep a wary eye on the gallons pumped. The low fuel signal goes off when there is about 2.5 gallons left in the 16.4 gallon tank usually when the needle begins crossing over the red indicators on the gauge. Once that needle hits the extreme left indicator, that baby is empty, no secret reservoir to save you.

    I hope this helps, or even better, that your question has since been answered.
  • dim1dim1 Member Posts: 2
    Hi everybody,

    I just got my GLS 1,8T few weeks ago, and
    I already put on it 900 miles.
    First impressions:
    1.It is true, the car feels solid than a
    japan made counterpart, but the driving manners
    are a little bit unrefined.

    The engine is load, at 3000 rpm and up.
    It is a rewarding engine, is not slow at all but
    a lot of effort is necessary to bring it up to speed.
    2.The suspension is pretty "harsh", body roll
    is present.
    3. I'm more than 6' and with the seat all back I
    still need some space. I noticed that the steering wheel is
    to far from my hands and a kind of fatique is present. Also, the seats are rolling your body from a side to another in corners.
    4. The car is narrow that a typical American one, and at high speeds on highway is more effort to keep
    the car stright on his track that let's say a Ford Taurus.
    5. If you come from a typical American mid-priced sedan you still will find Passat small and "spartan" lacking some convenience thinks(like real cup holders and a more heavy v6).

    6. If you open the engine hood, a lot of cheap plastic items will show up.
    7. I do not like the fancy blue + red night lights on board. Get you more tired than a conventional ones.

    8.One the positive part:

    Sporty feeling, realy great emergency stops and moves,
    good on hilly/ serpent roads. The Tiptonic is fine on semi-manual mode, but a little harsh in automatic.
    You must work with the car like in a competition one. The steering is medium heavy and give you confidence. Not like in Camry where is too light.
    9. It is a special feeling that the car can do more all the time, at all speeds. that's cool.
    10. Is a splendid car for enthusiasts.
    11.The wagon is giving you the sensation that is a little more tall and the seats can be raised.
    11. The visibility is ok, not outstanding.
    12.The ABS, traction control, 6 airbags are serious thinks and you will find hard in a standard configuration all these at a different brand.
    13. The gas consumption looks average, I didn't notice any kind of real savings from my previous 5 year car.

    The bottom line: if you liked in the past a Buick
    Park Avenue, check out the new Buick Lesabre 2001.
    It is the most car for 24.000 so far I sow.
    It is clear that the Passat will not deliver you
    comfort in a american sense, and economy in the
    Honda Civic sense.
    But if you are young and like drive, also you like
    a car with clear personality and soul, and I suspect - a lot of utility in the Wagon case - go for a Passat. Deliver a high class mechanics and engineering but in a european way.

    The only think i would like to know is reliability.
    If the car prove is reasonable reliable I think worst the money. So far, so good no one defect or problem on my Passat at 900 miles.
  • momoftoomomoftoo Member Posts: 1
    After much research, we have narrowed the field to three -- Passat GLS wagon (auto); Volvo v70 (used), and Mazda MPV van. I really like driving the Passat, but it's a bit more expensive than the other 2 and I'm worried about backseat space (hence still considering the MPV) -- I have a 3yr old and a 5yr old. Does anyone out there have real world experience with driving kids in the Passat wagon? Also, the only local VW dealer is no haggle and is charging $22999 (no processing fee) for a 2001 GLS wagon with automatic and cold weather package. This is slightly above Edmunds TMV. What are others paying? Thanks for your input.
  • echiburuechiburu Member Posts: 4
    I just signed the papers and PAID for a 2001 GLS Passat wagon. Although I have not yet seen the car since they will be driving it in from another area (about 120 miles away). When I brought the papers home I noticed they wrote in that it had 123 miles. So when I get the car it will have 243. Is that too many? I had my heart set on breaking in this new car! How could I ask for a discount if I have already paid for it? BTW I paid $26926 with leather, lux, monsoon and the 5disc CD changer...
  • vwguildvwguild Member Posts: 1,620
    I hope you know that the steering wheel telescopes
    as well as tilts...I gather you do not...Check
    your owner' manual. The plastic covers in the engine compartment are there to assist in keeping
    the engine & components clean not to add to the
    structural stablity of the car.

    I would suspect that the miles that show on your
    contract INCLUDE the miles for the trade, at least
    that is what we do. They would know from the Dealer they traded with exactly how many miles are
    on your new car. In addition, a straight shot from
    Dealer *A* to your Dealer is not *breaking in* your New Passat. The miles, within 10-15 or so is
    not a major issue.

    ENJOY your New Passats...Found in the Edmunds.com
    2001 MOST WANTED LIST.....
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