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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kimmers71kimmers71 Posts: 55
    RURONI...If your interested in taking a drive, They have 2 2001's in Appleton, WI. The dealership is Van Dyn Hoven. It would be about a 4 hour drive though.

    If you want their number, I'll look it up for you. Otherwise, try EVS in Menonomonee Falls or Frank Boucher in Racine.

    I didn't get very far in my negotiations with Van Dyn Hoven or EVS but I was dealing on a 2001.5.

    Good Luck
  • anyone have any dealings with dealers in the st. louis,mo. area? Have been shopping around but only getting 5to7% overinvoice. Looking for a 1.8 tip, lux,leather,monsoon,disc changer. drove the passat made me pass on the bmw. great car but one dealer was actually charging over msrp.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    How much was the BMW Dealer charging???
  • hummyhummy Posts: 3
    Hi eveyone,

    My husband and I just leased a 2001 minivan, but of course my other 10 year old car looks like it's ready to be put out to pasture (Isn't that the case - as soon as you get one car the other one goes). Anyway I'd love to be able to get a new 2001 passat but since that may not be economically feasible, I'd like to know if anyone has purchased a 1998-1999 passat and if so how much? Has anyone had any positive experience with VW dealers in the NY City area? I've always owned American/Japanese cars so maintenance cost is definitely a consideration.

    I welcome all suggestions/comments. Thanks very much and congrats to the new passat owners. Perhaps I'll be able to join your ranks in the not too distant future!
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    First rule of thumb...go to Jersey...Essex County, Morris County, etc. you can
    go to and look for the Dealer locator...or you can go directly
    to VW Certified Pre-Owned...this page will allow you to spec out what you
    are looking for, and who has it...A Certified Pre-Owned VW will give you a
    2year/24,000 mile Bumper to Bumper Limited Warranty, and 24 months of
    RoadSide Assistance to the nearest VW Dealer.

    These Certified Pre-Owned cars will probably be priced at Kelly Blue Book
    suggested retail, which you can find at

    We display these cars seperately from our other selection of pre-owned/used cars
    which carry a 90 Day/3000 mile Powertrain Warranty only.

    I am sure that, although the selection will be limited...VW folks generally tend to
    hold onto their cars...what you find will be great cars, and hopefully one will catch
    you eye...Good Luck!
  • tstuhrmtstuhrm Posts: 5
    A local dealer in New Jersey and I had different numbers for what the Invoice is for a Pas sat.

    I used the Invoice from the Edmunds site and included the $550 best Charge.

    The dealer's idea of invoice cost was $217 more than mine citing "advertising costs" which consisted of:
    Northeast association fee $100
    Floor Plan Fee $92
    Port Pep Fee $25
    I was shown an invoice which listed these charges.

    Has anyone ever heard of these costs and what are they??


  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Edmunds misses those fees, they are genuine. I have access to VW invoices and the ad fee varies regionally, yours is on the low end of average.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    It could be an option...

    However, bear in mind that the Passat has, by far, the best resale value of anything in its' class.

    Trying to buy a nice Silver or Black one (Well a Black one up north) or Indigo or Blue Anthracite etc... at the auction can be tough. When it comes to used cars color canplay a huge differenc in the value of a car.

    Nice low-mile ones are scarce and they bring huge money.

    What kind were you looking for? Base GLS? GLX?

  • Bill,
    That's always nice to hear and confirms the little research I did before buying mine. It also seems like the V6 holds a good portion of its price premium which was of concern to me since I wanted the V6.

    I've only had mine a couple of weeks or so but it's been flawless and I'm very pleased.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    I got a V6 as well. Not only is the resale a nice bonus buut...

    Man is this car FUN! :)

  • Just purchased the following:

    2001.5 VW Passat V6 GLX
    Reflex Silver exterior/Black leather interior
    In dash CD & 6 CD Changer

    $27187 INVOICE
    $550 Destination Charge
    $1075 Tiptronic
    $150 Area Charge
    $92 Floor Plan Interest Reserve
    $25 Port Prep
    $590 6 CD Changer (not sure if this is the actual cost, but what the dealer said it cost)
    = $29669

    We made agreeded to the deal for $29200. Was this a good deal? We felt so and took it.

    We also were offered 8.8% financing, but when we told them we were pre-approved at 7.25% through they countered at 6.89%. Is this normal? We didn't hear of any special financing being offered by VW at this time.

    Also, we didn't by the extended warranty. From the research we did. Didn't think it was worth it.

    We are happy and are looking forward to driving our new Passat for many years to come!
  • peete_rocpeete_roc Posts: 10
    The tiptronic tranny is a standard feature on the GLX so why did you pay extra for it? Just wondering..... as i'll be buying one next month. It's my understanding that the $27187 invoice includes the tip.

    Thanks and congrats on your new purchase
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    I have repeatedly mentioned the wisdom of always coming to the table
    knowing exactly what your credit score is, and if possible having a
    pre-approved loan in hand...Every Dealership has a fixed rate in the computer
    as a *default* setting...The first rate was, I think, the *Retail* rate currently
    available from Volkswagen Credit...There are no "subvented rates" from
    VCI on Passats, as there are for some models of Beetle, Jetta, and Golf.

    Your Sales Rep. probably would have been better off asking if you had
    a Pre-Approved Loan, as well as the Rate & Term...would have saved him
    a trip to the Sales Manager's Office. The Rate that they got for you is OUTSTANDING.
    Best Subvented Rate from VW is 5.90% for 60 months.

    And because there will be folks who love to preen...Let me say first...Congratulations
    on getting a Great two enjoy!!! But, there is a slight error in the numbers that
    you posted above...the $27,187 is the Base price of the GLX With the Tiptronic...
    you don't add it in as an least not on the Invoice...MSRP on the 2001.5
    is $30,375 without the Changer, of course; so if you struck a Deal for $29,200 including
    the Changer you got a Great car; at a nice discount, and the two of you are happy...
    that is really the bottom line.

    There will be posts claiming paying less, and that you paid too much...ignore and
    simply rejoice that you got what what you wanted at a great rate, and with a nice
    discount...can't ask for much more than that...

    And give some additional thought to the VW Masterguard Warranty...In this world,
    people either believe in them, or they don't, and there is nothing wrong with that...But,
    that Warranty can come in real handy three or four years down the road with Computer,
    electrical, compressor, or other similar problems. With so many complaints about
    VW's 2/24 B2B, and the fact that a comparable Audi is a few thousand dollars more,
    you can have the same coverage and still be a couple of thousand ahead...nuff said.

    Once again, Congratulations, and Welcome to the VW Family!!!
  • 2001.5 VW Passat V6 GLX - Chicago

    $26114 INVOICE
    $550 Destination Charge
    $1075 Tiptronic
    $150 Area Charge
    $92 Floor Plan Interest Reserve
    $25 Port Prep
    $280 In Dash CD Player
    $350 6 CD Changer
    = $28636

    $29200 - $28636 = $564 or 1.97% Above Invoice

    Not as good as I had originally thought, but inline w/ 2-3% above inovoice.

    Thanks for the feed back! Is the extended warranty really worth it?
  • stamkisstamkis Posts: 12
    Posted this same message on the Passat forum. Didn't realize that there was a Passat pricing forum as well. (Sorry for this re-post)

    I plant to buy a Silver 2001.5 Passats GLX with gray leather interior without 4-motion.

    Checked out Edmunds TV for this model. The invoice is $27,737 and the TMV is $28,723. The MSRP is $30,375. Thus, there almost a $1000 mark-up for the TMV. Is Edmund's TMV too much of a mark-up? Seems like some people in this discusion group are getting Passats $700 over invoice.
  • kimmers71kimmers71 Posts: 55
    If you shop around, you can definitely get a Passat for less than Edmunds TMV. I didn't even have to haggle and got mine for $700 over invoice. (Mine should be here within 2-3 weeks!!)

    Edmunds does explain how they arrive at their TMV ( but I've read on another site, and from others' posts that if you can get the car for 2-3% over invoice you are doing good.
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    Very telling actually.

    Market value is different on every car. A radical example would be a Honda S2000. MSRP is a good deal.

    A chevy cavalier 3% over invoice isnt
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    I would use the pricing posts here as a guideline...only. It will depend
    upon the availability of the color and configuration that you are looking
    for, and the Dealership. Like all things in life...some are better than others.

    Inventories are better controlled, color mix is good, trim levels as well...these
    stores will probably be less inclined to give a car away, than one that is rather
    poorly managed...Try to find a dealer that has a big inventory of the same
    colors and trim levels...You will find your best deal there.
  • car_nut1car_nut1 Posts: 66
    Curious as where you found a gray leather interior. I've been waiting for some time for blue anthracite I/I l. Called WV US, and was told gray leather is in some pine green cars.
    They said I'd have to wait till 2002's arrive in
  • dpr5dpr5 Posts: 32
    I was able to get a Silverstone GLX with grey leather interior...
  • I signed the dotted line on a 2001.5 GLS 1.8 5spd with cold weather and the (inevitable and unwanted) Monsoon for ~5% ($1000) over invoice. Probably "too much", but, given the car's availability, the good value we got for our trade-in, and the fact that we (dealer and I) both left the table happy, I'm ecstatic. (Now if it would just hurry up and get here....)

    My last VW was an '86 Jetta 2-door (loved it for all 140k). If VW had had a wagon in '93, it would have won out over the Corolla wagon we got, no doubt. Can't fault the Corolla, though: it's been flawless, if bland.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Congratulations!!! & ENJOY!!!!
  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    I'm guessing, from your posts, that you represent a VW dealer.

    My wife and I are thinking of getting a Passat wagon (w/ 4Motion), when the lease on our current vehicle is up (Nov 2001). A couple of questions for you:

    Is there a big difference between the GLS and GLX? Will the price we pay (as a % over invoice) be reall different?

    Just trying to get a feel for the cost of the deal.

    PS, our other vehicle is a '99 New Beetle, and we love it!
  • stamkisstamkis Posts: 12
    Haven't seen any gray interiors either for reflex silver. Thought since it was listed as an optional match that it would be easy to find.

    Most silver models I have looked at are black or dark interiors if I remember correctly. May not be able to get the model I am looking for from what you are telling me. Will contact area dealers for availability. Thanks for the for-warning.
  • origkdsorigkds Posts: 2
    I just received the following "Customer Purchase Proposal" from my local WV dealer.

    GLS V6 Automatic 22,049.00
    Leather Package 1,325.00
    6 Disc DC Changer 450.00
    Destination 525.00
    24,349.00 (Invoice)
    500.00 over Invoice
    24,849.00 + Tax and License

    Does this look correct and if it is not, how would you approach them.

    Taking advice from strangers in Northern California. Thanks
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    That's the invoice on a manual tranny. The dealer didn't include his port fee ($25), floorplan interest reserve ($92) or advertising fee ($75). Not a bad deal, just make sure they'll do the same margin on an automatic.
  • car_nut1car_nut1 Posts: 66
    Shouldn't be too hard to get that ad-changer for
    $310. Good luck.
  • car_nut1car_nut1 Posts: 66
    Last Saturday called 37 dealers within 150 mile radius of home looking for gray interior. None had a GLX/auto with it. A few times I was offered a GLS; usually black w/gray interior. I realize as soon as the invoice area labeled "stock #" says LOCATE, car is weeks away. VW USA suggests ordering 2002 model for Oct. delivery.
  • telainetelaine Posts: 29
    I'm getting close to purchasing a 2001.5 Passat, probably a GLX. Dealer tells me he'll sell a demo for invoice price. It's the silverstone gray with gray interior (haven't seen it yet). Should I expect to pay less than invoice on a demo model a manager is driving? I haven't seen many posts about this. I don't know how many miles it has on it. Are there some guidelines out there about mileage and how it affects purchase price? Anyone with ideas, suggestions and prior experience purchasing a demo, please reply. I'll greatly appreciate it.

    Jason, from VW guild, what do you think? You've very knowledgeable. Your prior post talked about financing - how do I get that deal of 5.9% I am planning to be pre-approved and have heard about 7.25% from I hope I get a counteroffer of 6.89% or even better. Anybody been shopping insurance?

  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Re: financing, make sure your dealer will accept a site draft, many no longer do.
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