Liberty diesel drops RPMs then shudders really badly

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3 times in the last 14 days i have been driving my liberty diesel 06 and all of a sudden my rpms drop, i can push down on the gas and the rpms come up very slowly but i don't seem to be able to get going very quickly.

It's like having a manual transmission, going up a steep hill very slowly in 4th gear and giving it gas to try and make it go faster, it just won't do it.

I have an automatic and i have been driving on flat roads each time it happened. After each incident when I slow down to park, the slower i go the more the engine or tranny starts to shudder violently, the only way to make it stop is to turn the car off. When i restart the car a couple of times the violent shudder goes away and then i can drive off normally. Any ideas of what could be the problem?


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    I had the same problem on my CRD 3>>4 times when is had under 12,000 miles. Once going up a mountain and the rest was 50 mph average. Just lost power. I had to stop, shut down the engine and restart. I never took it to the dealer since all of a sudden it was running fine and has run fine now for 110,500 miles in every condition and Temperature also on 100% biodiesel for many of those miles.
    Is there any way that the turbo could have cut out ?? Does it have a wastegate to prevent over charging the intake...?? It was running like my old diesel rabbit with no turbo....
    Fuel contaminant ?? Hope you find the answer...
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    Drop in rpm and shudder are signs of air getting in the fuel line or loose fuel filter. My fuel filter space for a while was loose and trash and bugs filled the gap. when air got in rpm dropped and shuddering started. I found the fuel filter loose and tightened it by hand. Also had an air leek on tube same Results. jdh;-)
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    It could be the EGR opening up when it is not supposed to.
    Mine wouldn't shudder so much as just lack of power and then stall.
    Once the EGR was disabled, it hasn't done it since.

    There was also a problem in the 2005 of air getting into the filter through the heater plug on the filter housing [non-permissible content removed]'y.
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    My 2005 liberty CRD has about 92,000 miles on it and just came off of warranty. The other day trying to accelerate the engine locked up at 65 miles an hour, the instrumentation cluster all collapsed and the engine went into a stall mode. The dealership as yet not determined what went wrong with the car. I have however for the last two years had the car taken in for 15 or more check engine lights coming on. I was told of them "Engine lights" were due to the mass air injection sensor, it was replaced about five months ago. I'm trying to find if there's anyone else out there that has had the CRD engines lockup or freeze up on them while in motion, seems to be some other issues. My vehicle has had some work, hoses off of the Turbo, replies total was replaced injectors have been replaced. The turbo was replaced , intake manifold issues. Ovverheating three thmes. Those are pretty much all know, major issues performed. I would appreciate it if you'd get back with me if you have had similar problems. All fluids were correct.....
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    I'm being told the Wastegate on my turbo is bad and the whole turbo needs to be replaced at over $3,000. Anybody have any other suggestions? Thanks!
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    You should have variable vanes instead of a waste gate on your turbo :confuse:
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