Jeep Liberty Horn Sticking

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Last week the horn of my '02 Jeep Liberty began sounding and continued until the 15a fuse blew. i replaced the fuse and last night the horn began sounding again, so I pulled the fuse to make it stop. Anybody know what the problem is - electrical short? - bad horn?


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    The horn on my '06 Liberty sometime blows at 2AM. Had to disconnect it. Fog lights come on sometime when I am breaking too. Got to be a short somewhere. Anyone got any ideas where I can start?
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    2004 Liberty with 48,000 miles.....

    4 problems that may/may not be related...any help appreciated

    1)horn started blowing on it's own with no one around finally unhooked it
    2)a few minutes later the headlights came on with no one around.
    3)fuel low light came on and showing tank empty even though I had a half a tank when the other two problems started and have not driven the vehicle
    4)can turn the key to the off position and take key out and engine remain running.
    5)engine light is on since this started as well

    Finally decided to just unhook the battery and search for answers on internet until I can call Jeep or a dealership tomorrow.
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    Battery went completely dead. Bad news. Could not get it started even with a Start-All so had to put it up on my flatbed trailer and tow it to the local dealer. They found that it was a bad "Body Control Sensor Module" that was causing all my unusual problems. Replaced the sensor but the battery had to be replaced too since it would no longer hold a charge. Guess it was ready to go anyway since it was the original battery and almost 4 years old, but at least I am back on the road with my favorite vehicle. :)
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    Turns out I do not have to worry about this anymore. Called Jeep this morning to check on known issues/recalls and found out this vehicle was junked in Indiana Dec of 2008. I bought it in July 2009. Needless to say I got my down payment, payments made and sales tax and registration fees all back. :mad: :lemon:
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    I bought mine new, from an auto broker, and have had no problems with it except this one time in almost 4 years. I've heard of a few lemons. A friend of mine bought one about the same time as I did. He had a string of problems, but some of them were self imposed because he monkeyed with a few things on his own, thinking he was skilled at monkey business but he did have some genuine problems too. He invoked the lemon law and after a year of fighting with the Crysler zone manager and hiring a lawyer, he won his case and got all his money back even his insurance costs, so basically what little use of the Liberty he got, was free. Still, I wish they would have continued the diesel model. Regulations and public interest proved to kill it I guess. Wish we had more diesel choices in this country. Another friend has a Ford diesel in Europe and he gets 65mpg. Why can't we buy those in this country? Too many polution regulations and other government BS! :confuse:
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