2010 Honda Pilot Engine Break in...

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Hi all I'm new to this so this might sound like a stupid question :P

Do you really need to "break in" the engine? We have to take a 4 hour road trip this weekend (city and freeway) but we've just picked up our 2010 Pilot.



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    Actually it's a great question (and answers will be all over the map).

    I think the car makers pretty much break-in engines at the build these days. If there's a break-in period in your owner's manual, it's likely only for 500 miles and part of that is to break in the new brake pads.

    The most common advice seems to be not to rev it to redline and don't use the cruise control, but vary the speed.

    But check the manual.
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    Hmmm I guess it's probably not a very good idea to take the new Pilot straight on a 4 hour road trip this soon cus the roads I'll be taking wouldn't allow me to vary my speed (mostly 80). I'd be going the same speed pretty much the whole 4 hour. Arrrgghhhhh..........then how long do I have to drive it 'til I can take it for a trip?
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    Oh, you could take an exit and go 55 for a few miles and then get back on the freeway. Sit in right lane some and try to ease back to 65 or 70 or less for a few miles and then move over and speed up again. Just avoid the cruise control.

    Did you find any recommendations in the owner's manual?
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    I suppose I can do that. Thanks for the advice!

    Oh and no I have not checked the owner's manual because I haven't even picked up the car from the dealer yet :blush:

    Ordered some accessories so they need to wait for them to come in and install them.
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    Ah, gotcha, I was thinking you already had the car.

    You may be able to download one:

    How To Find Your Car Owner's Manual Online

    New car - road trip. Sounds like fun to me. :)
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    Hey thanks for the link! I was actually hoping I could read through the owner's manual BEFORE I pick up the car but didn't think I could find that online!

    Yup, new car, road trip, it is fun! I just hope I won't mess up my car haha

    Thanks again! :D
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    I just purchase a 2011 pilot and from the first day there is a smell from cat. converter exhause system the (rotten egg smell) I've talked to 2 honda mechanics and they both say it will clear after break-in. just got back from vacation 4000 miles on pilot and smell is still there. this is the second honda I've purchase and never had this problem before .they say its because of the dual exhaust system. please help
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