Honda Pilot Buyer's Remorse

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A month after owning the 2010 Pilot EX, I am rethinking if it was the right decision. I traded in a 08 CRV to get this.

My mileage has gone from 22(crv) to 14(Pilot).
On the passenger side, a plastic panel has come loose and even after taking it to the dealer once, its out..
Lack of a conversation mirror means I cant watch my 2 year old's antics anymore. It was standard on the crv.
Braking distance is bad, and I had a first hand experience on the interstate last week.

I am thinking if I should have gone with the Highlander or CX9, instead of putting blind faith in the Honda.


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    I agree with you. I had the 09 Touring model and got rid of it. did t not care for all of the cheap plastic parts and the gas mileage, as well as lack of power. Dash looked terrible, bezel on the instrument cluster, trims, etc. Honda missed the boat on this one....My 03 Pilot was much nicer.
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    I consider a switch from Pilot to CRV AWD, Outback wagon or Forester for reasons
    CRV is quite spaceous.
    Better gas mileage,
    Mostly 1 to 2 person in car, I don't need 8 seaters,
    Driver seat not comfortable.

    I'm just waiting for the good deal.
  • tornadogtornadog Member Posts: 89
    I hear you. Sadly I went from a CRV to a Pilot for the extra space. I wonder if I can sell the car back to the dealer, since its under a month from purchase.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    Yesterday I bought a Subie Outback Wagon 2.5L Limited and traded-in the Pilot 3.5L.
    The Subie is 22/28mpg...
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    Seriously....two of your big gripes were obvious before you purchased the Pilot (the MPG difference, the conversation mirror). A plastic panel out of place....? I can't believe that would cause buyers remorse.

    The braking distance is certainly a concern, however, we have experienced no such problems with our 2010 model. I would let the dealer check the brakes out.

    As a counterpoint: we have a 2010 Pilot Touring and absolutely LOVE it! (the Touring does have the "conversation mirror" !) And yes we cross shopped the CX9, Highlander, and others. Overall, we felt the Pilot to be the best choice and couldn't be happier with our decision.
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    It is outrageous that one has to buy the most expensive Touring trim level to get the conversation mirror.

    In a brand new $35,000+ vehicle, a plastic panel which pops out can cause lots of remorse. It shows the quality control at the Honda factory.

    Buyers need to vote with their feet - dont walk, but run to the competitors showroom! The competition has better vehicles in this price range.
  • eric2004eric2004 Member Posts: 2
    Wow....some people are REALLY emotional about a conversation mirror!! And I'm sure none of the "vaunted competition" has EVER had a plastic piece out of place....!

    People will vote with their feet...and I'm betting most will be "voting" for the Honda, just like us. Is it perfect?...of course not....what vehicle is? But for us, it was the overall best value and choice. Again, no remorse at my house!
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    How unfortunate that you have remorse over such an expensive purchase. Did you research and test drive the Pilot or any other vehicles before you made your final decision? The pilot's are big and heavy and thus require more gas to move and more braking to stop. I'm sure your CRV felt like a sportcar to drive vs the handling on the Pilot. Yes, the braking distance should be better and it's too sluggish on take-off but for me these things weren't deal breaker's.

    I've had my 2010 4WD EX-L for 34 days and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm getting 19 MPG in town.

    Coming out of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, it took me a solid 2 weeks to get the handle on driving this vehicle. I was used to a punch and go style of acceleration and this Pilot is more refined and requires a smoother touch. Once I figured that out, my gas mileage improved substantially.

    An regarding the conversation mirror, visit the baby section of your local Target and pick up one of those for about $4. That should solve one of your issues.
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    There's nothing worse than buyers remorse on a vehicle. I have big time buyer remorse because I bought a Santa Fe instead of a Pilot. imho, you guys made the right decision going with the Pilot.
  • vrmvrm Member Posts: 310
    You write like a PR consultant. Are you employed directly or indirectly by Honda?
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    You write like a PR consultant.

    I don't think a PR consultant would acknowledge that braking distance would be an issue and advise to have the brakes checked out. Endorsement like that does not imply employment by Honda. A better approach would be to refute the individual points made by the author with sound counterarguments rather than using the "personal attack" method of debate. :)

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    tornadog: Have you decided what you're going to do about your new purchase? I know exactly how you feel. I too have buyers remorse and I'm sure my reasons would be challenged by others but it doesn't's regret that I'm feeling 3 weeks after buying a CR-V EX. At this early stage in your purchase, you're going to take a loss BUT, depending on how badly you feel about your new purchase, you can either get it done with and do a trade and your new car will be valued at used-car price (but you'll be happier and those nagging feelings, soon will be history) OR, you can continue to always regret this purchase and just keep driving it until you can justify a trade a few years down the road.

    Because my tailgate hood flips up instead of swinging open is/was my first issue...first day home from the dealer into the garage. The hood of the car hits the top of the garage door runners...there's just not enough clearance. I have to back the car in and I don't have a lot of room in the garage to work with. I'm about to pay out an additional $4,500 to get into a new 2010 RAV4 Sport (equivalent in features to the CR-V EX). My car is an '09 with 600 miles. I buy a car once every 6 to 8 years and that's a long time to live in regret as far as I'm concerned. As well, I feel like I'm driving a van...don't like that. The RAV feels more like a cruising vehicle in comparison...more comfortable.

    If it's going to make you happy or if you're sure the Pilot is not what you want afterall, you have time now to take less of a loss than you will if you wait a little longer. I'm waiting now for delivery on my trade...I can't wait to feel the enjoyment new owners feel with their new cars... I'm sick of beating myself up. These are mistakes that can get fixed quicker than the constant regret of "should have's"........
  • vrmvrm Member Posts: 310
    An regarding the conversation mirror, visit the baby section of your local Target and pick up one of those for about $4. That should solve one of your issues.

    Here's the complete shopping list to fix all the issues mentioned in the post by tornadog on 08/21/2009:

    Conversation mirror - buy from Target
    Industrial strength glue (to fix the loose plastic panel) - buy from Home Depot
    Foam padding (to prevent tailgate damage since Pilot power liftgate is not programmable) - special order at Home Depot

    If does all of the above it MAY partially cure his buyers remorse.
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    Iv'e seen some tough reviews regarding braking distances. One (Edmunds?) was close to not recommending the vehicle because of this. I wonder if there isn't an aftermarket manufacturer of better pads and/or rotors. While I realize that it would be expensive to change all four rotors, and it shouldn't even be necessary on a vehicle that costs 30-35K, it would provide peace of mind.

    I also believe that higher quality brake rotors, like those aftermarket ones (Brembo?) for performance cars, are less susceptible to warping and may last the lifetime of the vehicle. If I used a late model Pilot to transport my family, I'd probably be willing to to spend a grand if I was sure it would help the stopping distances.

    PS-Does anyone know when these poor stopping distances started occurring? Is it just since the redesign ('09?), or are the earlier models affected? I may be in the market for an '07 EX L. Apreciate it if anyone knows.
  • tornadogtornadog Member Posts: 89
    Well, I am learning to like this vehicle. One big factor is my wife and 3 yr old absolutely love it. I also went back and test drove the competition and the pilot still comes out bettr of the lot. I also had the dealer check out the vehicle for a couple of days and they gave it a clean bill of health.

    I am still looking for a good conversation mirror, the ones at target are useless pretty much.
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    I feel your pain.

    I really like my 2009 EX-L Pilot but there are a few things I feel Honda should have included as standard on it too. (Like the trailer hitch harness for one! :mad: )

    For your conversation mirror issue why not try to buy the sunglass holder "drawer" that has the mirror on it from a Honda dealer and replace the sunglasses holder in your EX? (I do not mean replace the whole console, just the sunglasses holder "drawer". The part that flips down.)

    If you check out the instructions for installing the Hands Free Bluetooth assessory it desribes how to remove the roof console from the pilot. - pdf

    Seems like a real easy modification to me. (Granted it sucks that you have to go through this just for the mirror.)
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    Overhead Convex Mirror –

    Also called a “conversation mirror,” this convex reflector allows you to see everything that’s going on in the back seat – without turning around. Enough said! Car-Ma Coach® Lauren Fix recommends a 5-panel Wink Mirror for about $20 which you can purchase online.
    Pep Boy, Napa, Advanced Auto ...
    If you have same space you can do it like this video
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    I've always thought the conversation mirrors were a bad idea. People should watch the road instead. Same applies to cellphone usage.

    EVERY car has it's pluses and minus and no car will please everybody.

    Plastic panels can and will come loose on all cars. This is why we have warranties.

    I recently had a lady trade in a Rav-4 with 2000 miles. She just hated it for a number of reasons. She bought a CRV which she loves. the Rav-4 was quickly sold and hopefully it's new owner isn't bothered by the trival things that bothered the lady who traded it in.
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    We have an '08 Ex-L edition and have not noticed any braking issues. We have ~40k miles on it.

    For the record, this is my wife's favorite car in her 25 years of driving vehicles. (I will admit, we have the convex mirror by the sunroof, but she never uses it...drives her nuts).

    As for gas mileage, it's not great - I'll admit that. But for us, it pulls our boat just fine, hauls a bunch of kids and some bags/sports stuff when necessary, is very comfortable on long rides (rides like a car in our opinion), handles great in Minnesota winters, has enough giddy-up - though granted, it's not quick - and overall has been a terrific vehicle for us. Our plan is to hold onto ours for another 7 years (probably 180k miles total at that point) and then give it to our son when he turns 16. I also own a 2005 Acura TL that has 50k miles on it and we plan on driving that for another 5 years until we can give it to our daughter. Aside from a couple volkswagens we owned when we were younger, these are our first foreign vehicles. We have been very pleased w/our decision to purchase Honda/Acura vehicles.
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    What is the weight of your boat/tow? I'm struggling with the purchase of a new pilot. My wife's family have a boat up north and when we stay up there, I'd love to be able to take the boat out, but I've been reading conflicting things about the Pilot towing a boat.

    Off hand I don't know the size/weight of the boat, but it's definitely a smaller boat. They have a Durango that tows it and if I remember correctly, they have similar tow capacities?

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