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Rear Speaker Replacement

pcozpcoz Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Pontiac
I'm a recent owner of a 2003 Grand Am. It came w/a blown rear speaker. I'm not having much luck with a part search on the web. Does anyone have a source for this replacement part. I prefer new, instead of the junk yard.

Thanks for any help!


  • go to ebay and look for a seller that goes by the name (thpartslady), or just do a search in ebaymotors for 2003 pontiac grand am rear speakers. I have a 2001 with both rear speakers blown and found them here, I have the monsoon stereo system so the ones I found were brand new and updated for that system. They run $45.00 each but you get free shipping.

    Good luck

  • The fan adj dial on my 2001 grand am gt only works in the 5th (highest) position and then blows at full force. Someone mentioned to me that the problem could be in the blower motor relay. Is this correct and if so how can i get one and does anyone know how to replace it as well as it's location.

    Any help would be great, winter's coming and it gets pretty cold with no heat blowing in.

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