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GMC Jimmy fuel pump problems

tgrantjrtgrantjr Member Posts: 1
I had the fuel pump go out on me. So naturally i dropped the tank and replaced it. It ran fine for about 2 weeks and started cutting out on me again. The replacement pump came with a new pigtail for one side which i soldered in and tested before putting the tank back. Now it has been giving me nothing but grief. I checked all the fuses inside and out, and all the relays. Most of the time i run it then when i get back in to go to work it will not start. I am about to replace the other pigtail and see if that is the issue. Is there something else i should be looking for other than these connections that anyone knows about? Im at a loss as to why this is happening.


  • nancydonna777nancydonna777 Member Posts: 2
    im sorry for the issues u having can ya tell me if it was resolved cause i have hade to change the fuel punp on my 2000 gmc jimmy and cant seem to find the cause
  • nancydonna777nancydonna777 Member Posts: 2
    by any chance does any one know if there has been a recall on the full pumps or any parts having to do with the fuel pump as i have replaced my 2 times now and its doing the same now thank you for any help u may give
  • ironmikellironmikell Member Posts: 1
    I also replaced my fuel pump on my 2000 Envoy , after replaceing ran great for about a month then comeing home last week it started dieing out , feathered the gas and it would come back , finally died completely on the interstate , I had some carb cleaner with me so I gave it a shot while the wife turned it over it would start and idle , as soon as I tried to put it in gear it would die did this about half a dozen times then it started and ran fine till I got home , was getting ready for work so left it running when I went back outside it was dead , tried the carb cleaner again as soon as it burns that off it dies , all fuses and relay seems good but I tested the old pump and it works fine so I have checked the wireing at the tank and dont seem to get any power there any ideas ? PS I know some of the older pumps were dependanty on the oil pressure , I have plenty of oil pressure on the gauge .
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