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Chevrolet Lumina



  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Opps! I heard from someone in another townhall topic that the 2001 Impala is going to be getting the 4.0 L V-8. This is the same engine that powers Oldsmobile's Aurora. It makes 250 hp. However, its 0-60 time is not all that great (8.2 seconds), mainly because the car tips the scale at almost 4000 lbs.

    The Impala SS would certainly be much lighter than the Aurora, and consequently faster. Chevy could boost the hp to 260 by using a low restriction air intake (like the 3800 uses), and installing big dual exhausts. The car would then have as much hp as the classic '94-'96 Impala SS cars, but not as much torque. I'm sure it would be a big seller.
  • szerfasszerfas Posts: 53
    I saw a few people deciding between the Malibu and the Lumina. Just to add my 2 cents, I would take the Lumina over the Malibu. Girlfriend has a new Malibu and really has not had anything wrong with it in 12,000 miles although I have heard quite a few discouraging stories. The Malibu also tends not to feel tight giving us the feeling that it might not hold up so well in the long run. On the other my brother and other we know have had Luminas and had great luck with them. My brother's 96 was a company car and it went to 113,000 with no problems, I don't even think he had break pads replaced. There is a little more room and the design is more modern in the Malibu but in the long run you will be happier with the Lumina.

    Happy Motoring,
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Everybody knows that the Monte Carlo is almost a 2 door clone of the Lumina. This leads me to wonder if the Lumina is going to get the same makeover the Monte is for next year? Chevy's entry into the midsized market is nice, but rather conservative. When can we see a new Lumina, whether its still a 4-door Monte Carlo, or something different?
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    A Lumina LTZ SS for 2000 or 2001 would be nice, especially if they dropped the SC 3800, or the 4.0L V-8 (Olds Aurora engine), in it.

    I've posted in other forums about the return (rumored) of the Impala SS, also with the SC 3800 or 4.0L V-8. However, after seeing a 2000 Impala LS "up close and personal", I'll stick with the Lumina. Our '98 Lumina is roomy enough for me and my wife, but I wish it had just a little more hp.
  • szerfasszerfas Posts: 53
    From what I have read and understand the Lumina will go away. I think it is only suppose to be around a year or two more. The replacement for it is the Impala, which I have already seen on the road around here. I have read a few reviews and they sound very positive on it. The MonteCarlo gets an update, but I also believe it get moved on the Impala's platform. With the Impala as of now you have a choice of the 3400 V6 or the 3800 V6. Both the Impala and the Monte Carlo are front wheel drive.

    Have a good one.
  • We have a 1993 Lumina with 67,500 miles on it and have had no problems. Its been a great car. Very nice on the road. Best riding car in its class.
  • hjrhjr Posts: 1
    Has anyone else had trouble with the rear window defogger on the Lumina? Mine just keeps blowing fuses after only one winter. Also the clips that hold the sunvisors keep falling out. Finally the visibility is restricted by the top/windshield supports/sunvisors that you sure have to look twice whenever you come to a four way stop.
  • Guess what? I just sold a 90 Lumina with 232,000 miles and little trouble and still drive a great 94 Lumina Sedan with 157,000 miles on it. I love it. It's comfortable and reliable.
  • noburgersnoburgers Posts: 500
    I recommend the Lumina. It is a good value. Mine is a '97 base model which is my commuter car--it fits three kids in the back, gets 29 mpg hiway w/AC on too, cheap insurance. I only paid $16,100 and I've seen ads for '99's in the high $15K range. Initial (and current) quality is great. There were no defects as delivered. After 39K miles only one warranty repair--leaking power steering pump. The current model was designed with 1/3 fewer parts compared to the previous generation Lumina, so it should have fewer rattles and problems over the long haul. For the person considering the Century: you get ABS and traction control for the extra $$, but the back seat is a little narrower. For the person complaining about the steering, I agree, the steering is more sluggish than the competition.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    I must be in the minority because no one else has complained about the 3.4L DOC engine ('93 Lumina Eurosport). As I've said in past posts, the car absolutely would not start on very cold mornings (0 or below). It flooded, resulting in a tow, plus plug and oil changes (happened 3 times to me). Each year this happened, I had the engine tuned the previous autumn. My dealer's service manager told me that this is the primary reason the 3400 was replaced with the 3800 Series II.
  • chasmalachasmala Posts: 14
    I understand that the last year for the Lumina is going to be the 2000 model. I also heard it may not make it through the entire year. That leaves a very big gap size wise between the Malibu and the new Impala. Does anyone know for sure whether GM is going to make this mistake and leave us mid-size car people with nothing?
    The last year of a production model tends to go downhill in reliablity because they don't seem to care as much. I hope this isn't true about the Lumina.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    I suggest that you post a message at the Chevrolet website (, asking them to re-consider keeping the Lumina, or else replacing it with another mid-size car. A completely re-designed Lumina, a smaller version of the Impala, or a 4-door version of the Monte-Carlo come to mind. Just my 2 cents worth.
  • szerfasszerfas Posts: 53
    The Malibu is smaller then then Lumina but not by a really big gap. I actually can fit and drive the Malibu easier then the Lumina. The only area that you might notice some of the room difference is in the trunk and even that is not too bad. The new Impala should not be that much bigger on the outside, it should feel roomier on the inside. You might also want to look at the Buick Century.
  • prestoneprestone Posts: 13
    I'm currently leasing a 98 Lumina LTZ which I picked up in Aug of 97. Overall, it's been a fun (not to mention, affordable) car to drive. I've really babied this car and have 16k on it. For the most part, my LTZ has been trouble free (had a problem with a slightly sprung trunk lid and had the weather stripping on the windshield start to separate. Both were quickly repaired by the dealer.) However, either the rear struts or springs have begun to squeak. I took my LTZ into the dealer and they heard the annoying squeaks, but found nothing wrong. They told me to bring the car back in if it became worse. My LTZ drives and handles great, but that annoying squeak is driving me nuts! Has anyone had this problem?
  • andys22andys22 Posts: 13
    hey their, glad you like your lumina. heh better it be something in the rear then the front. my lumina pings while going up hills, but nobody can find anything wrong with it... might want to try another dealer--- our dealer basically has told us " unless its TOTALLY broken, ya can't fix it"
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    My wife has a '98 LTZ, but the only problem (so far) has been a faulty oxygen sensor (covered under the 36K warranty). Haven't heard any strange noises coming from the rear struts or springs. It could be a worn part (bushing?) rubbing on a strut arm. Don't know what would cause a spring to squeak. My advice is get a second opinion (Midas, CarX, etc.). Maybe they could diagnose the problem (for a small fee) and write it up for the dealer to see. In any event, I'm afraid you're stuck with the dealer fixing the problem under your warranty agreement, unless you just want to pay up the nose (Midas, CarX, etc.).
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    I'm really happy with my Lumina Ls 99,but I have one question WHO DESIGNED THE TRUNK LID HINGES......A PIPEFITTER ? They are so big that we are loosing lots of space in the trunk
  • atcersatcers Posts: 26
    I think I'll purchase a 99 Lumina at the end of the year. It's less expensive than it's sibilings from Buick, Olds and Pontiac and has a great reputation. I presently own a 91 Olds Cutlass Supreme which is the same line as the Lumina. After 181K miles(mostly highway)I'm impressed with this line of cars. I will admit my 91 has had problems with rear disc brakes, but other than brakes and good regular maintenance it's used three alternators(very easy to change on the 3.1L) a MAP sensor, and a master cylinder. I consider this fantastic for a 9 year old car with 181K! As far as the 3.1L goes the only negative comment I've ever heard about this engine is from post #3 on this fourm. If I'm not mistaken aren't the 2.8L, 3.1L, and the 3.8L all the same family of GM engines?
  • The 3100 and 3800 engines are completely different. They do not come from the same block or background. While both have proven reliable, I enjoy the extra punch from the 3800. With the Lumina, the 3800 also gets you the LTZ package which dresses up a conservative exterior, firms up mushy suspension, replaces rear drums with rear discs, and includes the custom cloth interior. It's a good value when you get it with the current substantial rebates being offered.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    I agree. The 3800 Series II is rated one of the ten best engines on the planet. The Lumina LTZ, Monte Carlo SS, and base Camaro all have this great powerplant. The Pontiac GTP and Regal GS come with the supercharged version, making 240 hp.
  • I have always hear great things about 95-99 Luminas and it is obvious GM is building a great car. Why are they ending production?
  • tata098tata098 Posts: 1
    Hi!, I was looking into buying a chevy lumina 96 for $9500 with 40,000 miles. I was about to buy it, but then checked it on carfax, anf foudnb out it had 2 owners. One of them being a major rental car company. I was a bit hesitant to buying it sicne figuring tehre would be so many people driving it. Does anyone have any thoughts if i should go ahead and buy it even though it belonged to a rental company? Thanks
  • jertrojertro Posts: 2
    I just purchased the last 99 LTZ at my local dealer. It has all of the buttons and whistles available including leather and sun roof. With the $2000 rebate and dealer discount the bottom line was $17,500. I also have a 98 LS and have no complaints. The 3.8 engine really makes a differance in accelleration over the 3.1. I am sorry that this may be the last year for the Lumina.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Why are they discontinuing the Lumina? I read where Chevy execs are convinced the new Impala will be as big a seller as the Lumina. In fact, the 2000 Impala LS has almost the same equipment (3.8 engine and trans) as the LTZ. I guess they don't want duplication of effort with the Impala and Lumina. Besides, their rationale is they can then build more SUVs on the same production line used to build the Lumina. However, Chevy better think about an SS version of the Impala, with a more potent engine (supercharged 3.8), to compete with the Ford Taurus SHO and the Chrysler 300M.
  • I bought my 98 Lumina LTZ in December of 98 with 8300 Miles on it ( and got it for 14.5k too!). Anyways, the car has just about 20k on it now and I love the car. I had a 91 Lumina Euro with 103k on it with no problems except the rear brakes. As for my 98, I've had the rotors in front turned and replaced twice. They still keep shimmying when I'm going around 60 MPH and higher and press on the brake pedal. I'm about to take it back again and tell them to replace the whole brake system. Ever since they changed the rotors, I've also been getting an annoying lound squeal in the front brakes. I took it back to the dealership and they said "every week or so, jam on the brakes real hard and that will get the brake dust off the rotors." I don't believe this since I drove another Lumina (rental car) and never had this problem. I'm finding out I need to "jam" on the brakes every time I get in the car when I let it sit for a few hours. It's getting real annoying and I'm going to take it back again (for the 4th time for the same problem). What's the lemon law for Ohio? But other than the annoying squealing in the brakes and the shaking of the front end, the car has been great to drive. The only option I don't have on it is the Sunroof which I didn't really want anyways. Oh well, ther was my 2 cents.

  • Has anyone had any problems with the 99 LTZ steering? I have only driven 125 miles since I purchased my LTZ and notice the steering is stiff.
  • The only problem I've had for steering in my 98 was that when it's real cold outside, the steering is kinda stiff when I turn the wheel. But after a few minutes it's ok. I guess the power steering pump needs to get up to par with the rest of the car.
  • Bought my LTZ in 5/98 and has been a very good vehicle considering the way I drive it - usually fairly hard. I travel from Boston to Baltimore and all the area in between. So far, the $ I spent was one front disc brake replacement, new water pump at 51,000 miles. Have maintained the 3.8 with Mobil I 10W 30 oil every 3,500 - 4,000 miles and the transmission fluid changed at 20,000 and 50,000 miles. New Michelin X-1 tires at 40,000 miles (run Blizzaks for the winter). Put in a K&N air filter along with Splitfire spark plugs. Is there a power difference? I think so but it could be in my mind too. Not too many cars beat it away from a light. Plan to run this to 150,000 miles / 4 years. Recommend the LTZ to a Tee!
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Bought a '98 LTZ in July of '97 (they just came out). Raced an Impala SS ('94-'96) from a tollway cashbox last week. Stayed with him for about 3-4 seconds, then he pulled away. The SS has a 0-60 time of about 6.6 seconds (same as the Regal GS), while the LTZ has been clocked at about 7.8 seconds. So the LTZ does beat most cars, except the Camaro Z-28. One blew me away last night at a light. He was laughing. I was embarrased.
  • heh, try a lumina ls ( 3.1) vs just about friend's windstar beat the heck outta me.... i killed a honda civic though ;-)
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