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2010 Honda Pilot Curtain Side Airbag

wkwkwkwk Member Posts: 10
edited March 2014 in Honda
For those who own a 2009/2010 Honda Pilot especially those who have children in carseats, what are your thoughts on the curtain side airbag? I'm just wondering whether putting my child who is forward facing on either one of the outboard seats (2nd row) would hurt her if the curtain side airbags do deploy? From what I know the curtain side airbags do go down and cover the whole window so I'm just worry about the possible debris hitting my child from the curtain side airbags.

Thanks! :)


  • erikancerikanc Member Posts: 10
    It should not be a problem at all. In fact it is the safest thing! See below, taken from :

    Q61: Is it safe to install my carseat near an airbag?

    First, you MUST check the carseat and vehicle owner's manuals to see if they specifically mention installing the carseat in a seating position with an airbag. Some carseat manufacturers do state that their carseats should not be installed in a spot with an active airbag. In addition, rear-facing carseats should NEVER be placed in a front seat with an active frontal airbag. Forward-facing carseats and boosters may sometimes be placed in the front with an active airbag, but only if absolutely necessary and not prohibited by the owner's manuals. In these cases, the vehicle seat should be moved all the way back. Also see:
    NHTSA Tips on Children and Airbags

    Currently, side airbags are generally not considered a risk to children in correctly used child restraints. In fact, children in properly installed and used child restraints should gain a safety benefit from side impact airbags unless otherwise indicated in an owner's manual. A possible risk is to child passengers seated out of position; leaning on the door, face on the window, head sleeping on a pillar, etc. This would be most relevant to children in boosters who are not seated properly, and to children not using any type of seatbelt or restraint. Side curtain airbags should be even less risk, as they are higher and inflate with somewhat less force. In general, it should be OK to place a child in a harnessed carseat (front or rear facing) in a rear seat position with an active side airbag, as long as the owner's manuals for the carseat and vehicle do not prohibit such placement. Automakers have agreed to a rigorous set of testing procedures based on voluntary compliance to standards established in a working group chaired by the IIHS These standards include tests of all types of side airbags with 3yr, 6yr, and 5th percentile female dummies in a variety of normal and extreme seating positions. While these voluntary standards will apply to some model year 2002 and many model year 2003 vehicles, they may not apply to earlier models. Also see:
    USA Today Article on Side Airbags
    NHTSA Technical Presentations on Side Airbags (PDF)
    IIHS Air Bag FAQ
  • lmartilmarti Member Posts: 16
    have you considered keeping your child in the center seat?
    We have two and therefore had to move our oldest to the side seat but we keep our infant in the center. It's not the easist option especially when his car seat is getting so heavy, but it's the safest and that's enough for me.
  • wkwkwkwk Member Posts: 10
    Thank you so much for the info erikanc! :)
  • wkwkwkwk Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for your reply! Actually my 1 yr old is currently seated in the middle of the 2nd row cus I heard that's the safest spot for children. I was just wondering whether having her near a door would hurt her badly if I need to move her seat. You are right though, it's not the easiest especially when I need the extra room to change her diaper :P
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