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Jimmy 4WD not working

chevyavz711chevyavz711 Member Posts: 1
I have a 2000 jmc jimmy the 4wd buttons do not light up and nothing happens no shifting and the fuses are all ok


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    tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Try the existing GMC Jimmy 4WD Issues topic.

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    themighty_ethemighty_e Member Posts: 1
    the front tires wont lock in, when i push the buttons on the dash they all three work and i can hear it moving the cable under the front end ( to engage in and out ) so im good to that point ( the front axle) so the Q is whats next. it had worked just fine for the whole time i've had the truck but a few weeks ago i got stuck in the mud and i pushed the button and the front end wouldn't lock in. the last time i used the 4wd was this last winter and it worked great. deer season is coming soon and i'm gonna need all 4 tires pulling for me up there.
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    conasnipesconasnipes Member Posts: 4
    You may have an actuator Problem. easiest way to check is take you battery out, remove the battery tray and below it is an airbag looking thing, its a pneumatic actuator that locks the front diff, Even thou you hear the gears engage, this still may be an issue. This is what fixed mine and i have a 96 SLE 4 door 4x4
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