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I am planning to buy honda accord ex-l v4. I heard from the dealer that 2010 will not be out until Oct/Nov. Should i then wait for two months and buy 2010 or straightaway go for 2009 ? I heard that I will not get good deals on 2010. Right now, I have a quote of 24K + $710 on above configuration. Do you think I should buy this or wait until 2010 ? Again, what would be the expected price of accord 2010 if I buy during OCtober ?


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    I also want to know, I got quotes for 09 Accord EXL (auto) ranging from 21.8k ~ 22.5K + 710 (destination fee). I am in New Jersey
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    what's the final on-road price that you are getting ? Is this exl with nav or without nav ?
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    I am in Chicago's South Subs and have the same issue. Right now there's $1500 mfr support on the 09s, which won't be there on the 10s. Then, I have the clunker vs. trade issue. So, here is the decision we are making. There seem to be few differences bwtn 09 and 10 Accord 4 cyl EX-Ls, and we usually keep our cars a looonng time. So, I am going to wait for the 01s to come out; for the 09s to drop considerably in priceAND THEN BUY A 2009 IN OCTOBER, AFTER THE 2010 ARE ON THE FLOOR. Research shows 7 - 9 years out, not much diffenrence in a trade value. So the few $1000 on the purchase, saved will make the difference for me.
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    The only flaw in your plan is that there will be very few, if any, 2009 Accords available in October.

    If you wanted to get the best deal on an '09, the best time to buy would have been prior to the whole C4C program. In June and July, they were really hurting for sales and more willing to deal. :(
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