Winter Tires for 08 Forester 2.5X Premium

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I'm looking for some input on a set of snows for my 08 Forester. I commute 90 miles each day to and from work, so I need a winter tire that will last and perform fairly well on dry/wet roads. I've narrowed it down to the Michelin X-Ice Xi-2, the General Altimax Artic, and Blizzaks WS-60. Any input on these tires would be greatly appreciated.

Also, does anyone know where I could find some cheap OEM alloys (besides eBay or craigslist)?


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    I think the cheapest winter tire set is from Enter the info for your car and it will lead to Blizzaks on either alloy or black steel.
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    Do search on Subaru discussions for "tires" and you'll find this topic has really been covered in various Subaru threads. Going on my memory I think some time ago Mike used to think pretty highly of a Sumitomo tire that was pretty reasonable in price and wore well with good traction. Tire Rack is a good source as mentioned above.

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    My vote goes to the General Altimax Artic tires! I run them on my 09' Forester. I didn't even bother with the factory all season tires during the winter months. I put over 3500 miles on the generals last winter and they were great! They still look like new. I also got lucky and ordered a set of 16x7 Sport Edition F10 wheels for $69 each when i ordered the Generals. They had them on a closeout sale. Total with the tires it cost me just over $650 for the set from tirerack (mounted and balanced).

    They performed great during the winter months. I really put them to the test and went through all kinds of weather conditions and the Forester was unstoppable. They're just as good on dry/wet roads. They're a little louder then the all seasons and the sidewalls are softer so there's more lean going around corners, but that's to be expected from a winter tire. Overall, for the price they can't be beat!
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