2003 Alero - Cruise control shuts off, eninge RPMs begin to fluctuate

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Recently the cruise control on my wife's 2003 Alero (113k miles) has taken to shutting off at random times. After the CC shuts off, the engine RPMs start to flutter. That is, we'll be traveling 70 mph @ ~3000 RPMs and the RPMs will suddenly drop to 2600 RPMs. As you can imagine, it causes the engine to burp, and we experience a very mild shake in the engine. When we get off the interstate, the engine idle's roughly as if it wants to die. Finally, some times the "Check Engine" light comes on, some times it doesn't.

I don't know much about this, but it seems as if some of the cylinders are not firing. Have any of you had experience with this? We replaced the fuel pump at about 65k miles (but these are totally different symptoms), and have done some of the recommended maintenance on the fuel injectors. Otherwise, can you recommend anything else to look into?

I plan to change the spark plugs/wires/etc... tonight (I don't know if this is the problem or not, but it should be done anyway), and will fill let you know if that solves the problem.


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    My 2001 Alero has the same problem. Sometimes it runs perfect other times , it will hardly run at all. I've replaced the o2 sensors and the plugs and top plate of the engine that snaps down on the plugs. Most of my dash and abs lights are on. I've spent a lot of money on this car and I really like it but I dont think I can afford it much longer. Did you resolve your problem?
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    The cruise-control on my 2001 Alero has been shutting-off intermittently for many months. The dealer has replaced the cruise control, changed some brake-related items, and tried other things, but the problem is not resolved yet.
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