Reliability and cost to own of E350

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I am thinking of buying a 2007 E350. I test drove it and really like how comfortable the ride was. However, I keep hearing some negative comments about reliability and cost to maintain the E350. (My other top choice is Infiniti M35). So I wanted to get some opinion from this forums. How reliable is E350 compared to other luxury cars? Will I have to spend a lot on repairs/maintenance?



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    I am also about to buy a 2007 e350 with 32k miles on it. Have you had any luck on learning about its reliability?
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    I'd like the same info
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    I have an '06 that just broke 50K miles, 50085 exactly and the check engine light came on. A cam sensor in the engine, $5000 to replace. Yes a sensor is $5000 to replace and I'm not getting anything from Mercedes USA! Buy the Infiniti :lemon: .
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    A couple of lessons I have learned.

    #1 - When a car lists/sells for 2X or 3X the price of a "normal" car, guess how much the repair costs tend to be! Great guess -- 2X or 3X. My son just did a BMW 530i impeller and radiator for $2,200 at 60,000 miles at a non-dealer. Dealer quoted $2,900+. He was ticked. I did a rad replacement for about $400 on a Chevy Impala at 115,000 miles.

    #2 - It's just a hunk of metal. No matter how luxurious or prestige it is, it is just another car after 4 years.

    #3 - Save a lot of money and grief by moving along.
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    The same can be said for schools, universities, houses, country clubs, restaurant food, clothes, TV's, ad. infinitim.
    BTW, most of us purchase cars for how we feel in them NOW and tomorrow, not four years from now.
    Jerry Seinfeld: "You can't drive money."
    In America, each person can choose to spend his/her money as they wish. As long as they are aware of what they are doing, I say more power to them.
    Research what it is going to cost and if maintenance cost is critical, move down the chain to the "near luxury" makes. Probably get a heck of a deal on a Toyota Avalon or Camry XLE V6 in a month or so and will pay Toyota rather than Lexus service costs.
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    Thought I would respond here since I own a 2006 E350 even though this is an old thread. We purchased this car last summer (2009) from the dealer, a CPO deal, with about 28K on the clock. We had narrowed the choices down to the Lexus ES350, and this car, the Mercedes E350. I did some research and knew going in the MB would be harder to maintain than the Lexus and have more issues. My Mom drives the Lexus, so I know the car. My wife liked the MB more than the Lexus, and the deal was MUCH sweeter for the MB, so I bought it. It came with the CPO warranty, and I sprang an extra $1800 for 2 years warranty beyond the CPO. She LOVES the car, BUT, it has been back to the shop several times for warranty work. But each time, we are treated very well by the dealer, given an almost new MB as a loaner, and they eat the bill, and will for a long time. So my advise is to buy the car, from a dealer, make sure it's CPO'd, and if you plan on keeping it, spring for additional warranty. If you do that, you will still spend less than you would on the Lexus, and probably love the decision. Good luck! ;)
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    When I was shopping, the Lexus dealer was charging about the same as the M-B dealer for comparable services. However, Lexus would not deal at all on their cars. M-B's were going for under invoice and most any Lexus dealer would offer was a thousand off MSRP.
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    Just thought I will post this, incase others have the same experience.

    I bought CPO 2008 with 33k miles on it. We liked driving this car and the financing and price seemed to be great.

    I noticed a small oil stain on my garage floor after few days. I took this back to the dealer and they fixed it saying that it happens with the plug

    After few days I see the leak again.

    Is this common.. ? This is our first Benz so don't have any history on it.
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    I had a 2007 E350. After one of my services. i noticed my car was leaking oil, a very small amount. Not sure how common. but it happened to my car as well
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    How did it get fixed ? Did it go away after few days

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