ford escort cooling fan

fabienfabien Member Posts: 1
my 1997 ford escort wagon not getting any power at all to the cooling fan,i tried to jump it and that will not work i tested the wires with a test light and there is no power.any ideas?


  • xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,707
    So, you tried to put power directly to the fan and it did not work? Sounds like a bad fan motor.... When you tested for power to the fan, did you do so when conditions (engine temp, etc) would have warranted fan operation? The problem could only be in a few places: It could be the sending unit that controls the relay, the relay, the fuse, the connection, or the fan motor (or a combination).
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    well guys here goes, I have a 1997 Ford Escort LX wagon, the fan motor runs constantly,i have to take out the green 40 amp breaker,when the key is on both the H 270 relays click repeatedly on the passenger side next to the dash, the shifter won't come out of park either, and the wipers run even though they are turned off at the switch, any ideas, any help won't be greatly appreciated Thanks
  • xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,707
    any ideas, any help won't be greatly appreciated

    I can live with that...

    This sounds like a short. Most likely there is a wire somewhere that has rubbed through its sheathing (perhaps going through the firewall?).
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  • timg58timg58 Member Posts: 1
    The fan in my 98' Ford Escort has stopped working. I have been told it is probably the Blower Motor Relay; however noone has been able to tell me exactly where it is located on the car. I have checked the fuse box under the hood and behnd the glove box above the blower motor itself, still no luck. Any suggestions?
  • conquestconquest Member Posts: 4
    The Blower Motor Relay is under the dashboard on the passenger side. There is a black three or four prong plastic connector plugged into it. Unplug the black plastic connector, Then use a 7 or 8 mm socket to remove the two hex head machine screws. Loosen then both,and remove the blower motor relay. Take note of how it was positioned in there too. Good Luck!!!
  • stan71stan71 Member Posts: 1
    I took out the thing with 2 screws just behind the motor (toward the front of the car), and was told that that was the resister. Any chance anyone has a photo of the relay location? Another possibility would be more detailed directions, like left/right/forward from the motor by # of inches; or use a compass bearing from the motor as a direction, with the front of the car as north. Thanks.
  • mackeanmackean Member Posts: 2
    I just experienced this very problem. I drove a few kms and tried the air, just to see if it worked, I just bought the car in December and now it's February and when I got out of the car the fan was still going. I paniced and called a mechanic who said the relay is probalby stuck or blown. He said to disconnect the battery reconnect it and hopefully that would stop the fan, nice but I have a broken knee at the moment and fear electricity. I did start the car after about thirty minutes and blasted the heat on and off twice and shut the car off and presto, the fan is off. In the mean time I remembered this website and look at what I find under the Escort. I too have a 97 wagon. Thank you everyone. :)
  • mackeanmackean Member Posts: 2
    I am wondering if I can fix this problem on my own. Could someone help me. Last night my interior light was on, hours after the fan issue. Is it safe to drive my car like this? I read about the relay being under the passenger side something. Could I just go to the auto parts store and get the relay and change it for the faulty one? Do I need tools or can I just pull it out by hand?
  • dbaileydbailey Member Posts: 3
    Any fix to the cooling fan issue? When I bought my 95 Escort sedan, the previous owner had direct wired the colling fans to a hot. I disconnected it and they don't seem to be working. Replaced the big 'ole fuse under the hood and still don't seem to work. Any other suggestions? Thanks guys.
  • loribeermanloribeerman Member Posts: 1
    My husband changed the Control relay module(for the cooling fan) in my car today, it is located under the air filter. We got the part from Napa auto parts store the cost was $144.00. The reason we changed it was my cooling fan stopped working. The car works great now... Hope this helps...
  • afieafie Member Posts: 1
    the relay box is located under the engine air filter and to get to it you have to take the whole air filter box and hose out. hope ths helps you
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