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Saturn l-300 wagon has flickering lights

wpatterswpatters Posts: 54
My wagon 2003 l-300 has flickering lights and when the radio is off you can hear the engine whine. Is this a grounding problem or is the alternating system going out? I have checked all the connections and do not see anything obvious.
Any ideas on what to check.


  • wpatterswpatters Posts: 54
    Anytime you accelerate the car acts like it has a governor and will not go past 4000 rpm no matter what gear your in (auto). While at idle the light in the dash and all headlights slightly flicker at the same rate as the vibration of the engine. Almost like a loose connector. Check all under the hood and nothing seems loose.
    The wrench light comes on some times and the engine light is on constantly.

    Any ideas out there?
  • tsurnicktsurnick Posts: 42
    My Dad has a 2002 Saturn Lw series wagon. the transmition has been slipping and the service engine light comes on. it has been to the shop and the transmition has been replaced three times. We need help. any info would be great....


  • wpatterswpatters Posts: 54
    We have the same model saturn and it was doing flickering lights and would not go over 4000 rpm not even standing still in park.

    We discovered that ALL Grounds and electrical connections have to be super clean and tight. We found the connections on the battery where slightly loose and so we got new bolts and cleaned it all up. made them tight and all the bugs went away. Apparently just like a computer if there is any resistance in the circuits it messes up the computers and things go nuts. The whole car runs on computers...even the throttle. No mechanics. Try it and also check any where else you see some wire screwed to the chassis. They have to be clean and tight.
  • After replacing the DRL solenoid the "SERVICE" light will not go out. Checked engine and transaxle oils and steering and brake fluids - no change. Also re-booted by disconnecting the +ve battery terminal for 1/23 hour. Car runs perfectly but light is annoying. Is this a "black tape" solution or something real?
  • I bought an 01 l300 and the cruise isn't working and we cannot find where the cruise control module is located!! please help!!
  • Try changing fuse in drivers side compartment forst-one fuse panel in car other in engine compartment Bob B :lemon:
  • We thought it was a fuel problem and replaced the fuel filter. Only runs for about a half hour and then just stops. Acts like the computer just stops. This just all of a sudden happened. The battery has been replaced. The license plate lights fail to work also and they have been replaced.
  • We took the car to a shop and they hooked it up to all kinds of guages etc.. They said all the signals that are suppose to be there are there and it will still not start. Just turns over. They have tightened all connections etc.. They said when they are turning it over if the tach shows about 300 rpm it will start but when it does not start the tach just sits there. ??? They are taking it over to a auto computer specialist. It sounds like we are talking about a medical condition! These total computer controlled cars are crap. Give me an old 56 Chevy and I will be happy. Could fix stuff with a hammer, channel locks, screw driver and chewing gum...all day
  • When stone cold will turn over powerfully (good battery and starter motor) but will not start until a minute or so later. Did have one failure with a warm engine. Mechanic replaced computer as it seemed to be regulation of fuel pressure (not the fuel pump,though) Stymied. Could it be an intermittent wiring or solenoid problem, or something more predictable.
    By the way, whenever something electrical fails on modern cars it usually turns out not to be the part but the solenoid controlling the part!
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