Mazda Miata Ignition

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My ignition switch gets blazing hot sometimes. The key is even to hot to handle.
what's up please?


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    Weird. Electrical short? Bad ground?
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    Mazda madness! At 16,000 miles my garage kept, dealer serviced 06’ Mazda Miata convertible’s roof is ripping in two areas perpendicular from one another, one on the driver’s side, one on the passenger side. An a photo was sent from the Courtesy Mazda service department to the Western Regional Service Manager – Pam ? – to which she replied that the rips were sun damage. This was in July 09’. I called and left a message for her but she never called me back. Meantime, I take the car in for service find out it needs a new thermostat. A few weeks later the engine light goes on, I have the car towed to the dealer - because I’m afraid to drive it – and NOW it needs a new engine! While the car is at Courtesy, Pam flies into town and personally inspects the roof on 09-17-09. Today, 9-21-09 she leaves a message on my home phone. She said it looked as if something sharp was placed on the roof of the car causing those rips. She added that I can contact her at the Customer Service Center. ( Pam did not leave a number, an extension or her last name.) I retrieved the number from the dealership, called and spoke to Glen, the person dealing with my file. I told her that I didn’t agree with Pam’s findings being that this idea was ridiculous and untrue. She said, “Well you’ll have to!” I said I would like to speak to Pam about this. Glen said she would give her the message. This entire adventure actually began last August when a plastic container holding some kind of fluid cracked leaving my car smoking on a busy highway.

    Mazda should do the right thing and replace my roof. The Service Department agrees that it should be replaced.
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    That's a gray area - my guess it the vinyl top would really only be covered for the 3/36 B2B warranty. If it's an 06, it depends on when you bought it, since you first noticed the problem in July 09, right around 3 years later.

    Plus, the top warranty covers manufacturing defects, not wear and tear (yours is literally a tear). After more than 3 years I doubt any manufacturer would cover it. A defect would have shown up much sooner, i.e. severe wrinkles, perhaps, or a metal top frame out of alignment or something.

    Never mind all that, I would go and get prices for an aftermarket Robbins soft top. I paid $460 or so for a new one for my previous Miata, a 1993 model, and installed it myself. It's not easy, but if you have a garage and a day or two, take your time, you can do it.

    Good luck.


    $495.95 currently on sale.

    PS When I replaced my 93 I got an 08 power folding hard top model. My 2nd top was vandalized, and my 3rd top was showing wear, so I wasn't going to go through that yet again.
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