Hyundai Entourage: unexplained non-start, help needed

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2007 Entourage, 30,000km

End of July 2009 - van would not start (in garage all night) - dash lit up, headlights would come on, audible click in fuse box, but no other sound at all. Towed to dealer, where they replaced immobilizer antennae.

Two days later - van driven to store, parked outside for 30 minutes in sun. Same problem, all lights on dash, nothing else. CAA tow-truck driver showed a trick, locked and unlocked door with key (not remote) and vehicle started. Drove to dealer just before they closed for long weekend. They said bring it back on Tuesday when they opened and they would look at it.

Next morning (Saturday) took it out on errand, 10 min drive, half hour in store, came out and vehicle would not start. All lights on etc. No tricks worked, including leaving key in ignition for 5 minutes in ON position (new CAA driver's attempt). Towed to dealer again. Left both keys for dealer. When they opened Tuesday morning, it started for them. They replaced whole immobilizer unit.

OK for next month.

Two weeks ago out in van, stopped for two minutes, got back in and it would not start - again all lights on dash etc. Played with keys, trying all sorts of combinations of locking and unlocking, leaving in ignition in ON position, nothing. Tried again 15 mins later while trying to get through to roadside assistance (lock/unlock with key, with remote, activated panic alarm etc.) - van started. Drove to dealer and left it again. Dealer reported nothing could be found wrong, and said it could be key issue (not under warranty, $150 each to replace each, they don’t want to change keys and have us pay that until they are sure). They labelled keys and said if it happens again, take note of key used.

Latest: van driven to store (5 min drive), outside for 30 min, then would not start. Towed to dealer again, where we were told probably not a key issue because when the immobilizer does not recognize key, there is usually some attempt from engine to turn over, but fuel not injected (or something like that) - in this case there is nothing (small click can be heard from fuse area), no turning over of anything.

Dealer has van, working on it. We can't drive a van we don't trust to start when we stop somewhere, especially in a Canadian winter with two small kids. Anyone heard of similar problems, or has suggestions, let us know. Next stop is talking to Hyundai corporate.


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    Check out Entourage New owner Reports. They had problems with the junction box witch is located by the drivers left knee. I had mine replaced at 16,000. Now I'm almost at 50,000. No problem since. It seemed to be a known problem with the early 07's. It also seems most problems accurred soon after purchase. My was replaced under warranty.
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    I second Stush's reply
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Member Posts: 248
    I second Stush's reply
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    Big thanks to you guys, and even bigger thanks if this solves things. Wow, this is more common that the dealer thinks. Guess I was searching in the wrong place (I did search, but not thoroughly enough). I'll be passing this info to the dealer tomorrow. They spent a good part of Tuesday trying to figure out what was going on (again), with the van still not starting for them. At the end of the day the tech decided to check for codes again, ran a scan (or whatever it is they do), and no codes. Then he put the key in, and it started! So they kept it for two days, taking it out for runs, hoping it would then reproduce the problem so they could work on it again, and this afternoon, success - it won't start. So they plan to spend tomorrow checking things.
    I'll let you know how it goes...
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    Our '07 Entourage has also been not starting, then starting just as was described by kodge. Was it the junction box switch?
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    Forgot my update, sorry...
    Yes, that was the problem, can't remember the exact name, but a module was replaced (ECM?) under the dash. No problems since. There was/is a technical service bulletin about this that the garage should have known about from the start. We then wouldn't have had to go through the tows and rental three rental cars (dealer paid for them at least). Not impressed with that side of things. All good now though. Good luck with your van.
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