2004 Envoy XUV not starting after filling up gas tank.

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I have a 2004 Envoy XUV and it's having several issues. The main issue is weird idling going on and every time I go to the gas station to put gas in it, it just cranks but won't start. I have to pump the gas peddle and crank for it to finally start. Sometimes after I park and turn off engine, when i switch to off and pull the key it is still running like it is trying to die, but trying to stay on. It's freaking me out. Also my speedometer stopped working and recently have noticed cold water dripping on my feet while i'm driving. I figured the AC that leaks outside must be clogged and it's backing up into the truck. Please help me! My husband is over seas and I'm supposed to get this fixed by myself.


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    the idler tension pulley is shot on yopur car
    the igntn switch maty be faulty and habve the instrument panel cluster replaced,
    it should be warrantied if under 70000miles,
    see GM bulletin

    GMP07-174, special coverage adjustment#07187-Instr panel cluster

    my car is having prob with the igntn switch not engauging at times out of the blue
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    my 2004 Evoy XUV is often not turning over.
    Every so often the key turns to the endplay and you feel the return spring push the key back but the engine does NOT turn over. All gauges radio lights and fans run but the car does not turn over, Then after a few tries it usually statrs. And occas it wont start and then hours later it does.
    IGntn switch replaced has still happened 2times since it was repl 3 wks ago,
    please respond as to any others having this issue, some say they think the Instrmt Panel Cluster if repl may help,
    thanks for any replies devin
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