Need advice- dump problem 2004 SRX after warranty, or not?

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I bought a 2004 SRX Certified Pre-owned. I will have had the car three years next month. The warranty expires 12/09.
The car has been in for service 27 times during the last 3 years. Just this morning I lost most of the electrical system while driving- so far all they know is that the electrical modules aren't communicating.
It doesn't really matter, since it is always something .

My dilema is this- so far all of the repairs have been covered, but if this rate of repair continues after the warranty ends this year, I fear I will be in the poor house.
I need advice- should I get rid of the car as soon as it's out of warranty in 3 months, or stick it out?

When the car is out of the shop, I like the vehicle very much, and don't have any idea what to even consider in another car should I get rid of this one.


  • stlgasmanstlgasman Member Posts: 139
    Can't you purchase an extended warranty since it is still under warranty?
  • msfurmsfur Member Posts: 17
    I can purchase a non GM warranty, such as from AAA. To cover 85% of the issues, many of which are electrical, it will run $3k for 3 years/36k miles.
    Plus, I will still be relying on a car that hasn't shown itself to be very reliable, plus in 3 years I will have to get rid of it and will be in the same spot, just with a car of even less value then.I am just so angry that the SRX has been such a problem- I bought it wanting to own it for many many years.

    All of that but.. I do love the car.
    Any ideas what other vehicles are as comfortable/roomy as what I am in now if I do have to get rid of it?
  • stlgasmanstlgasman Member Posts: 139
    Why not trade for a newer SRX. Reliability improved. Used car prices are good.
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    If the warranty is transferable, sell/trade the car before it runs out.
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