Mercury Mariner Start Problems

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Alright people, try to help me out girlfriend owns a 2008 Mercury Mariner Premier with a V6 engine...had to add that my girlfriend owns it because I would never own a vehicle made by ford due to it's poor reliability, but anyway, she's owned the vehicle for a little over a year, has 19,000 miles on it, and is having problems. When she turns the ignition, nothing happens. The motor doesn't crank over or anything...just silence. I had to drive to pick her up from work two nights ago, I removed the ignition control fuse and the starter fuse, put the fuses back in, and it started right up. She took the car to the dealer and they couldn't figure out what it was due to the fact that it would start everytime they tried. They had said it may be the actual key...that if it happens again, try to spare key. Tonight, again, I had to pick her up from work. She tried the spare key this time with no results. I removed the same two fuses, reinstalled them, and still nothing. So the car is spending the night at her place of employment tonight and I'm going to have it out with Kings Automall FLM Dealer tomorrow. But has anyone else had this problem? If so fill me in on what the problem was.


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    Just had 1100 miles in my wife's mariner. As I was about to park it, noticed a faint buzzing sound. Turned the ignition off (no buzzing) turned the ignition on and started the engine-buzzing sounded again. I,brought the vehicle to the dealership were I purchased it from. The technician listened to it and said it is the fuel pump. He said it is normal. Asked how come it was not there before,he said that it appears usually after couple of hundred miles. Even when changed,he said it will sound again after a couple of miles. Has anybody had this kind of experience? Advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    tysailor24 I am having the same problem with my 2008 Mariner Premier. Just had to get the kids help me push it in the garage. Did you ever find out what the problem was
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    I too have an 08' and its having the same problem! I gave the Mercury to my mother in law about a month ago,i had no issues prior,now its picking and choosing when it wants to start! I don't want to replace or assume its the ignition just to find out its something else....any luck out there?
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    dcb4l210 said:

    I too have an 08' and its having the same problem! I gave the Mercury to my mother in law about a month ago,i had no issues prior,now its picking and choosing when it wants to start! I don't want to replace or assume its the ignition just to find out its something else....any luck out there?

    Since this thread goes back pretty far timewise, let's get up to speed on what our situation is. Since it was starting normally before and now is "picking and choosing", what exactly is it doing when it won't start? Does the starter crank the engine but it doesn't fire up? Does it not turn over at all? A few more details will help narrow down the possibilities.
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    My wife has a 2010 mariner and having problems with it starting . When you turn the key the interior lights come on and that is it . Once she has taken the key out and tried again to start it , there is no crank just the lights come on   we have tried both keys and after several times of tring to start it , the car finally does ! She had the batteries in both keys checked at ford and they said the keys were fine and dont need a battery change it the keys . The issue now is where could the problem be in starter , or altenaor or battery ! All of these seem to be ruled out ! So could it possibly a censor or in the ignition switch its self or possible fuse going bad ???
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    Has anyone figured out what the starting problem is? I'm having issues with mine now 
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    Same intermittent starting problems
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    Tell me something

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    I have to give this answer all of the time, someone has to test and prove what is wrong while the problem is occurring. The random nature of that makes it difficult which is demonstrated by the reports of it working correctly for a period of time, especially while it is at a shop only to turn around and do it at some future time.
    The main thing to remember about vehicle problems, especially a random one is what was wrong with someones elses car has no real bearing on what is wrong with your car and guessing otherwise is very likely to have you throw a or some parts at the issue and have it still occur.
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    2008 Ford Escape Junction box which is similar to 2008 Mercury Mariner.

    PCM Power Relay battery junction box, Run/Start Relay smart junction box

    Where to begin when you have a Ford Escape no start condition

    Ford uses an antitheft system to tell the PCM to energize a starter relay located in the battery Junction box. The image shown here is from a 2008 Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner. So your first job is to find out whether the no start problem is due to a bad relay or some other component or wiring harness. The easiest way to test the starter relay is to locate it in the battery junction box and find another relay in that same junction box that has the same part number or same size and swap the relays. If the engine starts, you’ve nailed it down to a bad starter relay. If not, you’ll want to check for power going to the starter relay contacts and the relay control coil.

    How to test for starter relay power

    Grab your voltmeter and yank the starter relay. You’ll be testing the terminals in the relay socket. Look at the bottom of the relay to find the terminal number and locate those same terminals in the socket. With the key turn to the START position, you should see battery voltage on terminals 2 & 3. If you don’t get battery voltage on those terminals, check fuse #11 30A (again, this is a 2008 Ford Escape—yours might be different).

    In this case, power flows from the battery to the IGN switch. Then it flows to the transmission range selector (the park/neutral switch) and then to terminals 2 & 3 in the relay socket. If you see battery voltage on those two terminals, check for ground on terminal 1. If the anti-theft system passes, the PCM provides ground to the control coil on terminal 1. If you get ground, the PCM and antitheft are working.
    No power at the starter relay

    If you don’t see battery voltage at terminals 2 & 3, check the gray/violet wire at the IGNITION switch when turned to the START position. If there’s no power on the gray/violet wire, replace the IGN switch. This is a fairly common failure.
    No power on the starter relay control coil ground

    If you don’t see good ground on terminal #1 in the starter relay socket, that means the PCM isn’t getting power or the anti-theft system has passed. In that case you should see the security light on.

    I hope this gives you a trail to follow on your Do It Yourself trouble shooting.
    You can find a 12V test light at your local Harbor Freight or Auto Parts store.
    Everybody is asking for help trouble shooting a no start condition. :)

    Reference to help from Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice.
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    My Mercury Mariner 2010 had starting problems on and off. It turned out to be a faulty INERTIA SWITCH. This switch is often overlooked. I had the mechanic bypass it. Car runs fine now. Check this fix first before changing the starter, etc.

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