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I am planning to buy a used M35 and I am trying to decide between the 2006 and 2007 models. I test drove both and they feel the same. However, I noticed that the 2006 M35 gets slightly lower reliability ratings in consumer reports. Also, I read some people having issues with bluetooth connectivity in 2006 M35s.
What do you think? The 2007 models are about $3,000 extra, is it worth it? Is there much difference in reliability? Were there any improvements for 2007 (I heard something about the passanger seat being better)?



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    There is very little difference (if any) between 2006 and 2007. all the issues you mentioned exist in 2007 as well, but I can not find anywhere that state 2006 has lower reliability - could you reference the source?
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    There is one major reason to buy the 2007.....the passenger seat in the 2006 is incredibly uncomfortable and has limited adjustability. In 2007, they put in a full power passenger seat. One long drive with a passenger will justify your purchase of the 2007. (I had a wife complained from day 1) 2008 is just fine with her (I lease for 2 years).
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    I was using reliability ratings from Consumer Reports. Both 2006 and 2007 M35 get the best reliability rating overall, but Consumer Reports also breaks it down into 17 categories. In 5 of the categories (Climate System, Suspension, Breaks, Body Hardware, and Power Equp.) the 2007 scores 1 notch above the 2006 model. However, both 2006 and 2007 score extremely well. 2007 gets top mark in 16 out of 17 categories, and 2006 gets top mark in 11 out of 17 and second highest mark in 5. (both 2006 and 2007 get lower mark for audio system reliability).
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    Either car would probably be fine. The difference between a full red circle and half a red circle is minimal at best in those CR charts. A full red circle versus a white circle is more substantial.

    I was looking at a very low mileage 2007 M35x with nav, 13,000 miles only $33K. Getting warranty service is the only thing holding me back. The closest dealer is 20 miles away and has a spotty reputation. There are 2 other regional dealers within 30 miles, but owning a luxury car and having unreliable dealer support would irk me. The odds are that the car would be trouble free, but if it had an issue it would be a hassle getting it resolved.

    Infiniti has issued a service bulletin for a possible malfunction of the multi-function switch in the dash that controls the audio system functions. That may help to explain the lower marks for audio system reliability if owners in their survey reported associated problems.

    The M's are very nice, and a great deal pre-owned. If I had a local dealer, I would not hesitate to buy the '07 I looked at.
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    You can buy a base model2009 M35 for under $38,000 miles here in Florida. With a little prompting and at the right timing, it could be brought for closer to $36,000.
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    I was looking at 2009 models, but I want an M35 with options (at least tech package). A 2009 M35 with tech package is $50K MSRP. I think in the best possible scenario they will knock $10K off, which would still cost me $40K + taxes/fees which is about $44-45K here in CA. I can get a CPO 2007 M35 with tech + adv. tech package for under $33K out the door ($31K without the adv. tech package).

    I would rather save $13-$15K and get a used one I think. The only problem is finding one with the right colors/options since the selection of used ones is much smaller. I will keep my eyes on the 2009 models though, I assume their prices will keep dropping as 2010 models start coming out. If I don't find a good used one, and get a good deal on a 2009 M35 I might shell out the extra money.

    Also, I read somewhere that the redesigned 2011 M will come out in spring. That may be a good time to pick up a cheap 2009/2010. Although spring seems a bit early for 2011s to come out, since they probably want to give time for 2010s to sell.
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    I bought a 2006 m35 just last week with 12,000 miles on it. The warranty on an infiniti is 4 years or 60,000 miles. if you buy an '06 the warranty expires next year. An '07 will expire in 2011, making it less likely you'll want to buy an extended warranty.

    I didn't because I had 10 months on the original warranty so the 1st year of any new warranty is wasted. An '07 will likely have less miles on it too but will have one less year of depreciation. Right now an '06 sells for the same price as a new accord or camry.

    If price isn't a factor then buy the car in the best condition. Make sure to take it to a mechanic first to see if there're any warranty issues that should be fixed right away.

    I had a new rack & pinion put in mine and It's like brand new.

    These are listed at
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    I thought warranties extend the service from the original sale date of the car, not from the purchase date of the warranty. At least that's the impression I got from Infiniti CPO and Elite warranty, but I could be wrong.

    Did you take the car to a mechanic before buying it or after buying it? My plan was to skip the mechanic if I buy from a dealer since I assume they already inspected it. If I buy from a private party, I was planning to ask if I can have a mechanic inspect it before purchasing it.

    I was planning to get an extended warranty so getting all the warranty work done asap was not a priority for me.
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    Never trust the dealer. For the few dollars it might cost ABSOLUTELY HAVE IT CHECKED BY AN INDEPENDENT MECHANIC YOU TRUST. It could be the best invested money you could spend on a used car.
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    I have an '07 non-sport and my buddy had an '06 sport. Do not get the '06 if bluetooth and AC is important to you. Bluetooth in '07 is much better - night and day. he had all kinds of problems and sounded terrible. Additionally, we live in a very warm area and his AC was terrible. He was always jealous of my car. Lastly, my mpg was way better. I get about 18.5 virtually all city. He did mostly highway and got 14-15.
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    I believe your buddy just got a bad one. As I have a 2006 and the AC is excellent even in Texas (when I an off work, it is 105F outside and it only takes 3-5 min. to cool the car down), maybe he got a clogged cabin air filter, which should be changed at least once per year. As far as bluetooth, it really depends on which model phone you have, it works perfect on some and not so great on others. The bluetooth module is interchangeable between '06 and '07.

    As far as mileage goes, I get 18 / 24, so, there is not much difference either.

    But, the passenger seat adjustment is an major improvement for 2007 though.
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    Is Premium gas required for M35? If you use lower grade, will it hurt engine? I guess your MPG will suffer? What is true MPG for 2010 models?

  • caravan2caravan2 Member Posts: 198
    I'm considering buying used 2010 M35. I found 99% M35s for sale are rentals.

    Couple of questions:

    1) If Premium gas is requirement, I would not trust rental drivers to put premium gas. Probably, most of them, if not all, would put cheapest gas which is 97 Octane.
    Mileage on the cars are 40K miles+ on these cars. Would the lower octane gas would have caused engine damage?

    2) Price for these are around $24K which is very attractive. Also, these cars still on the lots for very very long time. That's why probably, prices are low, or are they?

    These are base RWDs.
  • caravan2caravan2 Member Posts: 198
    Could you please share what you paid, mileage, options etc.

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