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Nissan Rogue Electrical and Fob Problems

autotrucktalkautotrucktalk Member Posts: 9
We leased a Nissan Rouge 2009 for the last two months, the other day my wife couldn't open the doors with the fobs at all.

There was no problem with either battery on the fobs, we had to use our regular key to get into the vehicle.

Once in, the car didn't want to start at all. We had followed the procedures in case the anti theft device kicked in, but still nothing.

The key would turn and lights came on - on the dash but the motor wouldn't kick over. We called our Nissan dealer and they towed it in. They've had it for a week and ordered a new ECM - (computer) but still it didn't work and they haven't been able to fix it in a week's time.

Anyone else have this problem with the Rouge?


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    jamrimanjamriman Member Posts: 14
    I noticed you have to be closer to the door than the Murano. That's about it.
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    autotrucktalkautotrucktalk Member Posts: 9
    Yes that may be true, but what I am describing is a complete electrical failure and the inability to open the doors with the fob or start the vehicle at all with a key or the intelligent key fob that doesn't require a key to start the vehicle.

    This Rouge has been in the shop for a week at the dealer and they can't seem to fix it.
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    leilani0304leilani0304 Member Posts: 1
    We had the same issue with my wife's Rogue. Twice.
    Took it to the dealer both times and now we're to the point where the remotes work and the car will start with the fobs, but the one-touch unlock will not work with the key fob a foot away.

    Also, I noticed with this lease that the tires are BALD at under 30k miles. Our Acuras were turned in with 50k miles and we didn't have to replace the tires nor did we get charged a fee. Not sure if anyone else has the same tire issue with Nissan.

    Might just try to get out of the lease.
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    rogueownerrogueowner Member Posts: 1
    Just recently got my 2008 Rogue. Everything on the car works great. The only problem is the center console power outlet, the one in the arm rest, does not work and neither does the antenna in the console(at least I believe that is what is not working).

    The power outlet is straight forward. It doesn't work, checked all fuses including the ones in the engine compartment.

    The intelligent key system works perfect except from the front seat. If I get in the car with the keys in my pocket, the car will not start. I have to hold the key fob right next to the ignition for it to register and unlock the ignition. If I put the keys in the back seat, the ignition unlocks perfectly and I can start the car. It just seems that the front antenna or something is not working.

    I thought they might be the same problem because the antenna is in the console according to the manual and so is the power outlet which does not work.

    Any help would be great!

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