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Chevrolet Lumina



  • canada7canada7 Posts: 4
    The Lumina LTZ's are the same in Canada as in the US. The 1997 and 1998 Lumina LTZ's came with a standard 3.1 engine, with an optional 3.4 in 1997 and optional 3.8 in 1998. In 1999 the 3800 series engine became standard.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Achilles' LTZ should have a 3.8L not a 3.1L? He says the car he has been looking at is a 1998 model. Could it be an older version?
  • I had a '98 LTZ prior to my Impala LS. My LTZ had the 3.1 engine. I feel that if I had done my homework first, I would have gotten the LTZ with the 3.8 engine. Nothing wrong at all with the LTZ. I really it, but knowing that a 3.8 was available never sat right with me after finding that out.

    Anyone looking for an LTZ will be well served getting on with the 3.8. Don't assume that because it's an LTZ that it has the 3.8
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    My wife owns a '98 LTZ, bought in July of '97. Her owner's manual says that the 3800 Series II engine generates 200 HP and 225 ft.-lbs. torque.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Thanks for the info.
  • luminamanluminaman Posts: 1
    Hey Lumina fans you can read above from tomaso3 the big differences in LTZ's.

    To Canada7: sorry fellow Canuck, they are not the same. The Canadian '98 LTZ does not have rear disc brakes while stateside they were standard and the 3.1 is standard,or rather was, in the Canadian '98 LTZ while the 3.8 was standard in the States.
  • merlin19merlin19 Posts: 1
    I'm a bit of a heavy dreamer, when I see a deal I think is good on a car right now, I'm dying for a car, I research it like crazy. There's a 94 4 door sedan Lumina selling for $3,700 at a local used dealer. To boot it has brand new tires, a new battery, and especially new brakes and rotors, which is good because many guides list the 94 as having break problems. The only downside is it already has 104k miles on it. A car with a normal 12k/year on it plus a little leeway would run from 80k-95k at worst, this one has another 10k on top of that. It has a solid V6, 3.1L engine in it. I personally only intend to use the car for long distance travel (300 mile trips) mostly to college and back 6,7 times per year.

    Does this car seem to be reliable? I really only want to keep it for maybe 2-3 years until I get out of school and buy a new car altogether so I can sell it and recoup as much of my initial costs as possible. What would you suggest, will she bottom out or need $1,000 in repairs in less than a year or do you think this model is a good buy?
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    My advice is to have the car checked by a reputable mechanic. The higher than normal mileage could spell TROUBLE down the line. The 3.1 liter engine is a much better one than the 3.4 (DOHC). I ought to know. I own a '93 Lumina Eurosport with the 3.4, and it sucks. See if the car dealer has a maintenance record from the previous owner. If so, see how often the oil was changed. $3700 is a little high for a car with 104K miles. I would negociate a lower price.
  • melaquemelaque Posts: 1
    i have a 90 lumina. at about 125k miles it had to have the headgasket replaced. figure at 125K it was about time for something to go. is that about average? don't know much about cars but i do maintain and take good care of them because I HATE CAR PAUMENTS.
  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 329
    As with many things, whether or not you're happy is relative to your expectations. A head gasket at 125,000 miles isn't unreasonable if your car's been reliable in all other respects.

    I recently put around Cdn$350 into a transmission solenoid repair for our '93 Corsica, but I figured, hey it's been very reliable up to this point and there's only slight surface rust (Brockville, Ontario, Canada) so that's a pretty good deal.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I have a friend whose 95 lumina shifts from overdrive to regular drive after about a 1/2 hour of highway driving. You can really notice it by watching the RPMS, they jump from 2200 to 3500 and the car never goes back. After this time it will no longer engage overdrive until the car sits and cools off for several hours. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  • djswadjswa Posts: 1
    We are about to buy a 98 Lumina and wanted to see if anyone knows if the brakes have been corrected on this year as compared to the 91 year that has problems (we know we own one that is being a pain). We've also heard that the V6 4 speed w/OD (as compared to the 3 speed) may have problems. Is this true? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I bought a 92 G.P. (identical mechanically to the Lumina) in Apr. of 99 and have been very pleased with the car. It had 42000 miles when purchased and I just turned 84000 yesterday. It has only needed a thermostat and an alternator at 83000 miles. The original owner did oil changes at 3000 and had the trans. fluid changed. That is all that has been done to the car. I'll probably get a tune-up for an upcoming vacation. Ride is very smooth, quiet, and more than ample power from the 3.1 engine. I did switch to Amsoil and get over 30 mpg on the highway. So far, I love this car.
  • canada7canada7 Posts: 4
    We had a 90 Lumina Euro, and a 97 base. I know, the first generation Lumina was horrible for brakes, as just about everything else. The 97 was greatly improved, we had ours for 3 years, only went in for oil changes. As for the 4 speed O/D, we had no problems with that either! I've heard bad things about the 91's 3 speed, but not the 4 speed with O/D. I think you'd be very satisfied with the 98 Lumina, GM came a long way with this car since 91!
  • I managed to get the dealer down to $14,500 CAD (about $9,700 USD) on condition that my mechanic gave it the OK. The mechanic gave it the OK and
    suggested that I give it a chemical undercoating to make it last longer. The dealer is certifying
    it and doing the emissions testing. I pick it up
    Thursday afternoon. I can hardly wait to take it
    on the highway... This car feels so solid on the road and gives comfort and feeling of security. Any of you installed mudguards and are they worth the money? What about a bra? I would like to keep the car as long as I can.
  • Just wanted to post my experience with my Lumina.

    Bought the 1998 from my sister who had it as a company car, she put 35000 on it from June 98 to March 99 (when I bought it). Since then I've got 53000 miles. Overall quality - I love this car.

    No repairs needed yet. The worst thing I can say about the car is during emergency turning, the car tends to understeer (when turning and braking hard, the front end seems to slip and want to keep going straight instead of actually turning)... BUT this is a sedan and not a sports car. I believe the LTZ package has a stiffer suspension and fixes this problem. However comma with this soft suspension makes a very smooth quiet ride! Gas mileage could be better, I get about 22/23 city and highway. (I'm 29 but not a fast driver)

    The Lumina is indeed a great inexpensive overlooked value. I would compare it to the Taurus but haven't driven the Taurus a lot (rented a couple times). I couldn't choose which I'd like better. I was actually hesitant about buying another american designed car.

    No problems with tranny, engine, leaking, or anything else.
  • lisaj4lisaj4 Posts: 1
    This is response to #225... you wrote the same song...WOW!! I can't believe it... finally someone else with the same problem... and all this time the transmission co. (who shall remain nameless) has thought that we were the ones who were nutty! To make a long story short, we had to replace the tranny last summer... apparently the previous owner(s) were extremely rough on shifting. Everything was fine until we pulled a trailer and blew a front seal... it went back in under warranty and came out with the overdrive problem. They say they have replaced the torque converter and a lockup solenoid. We wondered if there isn't a problem in the wiring or the computer but they don't think so. We are not impressed with this company's diagnostic assessment anyway... they seem to be lost and in their own words "throwing parts at it". We are so disgusted with the time they have taken to do the few things they have that we are ready to trade it in on anything we can find reliable. We still have a warranty and could get more done w/o cost, but they keep the car "forever" every time it goes in. Major frustration! What good is a warranty when you don't have a vehicle or you have the car AND the problem? If anyone has ANY thoughts on this particular subject, PLEASE respond... Many thankzzzzz!
  • I purchased a used 1997 lumina std sedan in june of this year 85,000 miles. It steers like a truck at low speeds. It seems the power fades at a low rpm. Has anybody experienced this problem ?? any info on this thanks
  • Try replacing the serpentine belt. If it looses tension it will cause slipage which will cause hard steering. Check for cracks on the belt. If the belt is not bad check the tensioner. Good Luck!
  • I've been driving it for over a year now...good on long distence, easey turning, and stable on's defenatly a good car
  • danna1danna1 Posts: 1
    I have a 93 lumina and i have so many problems. i bought it used about 3 years ago, and its got alot of miles on it (138500) and it is falling apart. Literally. I've had to replace the gas pump, which still humms loudly after car is warm, also the alternator, shocks and struts, breaks 3 times(they are life time breaks and they went out with less than a years use.) they always squeek even if they are dusted off(with an air compressor even) now i have abs problems. as they aren't working. when the dealership did the shocks and struts, they hit the sensor, so they said, and to bring it back to be fixed any time. well i couldnt go back for 5 months, they checked it and said it was the main chip and that it wasn't their fault so they wouldn't fix it for free. they want 800 to fix it. My freeze plugs went out($1000 at dealership) and the pipe leading out of the engine had a hole in it and when my dad( a mechanic) tried to UNSCREW it it crumbled into the engine. what a piece of c*#p this car has been. i need to find a really cheap abs chip...any ideas? (anyone want a cruddy car?)
  • besides all that, this is one ugly automobile.i would not want anyone i know to see me driving this generic looking c#$p. Although, an interesting novelty, is that it does seem to come predented, with that horizontal crease along the side. michael
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    If you are a millionaire, yes the Lumina might be downright too generic for you. But for most folks with very limited budgets, the Lumina is a very good choice, specially the late 98-99 models equipped with the 3.1L V-6 and the 3800 Series II V-6. The Lumina is not about style or flair, is just practicality, room and comfort for a family to move around. The car is safe too and provides good protection which some "Higher" and more expensive cars can not provide.

    Are economical cars no longer politically correct, Mr. Mdelrosso??
  • Hi everybody. I wondered if someone can help me
    with my problem. I have 95 MC LS 9essentially a 2-door Lumina) that I bought as a
    'demo' (no manuals). It has alarm/keyless entry -
    kidney-shaped remote w/2 buttons - one little green
    button(does not seem to do anything) and larger
    black round one - raises your windows when if they
    are down, locks the doors and arms the alarm when
    pressed. To unlock, I press the black button and it
    is supposed to unlock BOTH doors. When the engine
    is started, the locks lock down automatically. If
    someone pulls handel at that
    moment, the door locks, and you have to manually unlock it from inside to let a passenger in.
    After that, if I lock it using remote and then
    unlock it, the driver door stayes locked. I cannot
    open it from the outside even with the key. I have to go inside thru driver's door and pull a little lock lever (not
    the door handle) to open passenger's door from
    inside. This happened to me a few times before, and
    each time I eventually found a way to return it
    back to normal (i.e remote opens both doors) - by
    pressing lock - unlock and pulling little lever. It
    has to be done in certain order. Trouble is, I
    cannot remember WHICH order exactly. Does anyone
    have similar alarm? any help is appreciated!
  • I have narrowed my search down to either a new Impala or a sightly used Lumina for my next vehicle. Now I am trying to determine reliability of these. I've heard both the 3400 and the 3800 are quite reliable, regardles of which car it lives in. If anyone has a moment to respond with a 97-2k Lumina or 2000 Impala review it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  • We have a 97 lumina, 3.1 engine. Bought used in Jan 2000. Now has 56k. Only routine maint. Belts, Oil changes, Tranny service. I would steer clear of GM 3.4 engine. Review some posts. Seems the bad 3.4 is Pre- 1997 though. I had a 3.8 in a 1987 Bonnevile. That was a good engine.
  • I bought my 98 Chevy Lumina a year ago this month
    it had 31000 miles and now has just over 50000. The only problem I had were the front brakes
    needed rotors turned twice. The last mechanic I took it to told me it was because the rear brakes were out of adjustment so he adjusted them correctly and what a difference! You see if the rear brakes are out of adjustment then they dont do much work and the front brakes take too much of the load causing them to overheat and warp. It is
    the best car for the money and it looks like it is a much more expensive car!! Too bad Chevy has quit
    making them..
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Chevy did not stop making Lumina in 2000. They do not sale them for the general public anymore, but still produced for fleets. I think, though, GM dropped the car in 2001.

    Any case, the replacement, the 2000-2001 Impala, is a great car. Even better, tham Lumina, and not much more expensive, especially in the basic version.
  • I purchased my Chevy Lumina new in 1995. The only problems I have had are mushy brakes and a clogged radiator. Chevy does not know how to make a good braking system. We went from a 1991 Lumina to my current 1995 Lumina and the brakes are still crap. And I was experiencing an engine that would run hot so I took it in and they informed me I have crystals in the radiator from an unknown source. But other than those two things, it has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. I guess a $500.00 repair bill for a new radiator isn't too bad considering the overall dependability of the car. It has never left me down or left me stranded.
  • I had just purchased a 1998 Chevy Lumina three days ago. I had just recieved it tonight and had been driving in it for the last three hours now. I am very happy with the ride, and also the look of the car. My wife wanted a mini van, for practical purposes, but I decided on the Lumina ultimatly. I find it is good for trucking around my daughter, and really think it feels safe. As for my wife, after the three hour ride, she love's it. I was curious of problems after 80,000 km. The car I purchased is totally mint, just like it came off the showroom floor, yet it has 87,000 kms on it. If anyone knows, what, if any, are the problems that can occure with this model when it reaches the kilometers my car has?
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