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I have a 2001 dodge ram 1500 5.9 auto 4x4 quad cab. In the last month the truck suddenly shuts off while driving 3 times. when I try and restart the motor turns but it will not start and I get a "no bus" code on the odometer. After multiple attempts (5-10 min) it turns on.The dealer said they can't find anything wrong and It could be the pcm (they need to check the truck when it's dead). I'v looked into replacing the pcm, I'v been told it has to be flashed with the car & I'v been told by pcm rebuilders that if you give them the vin # they will send you a flashed unit.
Is the pcm the problem or should I look somewhere else? Can the pcm be flashed off the car?


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    This is a very common problem with that generation of Ram. NO BUS means the dashboard has lost communication with the computer. Search on "no bus" here in the forums and you'll get the info you need.

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    thanks for getting back to me. I looked up the other posts and have cleaned the connections at the pcm, checked the fuse box under the hood , and checked the connections inside the truck above the kick panel. I sprayed electric contact cleaner on all the connections removed, cleaned and reinstalled the fuses( big black ones) The truck stopped again today and would not restart after a bunch of attempts and about a half hour it started. Took the truck to the dealer, couldn't find anything wrong and said to take it when its broken. What do I do now, any suggestions?
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    I have the same problem with my Dodge and no one can fix it. Help, please.
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    Replace the "pcm" powertrain control module, that's what solved it for me. Purchased a rebuilt one from "auto computer exchange?" in Florida cost $189 w/ lifetime guaranty on ebay "buy it now". takes less than 5 minutes to install. replaced coil and timing sensor before I installed the pcm but that didn't fix the problem.
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    this is for people with a dodge truck that turns off when hot. If you are an average mechanic you could trouble shoot these issues. First you will have to start with the cheap easy fixes some sensors can be malfunctioning look for the crank sensor(next to the oil filter above left) or the cam sensor(inside distributor cap). If that does not solve your issue unscrew PCM computer from firewall and turn on truck when cold, heat computer with torch(can be found in home depot in pluming isle) if truck turns off replace computer, this will solve your issue.
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    i am planning on rebuilding my dodge ram 5.2l engine
    guy that will be doing the work said i should go to the 360 block , use the 318 heads and not change the computer, anyone out there think this will work? i need more hp
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