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Have the Colorado/Canyon been discontinued?

halapenohalapeno Member Posts: 1
I called 3 dealerships and none of them had any in stock. Has GM discontinued making these?


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    lewinglewing Member Posts: 1
    They started taking orders as of 9/18/2009. I placed one that day.
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    daileyaddaileyad Member Posts: 20
    I can't seem to find much of anything in stock. And if so, how long does the order take?
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    2005colorado2005colorado Member Posts: 2
    Run guys run. One of the 10 worst vehicles made. Trust me.
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    ohcoloradoohcolorado Member Posts: 9
    GM dropped the ball with the Colorado & Canyon...but what makes matters worse, they refuse to acknowledge this, and they will not help with goodwill repairs. These trucks have so many obvious design defects and manufacturing faults, It is hard to name them all! Ask any owner, they will have a list of problems!
    Bring back the S-10!
    GM you continue to sell a ton of vehicles for Toyota, Honda, and even FORD!
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    coloradogurucoloradoguru Member Posts: 1
    Honestly blasphemizing the colorado is an insult, I've owned my colorado for 6 1/2 yrs with 133k hard miles.Great truck, great effeciency,...Besides regular wear, oil & brakes few things went on it.Doing performance induction cleaning catalytic converter clogged (truck ran on saftey mode displayed on instrument cluster) replaced cat, & all was good, A/C wire harness shorted, melting on resistance & blower motor, cleaned both terminals got new harness,...fixed! (problem was caused by my size 12 shoe hiting the low harness when ridding shotgun). For about 2 months it started down shifting to 3rd on long trips, after about 30 min. or so.I figured maybe my tranny, but had tuned up tranny every 40k, well it got worst, it started going into gears rough & slipping, then the engine started misfiring like an air /fuel/spark issue.When issue got to its peak, the battery died one morning.After testing: intake for leak,afm,map,O2, & all other sensors for malfunction, checked fuel pressure, replaced spark plugs, & no info from the scanner; I knew the PCM had to have issues, thought maybe it needed a system update.Checked plenty of links, with GMtruckhq the best attainable info & nothing but a summary of what i had already done,.... To my utter most mystery the trucks battery giving less voltage then needed made the PCM run on a safe mode, which caused the grief I went through!!! When replaced with new battery PCM took 3 days to reprogram out of saftey,.. All cause of a battery,.. Ive towed trailers, loaded it up with cement, a whole 76 cherokee drivetrain including both diffs.in the bed, & drive sideways & hard all day in Florida heat! Purchased new with 7 miles on it, has exhaust shields that vibrate, but besides tie rods, A/C harness, brakes & maintnance, its a dream,...
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    zeeboyzeeboy Member Posts: 25
    any U.S. release date yet?
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    odie6lodie6l Member Posts: 1,173
    I asked a friends father who sells the Colorado (and who I would purchase from if I was to purchase) about the redesign. He said "Yes the 2012's are the last year for the Hummer framed style. The model will take a 1 yera hiatus and will be revived in 2014 as a rebadged Izuzu D-max and will also have the diesel available for the first time in a small to midsized pick-up."

    He was telling me this and also telling me that in the next month there will be some heavy discounts on both the Canyon & Colorado as they try to clear the inventory.

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    jons_truckjons_truck Member Posts: 6
    rental companies and fleets like electric companies phone companies are buying them up

    and no not discontinued THE 2013 COLORADO is a totally new truck already
    selling very well in China the first ones built in China there will be a turbo diesel 4 cylinder as a new engine the truck is gonna be built in missouri
    search 2013 chevy colorado you can find photos of all the models
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    jons_truckjons_truck Member Posts: 6
    In fact I have found a lot of info on it

    there will be a 2013 they are slowly building some now in the USA in a new factory most have been built in China where is is selling well

    this is the last year for the avalanche there are rumors of a downsized avalanche based on the
    new Colorado which is a bit larger then the current Colorado
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