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Ford Focus Brake Questions

amethyst_wmamethyst_wm Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Ford

I am thinking of purchasing a used 2003 Focus Zx5 premium with 69K miles on it. The previous owner took care of the car meticulously. It is spotless--I mean, the car really looks like it is still new.

One question I have is that the car does not have anti-lock brakes, although it does have traction control. I am a little nervous about about getting a car without anti-lock brakes. Can someone lay out the differences between what anti-lock brakes do versus what traction control does?
Will I notice any difference driving the car?



  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    Are you sure it does not have anti-lock brakes? I thought traction control was bundled with the anti-lock system. Traction control prevents the drive wheels from spinning in slippery conditions, Anti-lock brakes help you stop better in most conditions. You can still steer when hitting the brakes hard. They do not lock up.

    Usually traction control uses the anti-lock braking system to stop or reduce a spinning wheel. In some cases the engine power is reduced as well.
  • Hi--

    Thanks for your message. I specifically asked the person selling it if the car had anti-lock brakes and he told me that it didn't but that it does have traction control. He was very clear and specific about the answer.

    This seller is a used car dealer that sells premium and classic used cars. I mean, you should see the vehicles--they all look beautiful! Like new! I would think that a seller like that would know all about the braking systems on the cars they sell.

    OTOH, I was sort of under the impression that the ZX5 Premium and SES models had anti-lock brakes as a standard feature--which is one reason why I am checking this car out carefully.

    Thks again.
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