automatic sliding door malfunction

pcox80pcox80 Member Posts: 1
i have a 2006 sedona with the authmatic opening and closing side slider and rear hatch door. in January my 2 year old son pressed the button to close the door while he was still in the way. My wife had enough time to push him out of the way but her hand wasn't able to clear the door before it closed and the pressure switch that is supposed to stop the door from closing on things malfunctioned and it crushed my wife's hand. She was out of work full time for 3 months and part time for 2 months recovering. Had occupational therapy and was able to return to work, but now i am having a hard time finding a lawyer to take the case. Any suggestions?


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    My 2008 kia sedona caught on fire at 1:00am , 10 min after my husband parked in the driveway. I think it was electrical but the insurance company says it was gasoline so they don't have to pay. the fire also burned part of my home. Im trying to save the money now to hire my own investigation . I was wondering if this has happened to any one else because my whole life has been turned up side down.
  • gypsyblue45gypsyblue45 Member Posts: 2
    try a consumer lawyer .
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    My 2012 Kia Forte caught fire while we were driving it. My insurance paid it off, but I still go nothing toward actually replacing the car. An investigation is being done soon and Kia will be sending out engineers to go over it. Have you found anything else on yours? When the investigation is over and it is for sure declared Kia's fault (my car had 8k on it) I am going to try filing a lawsuit against them.
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    the doors seem to be the vans weak spot. my family has a 2006 kia sedona EX . got it brand new. have had minor issues. but the doors have been acting up since we got it. first the door would open but not make it all the way to its open position (drivers side door) kia said there was nothing wrong with it. because it wasnt happening consistently. well it started to do it consistently so they replaced the motor. no issues until a year later 07 door latch release died. so the door would open and close but you would have to use the handle to get it to release itself. again drivers side door. kia replaced the motor for the release. another year went by then the drivers side sliding door died completely and the passenger side release died. at the time my mom was pregnant with my youngest brother. so having the door not working wouldnt work because she would have to open it manually herself with a car seat and the door is heavy when its not powered. so kia replaced the motor. door was fine. until now. well i was gone on a church mission trip (5 days long) the drivers side door release died. so i drove my brother to the store to get something and i was thinking about how the drivers side door died. so i tested the passenger side well i was in the car. it opens (release sounded on the verge of death) then when i pressed the button to close it. no release. so i took it back home and told my parents. almost to our 100k.. and we are going to take it in. well yesterday the passenger door motor died as well so there is no power to it what so ever. both doors get normal use. no excessive opening or closing. just normal use. and now they are both acting up again. from what i have found on youtube and google other people are having the same issue. also found some service bulletins on the van from the NHTSA found 5 service bulletins that kia issued about the sliding doors. i really want them to fix it so it will last. besides the minor electrical systems it is a reliable car. but the doors drive me crazy!
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