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Honda Pilot Brake Problems



  • Of those who have had the problem with their Pilot braking sudenly without pushing the pedal, have you had repairs and if so did they work?

    Honda is saying that (based on their inspection at my house) the ABS/VCS/TZS modulator and the brake switch should be replaced on my Pilot and in doing so the repair should correct my concerns with the vehicle. Anyone have any or all of these repairs done and if so, did it work?

    If anyone has had the sudden braking again after "repair", please please post.
  • Last winter I found that when trying to break on icy roads, the brakes made a grinding sound and the car fishtails a little and skids; I had to be very careful not to lose control. This happened even if was not braking very suddenly or from a high speed. But this doesn't happen at all if I'm driving on a dry road; it stops just fine.

    More recently, my wife had an unexpected near failure when she had to brake fairly suddenly at a crosswalk, but when I have tried to replicate it, I had no problem at all. So I'm wondering if this is a problem of electronics, and not, say, brake pads.
  • bjaderbjader Posts: 10
    Grinding sounds usually occur when your brake pads are already worn out. It is something that it is already metal to metal. The other thing is you got already a defective brake rotor. The other reason is if you intalled a low quality brake pad. I can recommend to replace it with good quality brake pad. If you got ABS possibly your ABS is not properly working.Somethimes your senson installed in each wheel are already dirty or sometimes the connection is already dirty. One solution is unplug the connection and clean it with spray electronics cleaner and clean all the sensors. I hope this will help
  • mwk1mwk1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 Honda Pilot EX with 20,000 miles. I noticed that the steering wheel would vibrate when applying the brakes at a speed of 50 miles per hour or more. According to the local Honda dealer, the rotors are warped and they recommended that I replace the rotors. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem - find it hard to believe that the rotors need to be replaced with such low mileage.
  • We've reported our break problem to our Honda dealer, along with their mechanics, but we still not have gotten any fix on this issue.

    Only when we drive up a hill (well-inclined), and before you reach the top of the hill- therefore, stopping due to a stop sign or signal light, the break becomes stiff. It's literally feels like you're stepping on a ROCK. No break pedal movement at all. Accelerator after the stop has no problem, but the service man at our dealer keeps denying our complaint and says that there is no problem.. when this is a serious break problem. The break pedal becomes very stiff; no movement at all. The service man tells me that the break stops since its at the end of the break track, but when it hits the end, the break should well come back up. But it does not; the break remains stiff until I hit the accelerator. I have driven many cars in the past and I have never had this issue before. This is the first time this is happening. And I'm worried that this issue can turn into something serious.

    I am going back to my dealer tomorrow morning to discuss this issue with the service manager. I would like to know if anyone might have this similar issue..?

  • We are having the same problem. Im getting it checked tomorrow. We have 35k on our 2010. I've never had a car where I've had rotor or break problems, so seems strange that we are already addressing it so soon!
  • ewunschelewunschel Posts: 1
    My neighbor and I both have 2011 Pilots, and are having the exact same problem. She was just told the same thing as you at 22,000 miles. Mine has only 14,000 miles, but has been showing these symptoms for a couple months now. I feel the rotors are inadequate for the weight of the vehicle, but Honda won't do anything aboout it!
  • verybeegverybeeg Posts: 19
    I have the same prob on my 2009 EXL. It started when the car was about 38K miles. I owned several cars beforehand, and had never had brakes go this soon. Unfortunately, Honda can point the finger at us for braking hard too often or when the rotors are too hot. But I owned so many cars beforehand without the same issue, and that so many people have the same prob really leads me to believe it's Honda's issue.

    To replace just the front rotors would cost $450 to $550. Honda deal said they can just resurface the rotors, but I read that's not usually advised.
  • Is anyone experiencing a soft brake pedal on the 2012 pilot touring model?
  • pnikpnik Posts: 1
    My wifes 2010 pilot is having the same problems. We had the rotors resurfaced last year after new tires didn't solve the problem. (crap stock Goodyears Honda uses, that's another issue) but it's happening again. So, I had the tires rotated and balanced, still has the shimmy when breaking. It's in the shop today to have the rotors resurfaced....

    I don't use dealers for repairs unless it's a warranty issue, has anyone had anything covered by the dealers on the rotor issue? The Pilot has 45,000 on it!
  • Same thing on my wife's 2010 Pilot with 20,000 miles. Having grown up working in auto repair, there's no way to call this problem "normal wear and tear". I'm going into the dealership to see if they'll take responsibility for the poor design and/or materials. In general, I'm very disappointed in the quality of this car and feel like the Toyota Highlander or Buick Enclave would have been a better choice. I'm keeping an open mind that the dealer might surprise and delight me (if I get angry enough, they might just find a service bulletin that got lost under the desk ;)) but that will only restart the clock and I'll be back with the same problem in another 20K miles so I'm guessing that this will be our last Honda.
  • I understand there is a recall on the Pilots for this sudden braking problem.
    Does anyone of you know which model years are involved?
    Is only the 2005's?

    I have a 2006 Pilot with impeccable record. No problems except the AC condenser which was covered under warranty I have had perfect service from my dealer in Brantford Ontario.
    It now has 175000 kms. (118,000 miles)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited February 2013
    The investigation is still ongoing (or reopened) in the US. Just involves 2005 Pilots.

    2005 Honda Pilot Probed by Feds for Unexpected Braking

    "NHTSA said it has received 205 reports of "unexpected vehicle deceleration and/or steering pull resulting from inappropriate electronic brake application with no brake light illumination."

    Sounds like it involves the Vehicle Stability Assist system on ~87,803 Pilots.
  • newar1newar1 Posts: 2
    This sounds like the hill holding feature of the brakes.
    Read the manual. The brakes self apply when you are stopped pointing up hill when you take your foot off the brake to place your foot on the throttle so the car does not roll back until you can accelerate.
    The brake pedal does go hard when this is active.
    Not a problem...a feature.
  • newar1newar1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2010 Pilot Touring in mountainous country in western Canada.
    The first brake job for warped rotors was partially warranty and I paid for new pads at only about 26,000km/16,000 mi.
    Car shuddered and steering wheel shook when braking, particularly downhill.
    This can be intermittent as the rotors cool and sometimes straighten then warp again.
    these are the standard symptoms of warped rotors.
    the next was about 45,000km/28,000 mi.
    I don't drive like a loon.
    Turns out they only turned the rotors the first time so they replaced them under warranty and now with 78,000km/48000mi they are still solid and smooth so i suspect the initial stock rotors turn into potato chips pretty easily.
    A tire shop now tells me I need a brake job within 10,000k/6,000 mi and have quoted total replacement of all parts for about $1,100-1,200.
    I suspect new pads and turning the rotors will suffice as they are usually good for 1 turning and they are not warped.
    The newer pilots have 18 inch wheels whether for better ventilation, maybe bigger rotors and clearance or just style i dont know.
    The stock rotors were definitely weak as i have not had this happen before except with a craapy caravan fairly loaded on a big hill at barely 21,000km, 1,000 km over the official brake warranty on that one.
    Dodge covered nothing by the way.
    If Honda is paying get the new rotors and all should be well.
  • The shortcoming with my 2010 Pilot is the handling at speeds above 60MPH and when applying the brakes. I replaced tires, balanced and aligned the car and only after acting like the irate customer I was the service writer tells me it was the rotors causing the handling problem. I had a brake job done 8 months earlier and the rotors were resurfaced. The service writer tells me the pads are grate however the rotors are warped. I guess after they change enough parts and you spend a pile of money they will eventually guess the right thing. I refuse to let the local Honda dealer get another penny from me. I will suffer the inconvience of a 60 mile drive to the next dealer.
  • I have a Honda Pilot 2011 Tour with 75k miles. I am on my second set of Honda front rotors and they were just re surfaced 8/10/13. The service writer said" Honda Pilot rotors need to be re surfaced about every 28k miles. My toyota 4 runner went 100,000 before I had to resurface. I expected similar quality from Honda and am dissapointed, but it is fixable. I understand my 1996 4 Runner is more rugged and less fancy, but if I was hauling a boat, the pilot would be probably be inadequate for braking durability. Also gear ratio of the 4 wheel drive is not suitable for rough road climbing as it is underpowered, but is nice on slippery interstate hiways.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    I have the 2006 (named "The Beast") and had my brakes resurfaced at 65k. I noticed today (just shy of 107k) that I'm getting the griding / rubbing from the front end which means I'm due for a full change of pads and rotors. I will keep everyone updated, but I think the one reason we haven't had any issues is due to the off-road package we have on him. The package increase the type of pads / disc to a more all-terrain rated sealed system that can handle being submerged inwater, mud, and sand, etc. I'm not looking to the price to have all this stuff changed out, but it needs done.

  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    Ended up having full frontal replaced for a total of $700 and the Rear resurfaced for a total of $400. Looks like the was a crack in the disc on one of the fronts and it ate through the rotor / pad extra quick. All in all I wasn't happy at the price, but it needed to be done, so there was nothing I could do about it.

  • Has anyone had problems with the recall repair for the 2005 Honda Pilots which came out a year ago?

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