2003 Jeep Liberty Wheel Rim

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I have a problem with the paint peeling on the rims of my 03 jeep liberty. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions to resolve this. Thanks.


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    Just swapped out my 03 16 inch alloys for some new wheels. They are in like new condition - never off road. Anyone have a suggestion on selling them?
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    Craigslist. You can get cash, and it'll be local, so no shipping.

    If you don't get any bites after several weeks, then you may be able to "wholesale" them to a dealer or a tire shop.
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    did that -- may have to go to ebay -- have boxes to ship so no problem there. We'll see. Does seem to be a market for them.
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    Well, guess that'd work, but a bit more hassle. I think I'd try a few more craigslist cities in the region and try to avoid the eBay fees myself. But make the buyer pay shipping on eBay and you may get a better price.

    I don't know of any sites dealing with used wheels or Liberty parts off-hand.
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    Just had an idea. Why don't you go buy a jeep liberty with crappy wheels, steve, and we can work out a great deal to spiff up your ride.
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    I've been calling you all morning but your phone must be off the hook. :shades:
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    Got a hit from someone on craigs list. She wanted pictures. I'm 63 and had no clue on how to do that. My son was here and we posted them after a few tries [and a xanax]. Whatever you do , don't go to the st. louis list and check out my add for jeep liberty wheels. You will be unable to stop yourself from paying full price which isn't all that bad. But then there is the issue of the truck itself. You stand warned. On the other hand, you could be inducted into the edmunds hall of fame as the first person in history to buy a set of rims -- then buy the car that that fits them. Sort of a cinderella story. Something to tell the grandkids when they ask your advice on what to buy.
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    first person in history to buy a set of rims -- then buy the car that that fits them

    I have known people who used to buy their software first -- then bought a computer that fit it. :)

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