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I have a 1997 Lincoln Town Car Executive Edition. Currently I noticed that a clicking noise, simlilar to when the hazard lights are on, is coming from the center of the dashboard, sounds like behind the radio. This noise seems to come and go with out any rhyme or reason. Can someone shed some ight on this. Thank You


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    When the clicking starts, see if the clock starts a 15 second timer. It it does, bail out before its too late! ;)
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    my 02 radio has a rapid 1 sec. "tick" with the stereo "st" flashing in sync...with a ramdom "pop" when the increasing volume....any ideas what the issue might be?
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    Flashing ST usually means you are receiving a weak stereo station.

    The random POP may be due to having your BASS control at maximum setting.
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    Is your AC system working propely? On the 97 model, when the blend door actuator is about to fail, it makes a repetitive clicking noise until the actuator locks the blend door in the all cold or all hot position. It is located under the dash to the immediate right of the radio.
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    I have a very nice '88 town car signature with a ford radio( not jbl system), that I'm removing to install my new JVC KD-S100 radio/CD player. I had the factory radio out once to install another of the original am/fm/cassette I got from a junkyard but was no good. I put mine back in temperarily until I bought the JVC. So now I'm going forth with the JVC KD-S100 install. I have already soldered and taped all of the adapter wires for the the new unit to adapt to the car, and I've installed a bypass wire(required), on the power amp in the rear seat. Problem is there's a red, (according to 88 lincoln wiring chart), ground wire that was bolted on to the factory Ford radio. The radio had this threaded brass bolt with two brass nuts for the attached red ground wire. The new KD-S100 harness will include a hot and a ground wire. Going over the install in my head I realized there's no mention of this,sizable" red ground wire in the new stereo's change-over install instructions. Anyone know if I should atta. this red wire to the new stereo, or tape it off and let it stay dis-connected?
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    Answering my own post here because I know the answer and someone else may run across this issue. The thick, red, factory ground wire was bolted to the back of the factory Ford radio in my '88 town car but the new radio's instructions, although very detailed), didn't include this wire. I decided to hook the red ground wire up to the back of the new stereo just as it was on the factory radio. Luckily there was a good size threaded hole in the back of the new JVC KDS-100 radio and I found a nice steel screw with the same thread. I tightened the lincolns' red ground wire down onto the back of the new stereo and just decided to, (after disconnecting my battery's positive cable), just go ahead with the install. It's working just fine. I saw a similar article online where a guy was putting in his new stereo, came across the same bolted-on ground wire etc... He was told to use that factory ground on the new stereo. This is what I did and all is well. My '88 town car has a nice new AM/FM radio w. CD/USB/SD. Crutchfield has 3 or four nice car stereos to fit probably the 85-89 lincolns at great prices. mine was 112.oo new including printed out change-over info. and adapter for wiring. Now I need new speakers!
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    Hi My Haynes doesn't go into replacing the blend door actuator hardly at all. Does anybody have detailed instructions for removal and replacing this on a 1997 Town Car? Thanx Dave9640
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    Check this link.

    It makes you wonder why Ford could not have done a better design job with this part, doesn't it?
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