Mazda CX-9 Performance enhancing chips

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For example, the SLR Motorsports company touts (for a mere $70 plus S&H) to have a chip that will:
• Add 50+ Horsepower
• Add 50+ Torque
• Save 3-6+ MPG

• Faster 0-60 Time
• Improved mid-range power
• More power for towing
• Smoother Shifting
• Smoother IDLE
• Reduced overall engine stress
• Up to 40% Quicker Throttle Response time
• Pays for itself with gas savings
• Improved Top End Power
• Improves your 1/4 Mile Times
• Improves your 1/8 Mile Times
• Less and fewer oil changes due to a more efficient tune
• Prolongs your engine life due to a more efficient tune

• Will actually HELP your vehicle to pass emissions or SMOG testing
• Improved Low end Torque

now this sure sounds like its too good to be true and ya gotta wonder if it's so EZ to just put a chip in that gives you that much better MPG AND HP and all these other bells n whistles, why Mazda (or ANY of the makers) doesn't have the smarts to do it themselves from the git go? AND SLR says it also doesn't affect/void warranty (which I find hard to believe).

So, basic questions (in no particular order of preference)...
1. does this (these devices) actually work?
2. do they deliver on their marketing claims?
3. what does the dealer/MazdaUSA think about it IF they have to do warranty work that may be computer or engine related?

any other general observations/comments?


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    lol, I bet it does your laundry and walks your dog too. :)
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    and for $70, it better kiss me when it's done too! ;)
    but I did find it on amazon for $55 plus S&H with a total of under $64...but STILL, I wanna know if these things work AND do they NOT void my warranty...that part's really important...need some first hand experience...Dave
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    Shoot, for that price you better buy two and double the estimated mpg and hp.

    And does it say it'll give you 3-6 mpg more or up to 3-6 mpg more?

    Ok, I'll shut up now. :)
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    yeah, just wire em up in series! R R R...good idea Steve... ;)
    but it states on the mfgr web site a 3-6 mpg savings which *should* equate to showing the avg mpg as 19-22 which is respectable...that does address one of my two complaints with the vehicle (not counting a couple of pet peeves of course).
    so lets see what we find out and maybe I'll bite the bullet and become the test guinea pig eh...or not...LOL...we'll see ...heh...Dave
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    If you have too much money, I suggest you donate the $70 to Red Cross. At least they will send you a sincere Thank-You letter.

    Snake Oil is everywhere on eBay.
    MythBuster has tested many of them, The effect is 0, nada, ziltch, null, (what else).
    The so-called "chip" is nothing a a resistor and capacitor encased in a plastic box. Yes, people have bought it, and seen what the X is in there. :P

    The only thing that increase horsepower AND MPG is direct injection technology.
    I hope we will find it on the 2010 CX9s.
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    Oh I know about eBay...I've bought a few things on there but I'm very selective and do lots of research on them first.
    As for this so-called 'miracle' seems odd that the FTC or whatever governing body would let them get away with such grandiose claims unchecked and unspanked ...but it wouldn't be the first time either.
    I've often gone by the 'that sounds too good to be true' litmus test and it rarely (if ever) fails me...I'll do some more research and letcha know what I discover about all's at the very least piqued my interest.
    As for the red cross, an admirable suggestion albeit misplaced IMHO due to my own experience with them...they're a big business too, don't forget that.
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    Sorry about the RedCross suggestion. I couldn't resist it every time I heard someone wants to buy snake oil.... :)

    Believe it or not, many makers of those "snake-oil" products have been taken to courts. However, how many people got scammed will spend extra effort to get their money back? Remember, we are not talking about hundreds of dollars. There is a reason why those products are priced below $100 (or even $50). People just give up trying to get their money back for that kind of money.

    FTC has much bigger problems to take care than products that over-claim their effectiveness. "Vehicles that run on water!" Sounds familiar?
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    RedCross; no worries, no offense taken.

    point well made too about the snake-oil industry alive and well here in the US...I expect I'll just wind up using the cruise control as much as possible and thankfully my days of speeding from light to light are well past me so that should help the MPG issue...I wasn't interested in the more power...just the increase in MPG...a 60-120 mile range increase per tankful would be very nice ;)
    it would at least get it to where it should be already
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