Oil at Temperature Warning Light

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In 2006 there was coverage of this topic but the OP "It justs blinks when I start the car then it stops, it lasts maybe a 1/4-1/2 minute total "
What if it is constant and car went 70 miles to destination and requires to return another 70 miles. It is a flashing light, which I understand is serious, however could it also be a glitch as some warning light, can't recall which was giving false indications when first got it in 2007.
This is a 2000 Impreza. With $ situation as critical as it is I need to understand what possibly it could be, she has to get home so I hope somebody here can answer at this time.


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    On September 23 had the transmission fluid changed and filter replaced. Light was off until this morning. Repairman said maybe a solenoid but would need to take it to a transmission shop for computer scan.

    Why would it run without the light coming on for a week after the fluid change and then return if it is a solenoid?

    Is it true that not all the fluid is flushed due to half of it is left behind the torque converter?

    Would additional flushes solve this possibly?
    The trans shops and dealer here are not honest, to put it mildly.
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    Ok a blinking AT Temp light does not indicate that the fluid is overheating. The blinks actually corespond to a specific code for the solenoids inside the trans. A dealer can diagnose which code it is based on the blink rates etc. Similar to morse code.

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    Hey mike, glad to see you've been trying to help folks in all these threads. Welcome back. :shades:
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