2009 Outback Headrest

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Have pinched nerve in neck...the position of the 09 Outback headrest means I am in pain with every trip....

thinking of switching the 09 headrest for the 05 headrest.....I know that at least the 05 will fit in the 09 holes

any thoughts?

or do I need to go back even farther, 04? 03?

I tried the 01 but the holes are sized differently and therefore the headrest cannot be switched


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    I suspect that the headrests from 00 to 04 are going to be virtually identical, so if 01 does not fit, the others probably will not either. That said, I think that starting in the 2009 model year, manufacturers were required to provide "active" headrests in their vehicles. I am not sure if the 2009 Outback has these, but if it does then the '05 through '08 model years will have different headrests that may be more agreeable with your neck!
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    thanks much

    I ordered an 05 headrest...keeping fingers crossed it will improve....
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    I would have measured first. Also I wonder if the color will match perfectly?
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