Toyota Corolla 0W-20 oil - What's this about?

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Toyota of Orange in Orange, CA (So California) told me a quart of Toyota 0W-20 was $12.78 today. I said that this is most expensive oil I have ever heard about. He agreed to sell it to me for $9.50. I called another Toyota dealer where I purchased my brand new Toyota Corolla XLE and they wanted $11+change for a bottle.
How can a dealer overtly overcharge a customer and expect a customer to choose them for repairs?
Does anyone know the current suggested dealer list for a bottle of Toyota 0W-20?
My Toyota dealer said an oil change for Toyota 0W-20 is $70
What are you paying for a quart of Toyota 0W-20?
An 0W-20 oil change??

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    Mobil 1 0W-20 at Walmart = $6.27 per quart. The Toyota 0W-20 is made by another company (maybe Mobil?). Mobil 1 is a great oil that meets all the specs, so just use this. I do my own oil changes, so I don't know what a dealer would charge, but I would buy the Mobil 1 and bring it to the dealer to use if I was gong to have the dealer change my oil.
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    The reason I want to use the Toyota 0W-20 is that I heard that Toyota had a custom additive package specified for their 0W-20. Not sure if it will make a difference or not in the long-term, but the Toyota full-synthetic is what is used for factory fill. I would think the dealers could at least be somewhat reasonable in price as Toyota has the market cornered on their brand of oil.
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    I highly doubt they have a "custom additive package ". Where did you here that? I bet the additive package is the huge price additive!! ;) Toyota corp. charges the dealers a huge mark-up on their parts, so I doubt you will get much better price if you insist on the Toyota brand oil.

    I'm really anal about my cars, keep them 10+ years, etc. I use almost all Toyota OEM parts, one exception being oil, because I cannot find any proof that it is better or different than a really good off-the-shelf oil. Mobil 1 is fully synthetic and is highly regarded, and meets the Toyota specs.
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    I'm new to this website and forum, so if I'm bringing up something that has already been discussed eleswhere, sorry.

    Nevermind the $9.50 vs $11 vs $12+/qt, I can't get past the fact that they don't recommend regular old conventional 5W30 for this economy car. When I bought my 2010 LE in Aug. I never had any idea that, yes I was buying an inexpensive economy car that has a long and good track record, but one needs to spend $10-$20 "extra" at every oil change.

    Does using 5W30 void the warranty? Really cause longevity or other problems?

    This is my 4th vehicle. My 1st 3 vehicles got 160k ('89 Acura Integra), 190k (93 Nissan V6 pickup), 260k (2000 Volvo S80 T6), and none of them ever had engine problems using "regular" oil. Actually for the Volvo I mostly used a synthetic blend for the 1st 150-200k, but that's a 270hp turbo.

    I thought I bought the Corolla for its dependabilty and economy.

    Can you really bring your own oil (like Mobile 1) to the dealership and expect them to use it?
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    When comparing cost you have to take in consideration the extended interval between oil changes that you gain with the synthetic oil versus the dino oil.
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    So the question is,

    Will I get so many more miles between oil changes by using the syth oil that it pays for itself?

    I'm guessing it doesn't even come close.
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    Well if you want to believe GM's new recommendations to their new car owners that those that use synthetic can go at least 10,000 miles between oil changes and most can go even longer (closer to 16,000 miles). What's that, a 4 to 1 ratio instead of changing dino oil every 3000 miles? What about that synthetic is less prone to thermal breakdown or has better cling and better pour levels. How about that syntetic is less prone to varishing and coking then dino oil. How about the more basic reason that synthetic is just plain better at engine lubrcation and gas saving. What's all the above worth to you or your engine? Ya think Toyota just made the move to synthetic just to p*ss you off or to waste your money? No, they did it for a reason, to keep up that excellant reliability record that you spoke of in an earlier posting. Go ahead, keep using the $1.50 a quart dino oil, I'll take the $8.50 a quart 0-20 synthetic anyday!
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    Just go to WalMart and buy the Mobil 1 0W20 oil for $6.27 per quart. Yes, you can bring this to your dealer and they will only charge you for the labor and filter.
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    I don't think they would be trying to p*ss me off or waste my money, just make more money for themselves using the reasoning that it is better for me - in the long run, which it may actually be.

    Just trying to get to the bottom of this to figure out what is best for me.

    Toyota recommends an oil change every 5k miles - with the 0w20. That's a 1.6:1 ratio if one considers 3k the "normal" interval.

    ...less thermal breakdown - effectively saying it can go further between changes.

    ...better cling - same as above?

    ...varnishing and coke - same as above? And longevity of engine.

    ...better pour levels? Could only guess what that means without looking it up.

    ...just plain betterr...? No [non-permissible content removed], but good enough is good enough.

    Again, I'm trying to figure out if there is any real meaningful tangible reason for me to use this oil. I would like it to be a little more that that warm fuzzy feeling that my engine loves me because I put more slippery oil in it.

    Better gas mileage
    longer engine life
    more time between oil changes

    these are real and if they come close to offsetting the cost, it is worth it to me, especially more time between changes; but I still am skeptical. At least while it is still under warranty I'll follow their recommendations - their special oil changed every 5k. Maybe I'll stretch it incrementally up to 10k starting around 50k.
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    Since you seem to have purchased a Corolla for the pure economics and reliability of it all, wouldn't what's better for your car also "better for you"?
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    I can only seeing it better for me if it leads to savings in $$ or time that offsets the additional cost.

    Just because it's "better" oil, doesn't me it's better for me in the long run...unless it ...

    causes the car to last enough longer that the extra miles I get out of it are more economical than buying a new car a little sooner. So far between my wife and I we've driven 6 vehicles pretty much "into the ground" using regular oil. They all got fairly good longevity (150k-250k) and eventually failed for reasons other than the engine.


    saves me time spent sitting around waiting for oil changes...which I assume it should, but with Toyota's recommended 5k does a little, but if it were 10k...that would be more acceptable.

    And who purchases a Corolla for any other reason than economics and reliability? Or is that a blasphemous question for this forum?
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    I was told by a rep at that Toyota brand 0W-20 oil is Castrol Syntec.
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    You know if you search the web you get various information about this. The majority opinion is that it's Mobil/Exxon but yet others say It's Pennzoil. I haven't heard the Castrol oponion yet, but why not ? Anyone out there have any information to substantiate their claim as to who actually does make/bottle Toyota Synthetic Motor Oil? I guess any rep. that wants to sell more oil is going to lay claim to Toyota Oil as this is what most Toyota customers will then most likely convert to to avoid the higher cost of Toyota Synthetic.
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    Why would anyone pay that much for a quart of oil ?
    Buy some 20W50 and see how that works !
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    I guess for the same reason new car drivers take their cars in for all of those unnecessary 5k (or whatever) routine scheduled maintenance visits. They think if the dealer or the manufacturer says it, it must be true. I've owned many new vehicles, (mostly Toyotas) and my cars never went to the shop unless there was a problem. So needless to say, my cars are rarely in the shop because they ARE Toyotas. The only reason I use the recommended 0W-20 oil is because I don't have to pay for it.
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    Why would you not use it? The Toyota 0w-20 is a Nippn/Eneos oil, and is an absolutely excellent oil. It has an out standing pour point (the temp an oil will still flow) of -45C, an excellent VI (viscosity index) of 211. Not only will this oil protect your engine, you will also get better fuel economy, which will save money also. Good enough is not really good enough. A good syn oil will do a much better job of protecting engine internals form acids (caused in part by ethanol in gas), and they do am much better job of reducing deposits under severe usage (short trips, long idle times in traffic, etc) and help keep the ring lands clean, reducing blow by.

    If you are that worried about the extra cost, change it yourself. I change my own oil, and I can use premium synthetic oil and the cost is about the same as if I took it to the dealer and paid for bulk dino oil. And I believe that Toyota increased the OCI for the 0w-20 to 10k miles, check with your dealer.
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    Thanks for enlightening us as to the manufacturer of Toyota oil. I couldn't agree more about using the recommended Toyota oil.
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    toyota 0w-20 is not made bycastrol and it is not is made by toyota motor company and is a fully synthetic oil.if you get any email offers from your toyota dealer for oil change specials or if you have an aftermarket maintenance policy (ex. Fidelity,etc.)they have to honor that your car uses the synthetic oil and have to use it because thats what toyota calls should use that grade of oil in your car because its in there for a reason(ex. smaller oil passages,smaller diameter oil drains in the cylinder head,etc.)also the fact of better fuel economy(the thinner the oil ,the less friction in your engine)
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    you are very wise to use the Toyota OEM parts for your vehicle.The price difference between the aftermarket parts and oem is usually translated in the quality and durability of the part.I have learned that a long time ago.Pay a little more now and save alot later (in money and agravation)As far as oil choice you are right dont have to use the Toyota brand oil as long as you use the correct grade and viscosity the manufacturer recomends.You have no idea no many of these quick lube places are putting the wrong grade of oil in your car.They buy there oil in bulk and use the same oil in almost everyones car or truck.Some places even use recycled oil.I know this for a fact,i've been in the business a long time.
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    Using dino oil or a synthetic blend will not void the warranty. Toyota does not make their own oil. The Toyota 0w-20 synthetic is an Nippn/Eneos oil.
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    If you want to know who makes the oil I suggest you call the Toyota customer service center and ask them .Trust me,they know their stuff and if not they will find out.Toyota is definitely a stand out company when it comes to customer satisfaction.
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    I didnt say Toyota makes their own oil,Iknow who makes it .Its the only oil that is approved for use by Toyota,in Toyotas'.These engines that Toyota uses the oil in are all new engines that are designed to run on the new synthetic oil.You can use other oils,but if you plan to do your own oil changes you better keep all your receipts because toyota is going to want to see them if you come in with an engine concern.
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    I couldn't agree with you more; Toyota makes a great car, but "trust me", they don't make their own oil.
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    There has been in many areas a change in manufacturer of the Toyota 0W-20. On a popular oil forum (BITOG) there are 2 different Virgin oil analysis of the old Red Bottle 0w-20 and the new black bottle 0w-20. The big thing this oil has going for it is MOLY, a anti-wear agent. Many on the oil forum think the red bottle was for sure Nippon/Eneos and the black bottle is most likely a Exxon-Mobil product. Both have very good additive packages.
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    Not sure if you are aware of that, but you need to call Toyota Corporate 800-331-4331 and ask them to mail you the new 2010 updated Prius maintenance booklet that states oil changes is for every 10,000 miles (5k miles is for tire rotation, etc.) for all new Toyota models that use 0W-20 fully synthetic motor oil...

    As an FYI, I just changed mine (do my own oil changes for many years now) the first oil on my 2010 Prius at 8,500 miles and it was in a great shape, now my next oil change will be after at least 10,000 miles and it costs me less than $36 before tax for less than 5 quarts and a paper/element filter... what an amazing vehicle...
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    "Prius maintenance booklet that states oil changes is for every 10,000 miles (5k miles is for tire rotation, etc.) for all new Toyota models"

    So are you saying this new recommendation is for just the Prius or ALL new 2010 Toyota vehicles and going forward?

    I'm still from the old school; even though I use 0W-20 synthetic oil in my 2009 Corolla I still change it every 3000 miles. I know it's uneeded and overkill but I have an unlimited supply of 0W-20 synthetic and I do my oil changes myself, so I'm only paying for the filter every other oil change.
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    It is for all 2010 Toyota engines that use 0W-20 fully synthetic oil... as an FYI, I used to own a new 2010 4Runner (0W-20/10,000) but because of poor MPG and other reasons, I traded in for the 2010 Prius and I know that all 2010 Toyota engines that use 0W-20 engine oil, the oil change interval is 10,000 miles and had to call Toyota corporate to mail me the 2010 updated maintenance booklet to have it for reference and warranty. I will never ever put on any of my vehicles any conventional oil ever again, I even use 5W-30 Mobil 1 on my 2006 Sienna which is 100% fully synthetic and can easily go over 5,000 miles if I have to and when I change the oil I see the condition of the oil is at least for another twice the miles to drive...
    For your 2009 Corolla, I would recommend to call Toyota Corporate and ask them the oil change interval because I believe (not sure though) that all Toyota engines that use 0W-20 fully synthetic oil and regardless the year, the oil change interval is 10,000 miles... Maybe 2009 was the year Toyota decided to go (0W-20/10,000) not sure though.
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    I just bought a 2000 Toyota Corolla with 123,000 miles on it. I do not know much about cars but thanks to this site I am learning alot (97 Ford Expedition problems) I want to know what is the maintenance program for this car.... when I get an oil change whats the best type of oil to put in it or to put in myself... should I add anything extra to the gas tank... the bottled stuff that suppose to make it run better etc.... I need this car to last me a very very long time. Someone mentioned changing a timing belt/chain... should I change this now or will I see symptoms of this needing to be changed? Sorry for all the questions... But thanks to this web site I found out the "vapor" coming from my vents in my 97 Expedition... was my kids and I breathing coolent! Thanks so much!
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    5-30 oil - nothing but regular gas in the tank - no timing belt in the 2000, it has a timing chain which requires no regular maintenance, your fine - didn't they give you a manual with the car so you could read all of this for yourself ? ? ?
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    5w-30 oil, I use Techtron fuel injector cleaner (from Walmart, etc) every 15,000 miles. The oil info is in the owner's manual. You can find the maintenance guide here at Edmunds or at Toyota:
    Toyota Website for maintenance guide

    Basically, see what was done to your car (miles and time). Hopefully, you have the service records. Then, see what is due by looking at the maintenance guides I told you about in the last paragraph.

    The 1998 and newer Corollas have a timing chain, should not require any maintenance. Brake fluid & power steering fluid - change it. The guides may not tell you that, but it is cheap insurance. PVC valve - change it - very easy to do yourself, and very cheap ($5 part, 5 minutes or less).

    I had a 99 Corolla, great car! Sold it at around 120k because I needed a bigger car (Camry). Only problem I had was the a/c compressor had a seal leaking after 90k miles, so 2x per year, I just put more R134 refrigerant in it, and it cooled fine.

    What Corolla do you have? CE, LE, SE, anti-lock brakes? automatic or manual transmission?

    I can give you more info - just give me more specifics about yours.
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    No, Toyota recommends a oil change every 10,000 miles with ow-20!
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,715
    No, Toyota recommends a oil change every 10,000 miles with ow-20!

    NO. Only on the model year 2011 and newer Corollas. Yes, it would probably be fine, but since Toyota did not say it, they could deny a warranty claim.
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    I pay between $8-$9/quart and can get a full 25,000 miles or 12 months whichever comes first. Last oil change was 12 months @ 21,248 miles. And will not void the warranty.
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    20,000+ miles without changing oil?
    no thanks!
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    Toyota 0w-20 I just paid $7.50 (not including tax) per quart.

    Toyota says 10,000 miles or 12 months between oil changes, whatever comes first. For Corolla, I think the first one that has this spec is the 2011 model.
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    Brought a 2013 corolla in September, didn't get a owners manual ( where can I get one) but how often do we need to change the oil and do I have to use the 0w-20 oil???
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    My Toyota dealer is charging $6.78 a quart for the 0W-20 synthetic. Those dealerships in So. Cal. are ripping people.
    I agree that if I ever changed oil. I would go to Mobil 1.

    Have you noticed how much smoother these new cars are running?
    I think it has to do with the oil.
    Also that real light oil. Does much better when starting the engine. That's where much of the wear happens.
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