Buying 2009 or 2007 impreza 2.5i?

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I have been given the choice of a brand new Impreza 2.5i and a 2007 2.5i with 15k miles on it and basicly brand new. Is it the obvious choice to go with the new one or not? Because I can't decide. Does anyone have any thought on which I should go with?


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    Figure the real price difference including insurance as a start. Styling is personal taste. Even if the 2007 looks new, note that its value for insurance replacement purposes won't be higher than one that is quite used up. Add out-of-warranty potential costs to the 2007.

    Now that cash for clunkers has ended, dealers will start getting anxious to make sales so new (if the 09 is on the dealer's floor plan financing) may not be much of a premium.
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    Please be more clear. Would these two cars be the same price? Doesn't seem like it, but you didn't say. You also say you have been "given the choice." Does that mean someone (parent maybe) is going to give you one of these cars? Or a dealer is offering them at the same price? If they are the same price, I don't see why it is a decision at all--the choice should be clear. :confuse:
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    The reason I waited for the redesign was because the front seats on the '07 and before were confining and uncomfortable, particularly the seat bottom. The seats on the '08+ are much better.

    In fact, there is a lot of stuff that is way better on the newer models - interior design and materials, seats, exterior styling, rear seat space - while the mechanicals are essentially the same. Then you also have a new car with full warranty vs a used car with less warranty and who-knows-what having being done by the last driver.

    With C4C over, deals will come back down to invoice and below on new Imprezas. If it's your own money on the line, the '07 should be at least $4-5K below invoice of the new equivalent trim, to go with the used. So around $14K for a special edition or OBS stick shift. Anything higher than that, it's worth it to go with the new car instead.

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    They are trying to sell the 2007 for $15,995 which isn't a special edition but it has moon roof, premium sound, multi CD with MP3. I've driven and looked it over. The 07' drives well and is very clean. There are no welds indicating its been in an accident. Including theres very little to no rust. One down side is that it doesn't have side curtain air bags which the new one has. The 2009 I would get a premium which would most likely be around $20-21,000. I still haven't got an insurance quote yet but because I'm young it will be expensive either way.

    Thank you for your comments
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    Get the new one. Shop around, too, because you can do a lot better than $20-21k.

    Use as a reference for real-world pricing, they're a no-haggle dealer here in the Mid atlantic.
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    You shouldn't pay A DIME over $18,5 for a new stick shift premium, $19,5 for the automatic. Keep shopping until you get that price. HOWEVER, give dealers a few weeks to replenish their stock since C4C has cleaned many of them out.
    OTOH, if they are advertising the '07 at $15,995, they may well take $14K for it, in which case I think that one does deserve a second look. That's a $4500 savings for a car with only 15K miles on it.

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    the 07' is at a dealer that has a no haggle policy so I wouldn't get it any lower.
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