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Chevrolet Cavalier



  • saturnboysaturnboy Posts: 89

    It sounds like you got a very good deal on your Cavalier, I leased a 1998 Saturn Sl with Ac for 146.00 a month with 2000.00 down, but I don't pay for any services like oil changes or anything for 3 years. I thought you had to pay tax and registration up front. I am supposed to pay a 500.00 disposition fee at the end of the lease but Im going to tell them that I'll buy another Saturn only if they erase that fee and see what they say. Just read the fine print and you should be fine, they are in the 5th year of this style and they are dying to move them off the lot. Good luck
  • tffkaptffkap Posts: 11
    That sounds about right to me. I was paying $115 a month for full coverage on the coupe with $500 deductible on comp and collision... Oh yeah, I am also 19 and under my parents insurance policy until I can get a reasonable rate. Without being under them, and without State Farm's good student discound and multicar discount, I would have been paying about 220 a month.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    Well, I read with interest the wide range of satisified customers and very unhappy experiences
    people have had with their Cavaliers. Goes to show what a hit or miss proposition buying a GM vehicle is, I guess. My wife has a 1993 with the 2.2L engine and a 5-speed. The car runs like the day it came off the showroom floor, but the rest of the car is falling apart! The other day I took off from a stoplight and the front speaker grille FELL IN MY LAP! The dome light is working itself loose from its mounts, the power locks don't work, the passenger door panel is peeling away from the door, the shifter boot has decided to rotate freely about the shifter, instead of staying where it should, and a rear seatbelt fell apart. The car has 104,000 miles, so maybe I should not complain...Well, yeah, I should. Cheap materials, shoddy build quality, excellent engine. Typical GM. Maybe I'm just spoiled by my Accord.
  • Well,Lancerfixer I do agree,accord is a much more refined automobile,But my attraction was price. A Honda Accord with the same option,s is about 5,000 more, plus Cavalier came standard with ABS breaks.It also has 100,000 miles before its first routine tune up. My car just turned 66,000 and runs as if I just bought her. Although I do agree the car is not built of high standard products, such as independent rear suspenstion and leather which is not available for the interior. It is definitely a wonderful entry level automobile.

    P.S. Has proven to be a dependable car for me,although it has a rough ride and cheap interior parts that squeak.
  • tffkaptffkap Posts: 11
    I totally agree with the above posts. No one is going to buy a Cavalier for luxury and refinement. It is what it is; a great little reliable (mechanically) car that is very inexpensive to own. As much as I dislike the accords, (just my personal preference) Cavaliers are not even close to the same class. But I still love them!
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    I didn't mean to suggest that an Accord was a good alternative for a Cavalier (it is, if you have the money)but I do think GM needs to pay closer attention to its building practices. This is completely personal preference, but for not much more than a Cavalier, you could get a Civic or Golf, with better build quality, more character (well, the Golf has more, anyway) and much higher resale value, which means better lease rates. the ONLY drawback to a Civic over the Cavalier is that you have to spring for the top of the line model to get ABS. Routine maintenance also costs more, but I feel the peace of mind factor, combined with the fact that the Golf and Civic are just plain more fun to drive (particularly the 5-speeds), and superior construction and quality control leave the Cavalier lagging.
  • And yes again I would agree with you. If you do not keep your cavalier until it is paid off,odds are you will owe more then its worth. P.S Check out the 1999 ford contour SVT 200hp with a silky smooth 2.5 liter. This car is built very solid and can out handle most.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    I have checked out the SVT Contour, and you're right. It's fast and handles like it's on rails. However, the interior layout is both poor and of cheap materials--I'm guessing the SVT's interior would start looking like my wife's Cav after a couple years. Also, only select dealers carry SVT vehicles. The one in this area (Portsmouth, NH) was a complete jerk to me, to the point of being rude, and I almost had to beg to try out the car. I wouldn't buy a car from that dealer if I had to.
  • I have not had the pleasure of test driving the SVT yet,but I have driven a ford contour. A friend of mine has one. And although I only drove the car once and for a short time.I thought it felt solid and handled well, for the base model. My love for the motor came from owning a 1993 ford probe GT with the 2.5 V6 . WOW! Did I love that engine. Redline was at 7,000 RPM and this engine pulled hard up to 7,200 RPM. The down side was it did not start to make power until about 4,800 RPM. Now SVT slaps a supercharger on it and I would say the power comes on sooner,and a whole lot harder. P.S I miss my GT
  • chevy5chevy5 Posts: 1
    I hope the person who entered #20 above will read this and post exactly how you fixed the dash noise on your Cavalier. I am desperate and at the end of my rope. Right now my car has been at the dealer for a week for this problem, brake noise and a dash light that has been coming on. I have a rattle in my dash that occurs intermittently and that the dealer has not been able to fix because it does not occur when they test drive the car. When the dash is quiet the car is a wonderful little car to drive. There is also a sound that sounds exactly like 2 pieces of styrofoam rubbing together that is coming from under the steering wheel at times. This and the dash noise is the main reason I will never buy a Cavalier again. I had one in 1984 and loved it so I bought my 1997 on blind faith and without doing my homework. It has been a big mistake. My nerves are so strained from this experience I am seriously considering buying outside of the GM line for my next car. I have never been as unhappy with a car simply due to the dash noise as I have this one and my first car was a 1978 Maverick. There are many features I do like about the car: the fact that you can open the trunk from the inside, the fold-down back seat, the way the gas cap is attached, the gas mileage, the fact that I do not hear a lot of wind noise and the interior colors. I wish the dealer would not discount me about the dash noise just because it does not happen in their 5 mile test drive and at least TRY something-anything to fix it.
  • jim108jim108 Posts: 1
    Has anyone experienced trouble with an occasional but strong smell of gas in the Cavalier LS (2.4L)? We've had our '97 to two different dealers, but can never duplicate the symptom (Murphy's law of car repair). It usually happens after running a short time, with the heat or AC on, so I suspect it comes from the engine compartment.
  • c0mdatac0mdata Posts: 3
    I have a 1995 Cavalier sedan. If anyone has this year Cavalier, can you tell me where the trunk light switch is supposed to be? My trunk light is always on for twenty minutes after I leave the car and then won't come on until I open a door. This is the rundown protection, but I want to know if there is also supposed to be a switch in the trunk. I know later years the light was changed.
  • gba2michgba2mich Posts: 22
    More than likely, it probable has a mercury switch, which would be somewhere in the trunk lid itself....but I may be wrong.
  • c0mdatac0mdata Posts: 3
    the trunk light is not on the trunk lid, nor does there appear to be any wiring or electrical connections on the lid at all.
  • dubosedubose Posts: 1
    My first brand new car was a 1987 cavalier so I thought I'd take a look in here and see if they had improved in the 90's models after all the problems I had with mine. I have not and probably never will own a GM car again in my life. Even when my car was only a few months old I was visiting the dealership service dept more times than I care to count. I hate it that I feel that way about american cars but the cavalier left a lasting impression on me and i'm heading out to buy my second honda accord. good luck to all of you that own a chevy cavalier 'cause you're gonna need it.
  • c0mdatac0mdata Posts: 3
    Just to let you know I found the trunk light switch. It should be mounted on the hinge. It got tucked into a hole where the trunk hinge goes. I was able to put it back where it belongs, no harm done.
    All I can say is thank goodness for GM's battery run-down protection, or I would have had a lot of dead batteries over the last year
  • emposempos Posts: 1
    I bought a 1996 Cavalier Sedan almost 4 years ago. It has about 52000 miles on it now. I have had now major repairs on it (knock on wood) and the only time it's been in for anything other than regular maitenance was a defective sensor that kept turning the engine light on. One nagging thing I have noticed is that the ABS brake comes on when I stop a little more quickly than normal and it stays on until I turn the car off and then restart it. This makes for a nerve-wracking trip when you are traveling for a few hours with the light on the whole time wondering if your brakes are going to be there. There is some rattling with the dashboard also. Besides those few little glitches I have been satisfied with my car. I think though that I will buy an Escort or Protege or something different next time, just for a change and to try some of the more popular economy cars.
  • tffkaptffkap Posts: 11
    Has anyone had a chance to see the new 2000 cavalier yet? No major differences that I could tell. Just a little cosmetic work on the outside and it looked a little different on the inside too. Just makes an already attractive car a little nicer looking.
  • mitsukimitsuki Posts: 2
    I had to drive the Chevy Cavalier for my rental car when car was being repaired (I got into an acciden). I drive a Nissan Sentra!
    Well anyways.. the Cavalier! That car is so terrible! The interior is soo cheap! The Parking Brake, the shifter.. the seats and especially the rear seats it is hard as a bench!! The dash is quite awkard where it curves down! The dome light cannot be controlled! The gas pedal, my goodness you have to really push! it isn't as sensitive as the sentra. Also when I turn off the engine the engine shakes!! The car is loud overall!

    On the plus side of things.. the headlights are good, the brakes! comparing this car to it's Japanese Compeitors, they win! The Cavalier isn't as refined !! It doesnt feel very solid !! When I got my Sentra back... oh man! it felt soo good!! because it's much more refined and everything!! and it doesn't rattle and wine like the cavalier!! If GM improved their small cars, people might consider buying one!! instead of the Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic!
  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 329
    mitsuki. You have to bear in mind that a loaner car is not being taken care of by anyone. Also, many loaners and rentals are equipped with the least powerful engine for that model AND an automatic transmission. Anathema!

    You might still prefer a Civic, Corolla or Sentra to a well-maintained, 2.4L, 4spd auto, ABS, traction control Cavalier - but it would be considerably more competitive. Especially at the price of a 2 year old model.

    just my 2 cents.
  • tffkaptffkap Posts: 11
    Also, speaking poorly of domestic cars doesn't work when talking about the Corolla. Remember, this car is really just a rebadged Chevrolet Prizm. With a few changes. Neither of which is all that great a car if you ask me, but that is just my opinion.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    The Prizm is a rebadged Corolla.
  • mitsukimitsuki Posts: 2
    rdeschene. I still won't consider one.
    The quality doesn't shine in this area. I also been in the higher end of this car.. I have to admit the power is good but the engine sound still quite loud.. The smaller domestic cars seem to lack the quality of their japanese competitor don' you think?
  • tffkaptffkap Posts: 11
    Either way... :)
  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 329
    mitsuki. I definitely agree that one is more likely to experience rattles, or engine noise, or loose trim with a Cavalier/Sunfire than a Civic or Corolla. At new prices, I don't think the Cavalier offers a competitive advantage.

    Comparing well-maintained, two year old cars, with the same features (ABS,higher HP engine, 4spd auto, traction control) however, is a different matter in Canada at least. The price difference can be $4000. I can pay somebody else to put a rebuilt engine in for that amount of money! And if that was LITERALLY necessary for EVERY 2yr old Cavalier, but not for ANY 2yr old Civic/Corolla it would still be a financial break-even.

    It's a huge price difference, resulting from the perception I see throughout this forum and elsewhere. Which is fine by me, because it allows me to get decent cars at very competitive prices.
  • tffkaptffkap Posts: 11
    Boy, I will have to admit that not having a "low end" model car for Honda has really been an advantage for them. By not making many different cars, they can focus on quality for all of the models and not worry about the higher price.
  • mkbrockmkbrock Posts: 1
    I am going this afternoon to look to buy a new 2000 rs cavalier. It is fully loaded with the power package and after reading these responses will have a 2.4 engine!! I now have a 98 GMC 5.7 v-8 that will not hold enought passengers. I have some negative money on this truck and the cavalier is the only car that will allow me out without a substantial monthly increase.

    I would like to know from a commute standpoint if anyone has a comment on this car for it will be with me for a while with miles racking up quickly.

  • I own a 1996 cavalier sedan with 71,000 miles on it. I had a oil leak at 34,000 miles,it was the valve cover gasket. Cheap fix but still under warranty anyways. Ive had no other mech failures
    Yes the dash rattles
    And yes the engine is loud
    I change my oil every 3,000 and also use prolong engine treatment at every oil change.
  • The one thing I notice about my '99 Cavalier is that the brakes makes noises and Chevy tells me it some environmental research. They say that it is because the brakes have more metallic and I don't like it!
  • My daughter has a 97 Cavalier that we call the "Deer Magnet" since she has hit 2 deer in 2 years. She also hit a snow dift and it flipped the car around, went through a drainage ditch and barbwire fence backwards. This is one of the safest and best built small cars we have ever owned. The Cavy held up great through all 3 wrecks.

    We also own a 97 Chevy Venture. Both vehicles have noisy brakes. It ain't the pads folks. GM built themselves a braking system that collects dirt and stores it. I found that if I take the vehicles down to the spray foam and hit the back side of the brakes real good with the high pressure spray when they start making noise that it will stop the noise until they accumalate more dirt.

    If you think it is the metallic pads, which was the case on my Corvette, you can buy small plastic spacers at most parts stores to put on the pads to stop the noise.
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