Blower Ploblem

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Have a 2000 town car, The blower just stoped working, Checked the fuses under the hood and the ones under the dash on drivers side, Ran hot wire to the motor and it is ok, Thanks in advance for any help. They say a guy name RALKA is in the know on these Lincoln


  • lp284lp284 Member Posts: 12
    Ok guys I got it fixed, I solded a bad connection on the module, Now I am back to go, Thanks every one for pointing me in the right direction, This is a good site, I`ll be comming here for all my help...
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    I bought my 2001 Town Car in Florida a few years back.. I drove it to Texas.. and it seemed that it did not move as much air as any one of my other cars.. (88 Chevy Wagon, 94 Roadmaster wagon, and 99 Explorer). The air was cool or warm.. just not much flow.. or speed of flow maybe is a better description. It feels like if there are two blowers that only one is working. I took it to Lincioln.. and their answer was that they have had many complaints on this model.. and it was just under designed from the factory.. I let it go at that then.. But it still just doesn't sound right to me... My other cars will blow your hair out of place.. not this Lincoln.

    Any suggestions? Does it have two blowers.. or just one.. and a weak or low speed one at that. It changes speeds at request.. but just not enough air moves..
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    Having same prob.Where is module that you are talking about
  • jackienjjackienj Member Posts: 1
    The connectors to the blower motor resistor ( module ) burn and melt ... we found out at our shop the connector melted, then burned out the resistor.

    The dealer and aftermarket sells a kits with the resistor and connector togther.

    From what I am reading online, looks like a common problem ! :sick:
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