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Happy with Traverse

pattib1234pattib1234 Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
I bought a new 2009 Traverse LTZ almost a week ago and really love it. It is a great vehicle and I have no regrets going from an Acura TL to the Traverse. I am surprised how easy it is to drive and back up, and it's also easy to park. I was concerned about it being larger than my Acura, but so far it only seems to be a wonderful advantage. As for all the extras on this model, I love them all, and especially the navigation system and the seat COOLERS, which are incredible in the Texas heat.

Perhaps one of the things is contributing to my satisfaction is that I live "just around the corner" from Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, Texas. This is the fourth vehicle that we have purchased there. The service is great and the staff is all so friendly and helpful. The main reason that I enjoy shopping there is that they have a "no-hassle" approach to selling. We worked with Nate Fitzgerald, and he went out of his way to find the car, color, and package that I wanted. A million thanks to Nate. I am hopeful that he will be available to sell us our next car or truck. Nate made the process efficient, easy, and most of all a lot of fun (can't believe that I am saying that about buying a car!).

In closing, I just want to say again that I highly recommend the Traverse, and wholeheartedly recommend working with Nate and Classic Chevrolet. Here's hoping that you all have just as nice an experience when you purchase your next vehicle.


  • Ladies - big purses are in style but there is no place to put them! I carry a small purse and have to put it on the floor when someone rides up front. I would also like to see better arrangements for cup holders in the back for the kids. I do love the way it handles as it is peppy and has a short turning radius. Recently, at 17,000 miles (on a 2009) I've had some computer problems such as the lights still on 1 hour after parking the vehicle; had to relock the doors. As soon as it got cold here, I got various computer messages such as "check airbags", engine light or the doors not locking but the worst was the vehicle not starting when I was 100 miles from home - lost OnStar & phone but had lights (???). All codes read fine and dealer cannot find a problem. Engine light comes on and stays on but vehicle codes are fine.
  • bb4x4bb4x4 Posts: 4
    Michigangirl - have the dealer check for any water leaks. I know of a Buick version that had water leaks that damaged electrical circuits. The car was bought back from the owner by GM.

    We just purchased a new 2010 2LT in Granite. I'm amazed at the turning radius. So far (230 miles) we love it! :)
  • Finally found the problem - it was listed in a bulletin to dealers - a broken wire in the wiring harness under the carpet in the front passenger side of the Traverse. Now I'm getting a whine that sounds like a power steering issue. It will be going back to the shop. At least GM paid for all the electrical repair and rental cars. I love the turning radius - so much easier to park than my Uplander was. However, the Uplander had better gas mileage and more room. Michigangirl
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    I was told by my dealer not entitled to a rental(loaner car) how did you get it? I assume because you were stuck that you got towed and got the rental? Do you have the bulletin number for your problem,as some sound the same as my I listed under forum " I hate my Traverse" let me know if you have any fixes for my issues as you sound more knowledgable then the Dealers themselves,thanks
    PS: I also had a no start at 4000 miles and remembered a recall/TSB about a Transmission problems like no start or coming out of park and rolling if i recall. when i had the no start(everything dead) took the stick shift put it in neutral then drive then back to park and the car started. GM claims my vehicle isn't one une the recall but i think it should be and they just don't want a major recall like Toyota's sticking pedal. of course a recent servicing at Dealer the Dealers famous words "can't duplicate or working as normal" because many dealers only get paid for a small percentage of the work per car per day,so example if you have 5 concerns they may only get reimbursed for 1.
  • bb4x4bb4x4 Posts: 4
    We were out Saturday (one of the few days I'm allowed to drive her Traverse) when we were only supposed to get a dusting of snow. We got 6 inches of snow dust while in at a birthday party! Trying to leave the place where the party was held was a chore - all up hill. FWD minivans and cars were all sliding off to the side. I was concerned and wish I had driven my truck.
    But, I didn't need to worry. The Traverse went right around them all through the deepest of the snow and never spun a wheel! We had to take some kids home and the performance in the snow on those unplowed roads was as good as my big diesel 4x4. I'm thrilled knowing that I don't have to worry about the wife getting stuck somewhere! I was very impressed with the performance of everything but the wipers - the iced up quickly so I'll be sure to put de-icer in the washer bottle!

    jwally, that's not exactly correct. The dealer will be reimbursed for all authorized service work. The trouble isn't the work, it's the diagnosis. GM gives the dealers 15 minutes to find a problem. If it isn't found, GM will not pay for another minute. If the dealer were to take 6 hours and finally found the trouble, they'd only get repaid for 15 minutes of diagnostic time and whatever time is allowed to make the repair. That's why you see that "Working as normal" - because they only spent a few minutes looking for it.
    That's why I like Jeff Barnes Chevrolet. I had a problem with my Duramax truck. It wasn't a problem that showed up on the scanner. It took them two days to find it, but they did and they did fix it. That was about 90,000 miles ago and the truck still runs strong. If you don't like the service department at your dealer, go to another dealer.
  • I don't know the bulletin number. I'm going back again Friday because I have a leak in the power steering lines. GM pays for the rental cars because this is warranty work. If your dealership has a warranty staff person, that person should be able to look up the bulletin and also know what your warranty says about rentals. We have the traditional warranty that came with the new vehicle but we also bought a bumper to bumper warranty that covers everything the traditional warranty does & does not. If they do not take care of these issues, try a different dealership. I get my service work done at a dealership where I did NOT buy the vehicle. The selling dealership just wanted to do other work on my vehicle all the time. They wanted to replace the fuel injector and said that would take care of my problem! Not so. A different dealership will want to get your work and may be easier to work with.

    When my car quit around New Years and had to be towed, the gear selector would not move at all, so I could not get it out of park.
  • i got a traverse a month ago tomorrow. i had traded my '10 gmc terrain in for the chevy. it is a nice comfortable ride & is very roomy. a few things... i find i have to press down harder on the gas to get some power when at highway speeds. i have noticed while going uphill on freeways on cruise the rpm needle kinda jiggles. it doesnt seem to downshift.with the terrain it would downshift at the slightest incline. i also notice highway noise by the drivers door seal.
  • Kind of amusing that over half the posts in the "Happy with my Traverse" thread are about problems with the Traverse.
  • Have you considered trading it in for a diff SUV?
  • if you are referring to me i just traded in a gmc terrain for this one. i cannot lose anymore money! i think these are minor issues & can be resolved by bringing it in.
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    edited June 2010
    "i think these are minor issues & can be resolved by bringing it in. "
    LOL, Wait and see, please report back after service claims can't duplicate concerns or some BS like that on service slip. If you bring it in when they open see how many GM mechanics driving foreign cars.
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    "a week ago and really love it."
    A WEEK AGO, who wouldn't love a brand new car the first week? now its months later do you have an update?
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