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2008 Expedition lacks power compared to 2005

I have a 2005 Expedition Eddie Bauer that has 65k miles on it. It idles a little rough and the engine sounds like marbles in a paint can(probably due to cam phasers). I always assumed I was not getting all of its performance. That being said, I just bought a 2008 and I cannot believe the difference in overall engine performance. The 2008 has very poor throttle response and no grunt.

Before everyone comes up with ideas that would explain the difference, I want to say that the difference is NOT SMALL. If feels like about 100 ft/lbs difference. The 2008 feels like my 4.6L 1998 f150 and the 2005 feels like a Mustang GT. In addition to the missing feels as if the 2008 is never in a low enough gear.

Has anyone else experienced the difference in these two years?


  • Be glad you didn't buy a 2010. My 97 F150 4.6 OffRoad had more power than this dog. Looking for a chip. Also hate the headrest, the ride, and the handling. Last Ford I buy. Used to love 'em, now I hate em.
  • thunderdog1thunderdog1 Posts: 2
    edited November 2011
    Accelerating thru a turn from dead stop creats a grinding noise. It quits when the car gets straiaight. Can't tell where it is coming from, but its not a tire rubbing. Does it every time in either direction.. :confuse:
  • That is likely the limited slip rear end. Have you serviced it every 30k like is suggested? If it has been serviced, have you added the friction modifier?
  • thunderdog1thunderdog1 Posts: 2
    edited November 2011
    I bought the vehicle at 100k and do not know.,I have only put 9k on it, so I will check that out, is it something that would be an emergency? I have to put another 1000 miles before I can take it in... thanks
  • The sooner the better, the grinding is the clutches grabbing and this will ultimately wear them out.
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