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2010 Enclave Badging

dschmidt4dschmidt4 Posts: 13
edited March 2014 in Buick
Does anyone know why some 2010 CXLs have CXL badging and others do not? My new 2010 CXL-2 AWD just has "Enclave" on the rear (the window sticker and the sales contract has the entire description), whereas other 2010s I have seen have the CXL badge under Enclave. The local sales people and Buick folks could not provide an answer.


  • I don't know why the difference,but if it's any food for thought I just picked up my 2010 CXL1 FWD, Gold Mist Metallic and it has the "Enlave CXL" chrome badge on the lower right corner of the rear liftgate. It's also on the sales contract and sticker. Good luck with your new car. I've only got 110 miles on mine but so far so good.
  • My wife and I are evaluating the Buick Enclave and would like to know what the difference in features between trim levels of CXL-1 and CXL-2?
  • bigelmbigelm Posts: 995
    ^ You can find the difference in the "model review" link on the left of the 2010 Enclave page, here on edmunds.
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