2002 82,000 miles needs work approx. $2350.00

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82,000 miles on 2002 millenia. Dealer recommends timing belt package, which was not done at 60,000: cost $1175.00 Valve cover gaskets leaking, needs EGR pipe cost: $650.00, needs power steeling flush cost: $139.95, needs coolant flush cost: $139.95 and needs air induction service cost: $229.90. Total of $2334.80. Is it worth it to fix any or all of these items, if so, are the costs reasonable. Anyone know of a good mechanic in the Bethesda, Maryland area


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    i would the timing belt kuz of how many miles r on the car and also i would take of the valve covers kuz its leaking oil and the egr . dnt worry bout the flushes
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    I have a 2002 milenia and it only has 76,000 miles. I am the original owner. It has been taken care of. Oil changes were done at every three thousand miles. It has the 2.5 Liter v-6 dohc miller engine I need to replace the serpentine drive belts but the timing belt was not changed at 60,000 miles . The knocking noise is coming from under the timing belt cover . I took it to a mechanic and was told that the noise was probably the timing belt or water pump so to change those and replace the other two belts they want to charge $567.00. Does anyone know were I can get a detailed photo of this engine? I really can not afford to pay to have this done. I am trying to decide if this is a repair that can without being done in the shop. Parts are only $129.00. I am somewhat mechanically knowledgeable and have a good support team. I would appreciate any info. This car has not been neglected at all. :sick:
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    I have had to have my millenia serviced numerous times, around 156,000 miles. The fan belt broke apart, had the ac belt and main belt along with the harmonic balancer replaced. In for more repairs - timing belt, water pump, o ring, tensioner. Mechanic recommending cv axle replacement. How much does this run? I am so tired of getting repairs done. Help. Any advice? :confuse:
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