Bluetooth for R 500

aviator4aviator4 Member Posts: 3
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I have a 06 R500 and have been thinking about adding bluetooth for the phone ,does anyone know what the cost would be?


  • johnwang378johnwang378 Member Posts: 4
    I bought a used MB bluetooth adapter for $150 from craigslist. It works great with my R350 and gPhone.
  • new2benznew2benz Member Posts: 5
    Anyone recently bought the Viseeo MB-2 and using that with the iPhone?

    Like to get people's opinion about easy of installation and getting it to work with the iPhone on an '08 R350. Considering the Viseeo MB-2 bluetooth module for my recent R350 purchase.

    Do not want to go with the MB bluetooth craddle as I will forget my phone when leaving the car.

    Thoughts on Viseeo MB-2?
  • estebanpestebanp Member Posts: 2
    It's decent. I had some issues initially but a software upgrade and master reset fixed everything.
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