Lincoln LS throttle linkage bushings-Where to get them?

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We have a 2000 Lincoln LS with the 3.9 V8 and the throttle quit working the other day. pushed the pedal and nothing. The problem was a small linkage rod that is supposed to have some plastic bushings in it that had decomposed and went away causing the little c clips to pop off. Dealer said only way to get them is buy a new throttle body for $400. Any one have any solutions as to were to get these little plastic bushings?


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    I have the same problem.
    Did you find a solution?
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    Yes I did although it wasn’t very elegant. I looked for a couple of days and couldn’t find the correct part so I had to do some creative engineering.
    I stripped a short piece of the cover off of a large gauge wire and used the plastic cover as a bushing. Then just got some new c clips and washers to put on both sides of it. Like I said not real elegant but it has been on there for several months now. I do check it weekly.
    The perfect solution is to take the throttle body out of the car and drill the square holes out and put standard bushings in it.
    Good luck and let us know if you come up with another solution.
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    I have THE part number now !!!!

    First a trip to Galpin Ford in Van Nuys... The computer does NOT show these bushings and they did not have the throttle body assembly to look at but they did say that Power Ford in Valencia had one in stock.

    I went there, they had it we looked at it and the parts man said....
    " I think this is the same bushing we use on another car and brought out 2 brand new ones for me at 12 dollars a piece! How cool was that??
    Jerry at Power Ford is THE MAN !

    Ford Part Number:
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    Way to go Funkcity!! I just bought 6 of these (we have 2 LS's). Now I can fix it the right way!!!!! By the way they are available online at and
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    Installation tip !!!

    Run a string or thick thread through the square metal hole and then put the thread through the plastic bushing before blindly installing it. Tie thread. If you drop it or it flies off it will not go into no mans land under the intake.
    Don't ask me how I know this! :cry:
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