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Chevrolet Equinox Personal Device Interface Module (PDIM)

shankomaticshankomatic Posts: 2
edited June 2014 in Chevrolet
I am trying to determine what the "Personal Device Interface Module (PDIM)" option gives you over the "Vehicle Interface Package". The Vehicle Interface Package gives you the USB port already.


  • Personal Device Interface Module (PDIM)
    This Personal Device interface Module (PDIM) allows the user to plug their remote audio devices (iPod, MP3 player, etc.) into the USB port. The PDIM allows for command and control of the remote audio device through the radio and steering wheel controls.

    Vehicle Interface Package
    – includes Bluetooth phone connectivity, leather-wrapped steering wheel with sound system controls, remote vehicle starter system and USB port

    If you just want to hook up your iPod, then you would get the PDIM. If you wanted all the other extras PLS the PDIM, you would get the interface package.

    PDIM is worth about $225.00
    Interface package is worth about $716.00
  • Ok, thanks. So the PDIM is part of the Interface Package. The funny thing is the website lets you select both options on the vehicle when you are configuring it.
  • I have the Rear Entertainment system with my Equinox. Can I play movies on it with my IPod through the USB port?

    I can't find anything in the manual on this.
  • geokirgeokir Posts: 1
    The company I work for is buying me the Equinox LS. I see that the LS does not have option to add bluetooth, usb port and cell phone interface when it is ordered. Does any one know if these can be added later. If they can , do you know why. I spend alot of time driving between jobs and could use these options,
  • an none come with the garage door opener
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