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Volvo S40



  • pacituppacitup Posts: 1
    I too had a similar problem on my 2001. Believe it or not the popping noise went away inexplicably at about 10,000 miles. Gone. Might of been part of the break in process. Now, everything is perfect.
  • gkone69gkone69 Posts: 1
    Bought a Volvo S40 last year in march. The car had 466 miles on me & it died on me. the check engine light keeps coming up almost every other week. The speedometer stopped working & the abs system had corrosion in it. I do not park my car in a swamp. The car died on me twice again, I took it back & they said that the realy switch in the fuel pump had to be replaced. At this poin I was really frustrated so I demanded a new car or my money back.... I live in Washington state where the lemon law states that if the car is a lemon then the manufacturer gives you the blue book value of the car & not the original cost of the car. As the auto industry is so strong in this country anytime there is a lemon the customer is the one who suffers at all times. After looking into the lemon law & taking legal advice I decided to take back my car as I was the one who was getting screwed. All this time... for two months I was without a car since I did not feel safe enough to drive that car as it had died on me 4 times .... When I get it back after two months I drive the car for about ten miles & the car dies again... I would never ever buy a Volvo again & the company is the worst to deal with.My friend had a BMW & it was a lemon & they took good care of him... The S40's ARE BAD.. DO NOT BUY THEM.
  • txrx71txrx71 Posts: 6
    Since I may be one of the few in this board who have actually owned both a ego metro and a volvo s-40 I can say that while this may not be a bad statement it is also not true. by the way, I had my geo metro for 136k with no troubles at all except for replacing the brakes ($350). the s-40 is a very nice car. this is not a brand new build, it has been in europe for several years prior to being sold here in the us. if you have a chance to go to europe, basically the only volvo you see over there, and you see a fair amount, are the s-40s. my s-40 has 7k and no troubles at all so far. one strange thing about yours, seems like the dealership should at least have given you a loaner...also...was this car flooded?
  • david1812david1812 Posts: 17
    Thanks. I'll wait a six months or so. If it doesn't go away, I'll mention it at the 7.5K service.
  • I could not believe all the problems I was reading on here, my dealership makes me think I am the only person on this planet having problems with my car! I too have had a/c problems, hub cap symbols popping off more than I care to recall. I have had this car for 13 months, and on unlucky number 13 trip to the service department I was told I need to replace my front and rear brakes at 14,500 miles. I had a 1979 Ford Pinto with less problems. Not to mention the vacuum valve on the brakes breaking twice. The first time I was told my brakes didn't work because I was not letting my car warm up long enough.
    This car is not worth 28+ thousand dollars. I leased this car because of Volvo's reputation, good thing they have such high saftey standards, who knows what will happen next time my brakes stop working.
  • I have a 2001 Volvo S40. It gets stuck in park sometimes. The dealer said I wasn't pressing on the brake hard enough, but even when I floor the break and try to put the car in drive it won't budge. Sound familiar to anyone? If so, what was the problem?
  • I just wanted to get your attention for a moment if you have a 2000 Volvo S40. Be aware that your brakes are warrantied until 12,000 miles. Your "high performance" rear brakes will need to be replace between 6000-20,000 miles. I have found that it is mostly around 15,000 miles, which is completely insane!

    The clicking in the steering column is not in your head. It is a problem that many of us have. I have chosen to ignore it for fear of the masterminds at my dealership completely screwing up my steering column.

    You are also not imagining that your brakes completely suck the first 5-15 minutes of drive time. This is another problem. AND the service bulletin most likely will not fix this issue, so don't get fed the line about the fuses.

    When your BRAKE light goes on and your dealer just tops off your fluid, BEWARE!!!!!! Brakes are failing even after your fluid is topped off. I have read this several times! Let's get serious now, do you honestly think that your fluid should get low in your first 15,000 miles?? I believe that I lost fluid due to malfunctioning rear callipers. I believe that my rear brakes have been dragging... and if the dealer would have maybe checked them instead of just topping off the fluid, my "high performance" pads (which by the way will not be the same ones that your pads will be replaced with. The new ones are harder...hmmmm.)my rotor would not need to be replaced. Yep, I know there are 2 rotors in the back... passenger side wears more... a hydraulics problem? Maybe? Maybe not, but I am a girl so I must not know anything about cars.

    Oh, but after scaring the dealer they replace my entire rear brake system... BUT I had to wait for them to fly another rotor in because the over 12 area Volvo dealers did not have a single rotor in stock for this car. Gee, maybe because we all need them!!!!

    Oh, by the way, if you gas mileage sucks, it could be your spark plugs that suck, or perhaps it's those rear brakes dragging. I get 16.7 MPG, used to get 21. Drive the SAME drive each and every day to and from work. I would consider it city driving even though I am on the expressway... only for about 8 minutes.
    I used to have a 91 Taurus... 6 cyl better gas mileage than my poor S40. And, I do not drive like a jerk either.

    Oh, and yep, the headlight bulbs will go out quite frequently, but once your dealer works thru old crap stock you will get longer life bulbs that will last.

    The buzzing fuel pump... another Volvo secret, last I heard they were still trying to figure this one out. A new fuel pump was manufactured.

    Other problems you may have that (knock on wood) I have not experienced:
    Stereo bad reception
    Alarm malfunctioning
    Truck lock forever frozen
    Plastic wheel inserts falling off
    Air Conditioner working only for the first hour or so of a long trip
    Fuel injectors dumping into cyl
    vacuum valve on the brakes
    Hard starts (engine should not crank 6 times to start)
    Alignment off initially
    gas odor inside of car

    I would LOVE to hear from all of you.. even those who are going to say "I love my car, it's spectacular" I would love to hear what your gas mileage is since my dealer told me there was nothing else he could do. I would love to hear from anyone with any advice. I have gotten wonderful advice on the brickboard! Diehards are a wealth of information and I truly appreciate all of it! Any information brought forth only helps others!

    I would also like to let you know a few things... I am not a new Volvo owner, I am not a Volvo hater. I deal with Volvo body parts all day. I talk to thousands of Volvo owners every month. Since I am dealing with replacement body parts, I am not hearing from S40 owners, as we are all new people. I love Volvos, in fact, although my car makes me want to throw up on most days, I still love my car. You know, you own a Volvo and it becomes a person. You name it... well, I did. Anyway I also have an 850 which is Mahvelous. However if I could do it all over again I would have save a few more grand and bought a BMW, or I would have went to out to find the nice Mexican family that bought "Rusty" the trusty 240 wagon from my youth. Plaid seat and all. If you have a 240, 740, 850, for the love of God, keep it, don't upgrade to this (not that it would be an UPgrade for any of them technically) Wait until Volvo straightens their act out. You will be glad you did!!! If you are looking into purchasing this car used, you need to think about this: Why is a car that has only been owned for 20 months or less for sale? Test car? Maybe. Probably not.

    For those of you who have a wonderful 2000 S40 congratulations, I am jealous. BEWARE.

    Feel free to post to the board or directly to my email:

    Owner of Holly the sad S40 :(
  • txrx71txrx71 Posts: 6
    I get 27 mpg in my volvo. no strange noises or knocks. the ride is comfortable and smooth. Acceleration is outrageous and the car cruises comfortably at 90+mph. the engine has a nice percolating rumble to it during idling and the transmission shifts adeptly. The brakes work wonderfully. The doors shut soundly and the car sounds like its made of solid steel. The radio works beautifully and its much cleaner, crisper and yes... louder than a lot of custom jobs that teenagers save up a whole summer for. The interior of my car is black leather which matches beautifully with the glossy fire engine red exterior. with all that said... must admit, I did have a problem with mine... one blown fuse and at one point... thought another blown fuse since my blinkers stopped working... but then the next day after a visit to the dealership, they worked again-perhaps the wiring was done by an exiled GM autoworker. other than volvo is a piece of art. surely these other problem cars are not made by volvo..but instead that other swedish car maker..have those posts been misplaced?
  • dgibaracdgibarac Posts: 1
    We have S40 leased. For many times check engine light disturbed us. Service says usually that we did not closed fuel cap properly but can not be proven. Last time they changed the program in cars computer but after a week the same. We must wait in service few/several hours for car without replacement... Does anybody know if we have rights e.g. replace the car, break lease contract, demand expertise, ask for some reimbursement due repeating inconvenience etc>

  • robertagrobertag Posts: 6
    If you are using regular fuel, that could be it. I had the same thing happen at first. It dissapeared after I switched to premium. I have also read the same thing elsewhere.
  • januszjanusz Posts: 1
    Today I encountered the first major disappointment with my 2000 S40. My wife took it to the dealer for a routine checkup and was told that rear brakes must be replaced. The car is slightly over one year and has 19,000 miles on it. So far the car has been OK and I was rather patient with the ever-popping "check engine" light. I didn't make a fuss about the headlight bulbs burning excessively. Today, however, I got really mad. New REAR brakes after lousy 19,000 miles !!! It is known fact that 80% of braking is done with the FRONT brakes and the front brakes in my car are OK. My 10 year old Buick didn't need rear brakes for the first 100,000 miles. Dealer, of course, refused to cover this replacement under warranty and made a statement that I am planning to use against Volvo. He said: "...what did you expect, Volvo is known for brakes to last 10 to 15 thousand miles. They were designed that way." This is outrageous. I called Volvo Headquarters and was told that the field rep will review my case. He better, because I intend to take Volvo to court. Not to recoup the lousy $160.00 the dealer charged me but as a matter of principal. If any of you experienced similar problem please let me know. I need the ammunition. Maybe when we join forces we can accomplish something substantial. Please write me at
  • peterpan2peterpan2 Posts: 11
    Is there a 2002 S40 due out any time soon ?
  • drblockdrblock Posts: 1
    I am considering buying or leasing a new 2001 S40 within the next few weeks. However, I am concerned about how the car will hold up in the climate I live in (Buffalo, NY). I know that there is a cold weather package offered on the S40, but, still--winters here can be rough.

    Does anyone reading this board have experience with the S40 (or any other Volvos, for that matter) in rough, cold climates? Does the car hold up well, not just in maneuvering hazardous conditions, but also in resisting rust damage (both on the paint and in the undercarriage).

    Your thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks!
  • wwaipowerwwaipower Posts: 1
    Mine is a 2001 S40. Have got it for two months and so far so good. But I started to notice a rattling after 2000 kms and it seems to be coming from the rear shaft and the noise is heard from the trunk. It's noticeable when you turn off your radio. It's of course quiet when riding on perfect plain road. Has anyone had the same problem?
  • robertagrobertag Posts: 6
    Very happy with handling. No DSA but excellent snow tires and had no problems at all. This was driving in Toronto & Montreal all winter. Haven't seen any rust, but then, I wouldn't expect it either after only 8 months.
  • Okay, I have read many posts here that the 2000 S40 made them unhappy. I am considering a 2001 S40 and have test driven it several times. Seems quiet, good pickup. Do not like the manual dial for the info on the car or the manual knob for climate control but both small issues. Seats are comfy and well it should be safe as it is a Volvo. The current deal is $2,000 down and $289 for 48 months for a lease. The car has the leatherette, cold weather package, sunroof. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. I also looked at an Audi A4 (money factor not as good but loved the ride) and a Saab 9-3 (still drives like a....Saab) but really like the value, feel, and look of the Volvo. Thanks to all.
  • shawn325ishawn325i Posts: 100
    My 98 S70 se has been a great car in all seasons. It has been a very solid safe performer in the snow, Volvo is actually known for this as the winters in Sweden are brutal.

    No rust!! 4 years old
  • coolmatt44coolmatt44 Posts: 54
    Up until recently Volvo's did terrible in the snow, they were all rear wheal drive, I remember once as a child our volvo actually slid off the road and all the way up someones lawn in only about 2 inches of snow. Now they do wonderful (especially the AWD) but people use to get brutely angry because volvo's should have done better than they did (because of the assumption that because Sweden had harsh winters they should have winter friendly cars)
  • dianeb773dianeb773 Posts: 19
    I had a 2000 S40 with 18,600 miles that I just traded for an Audi A6 2.8. I thought I was getting a good car but replaced the rear brake pads at 14,000 and the front pads just before I got rid of it. The problem that cinched me getting rid of the car was an annoying squeak in the right rear. I had it at the dealer twice (one week, then 3 days at a time) and they still couldn't find the problem. They replaced the right strut and that was actually a bent strut so they replaced it a second time and nothing helped. The service manager told me he actually had 2 other cars in for the same thing. As I was driving to pick up my Audi the squeak was actually louder than it had ever been. I knew I would have been frustrated and angry if I had kept that car so I'm glad that I got rid of it. I broke even and I have to say, I love my new Audi. I thought a Volvo would have been a dependable, long-lasting car. I will never recommend or purchase Volvo again.
  • s40girls40girl Posts: 2
    I can't believe that people are saying that the Volvo S40 is a lemon! I just signed on the dotted line two days ago and am picking it up in a month. Am I going to have to kick myself later? I assume people are talking about the 2000 model and not the 2001 one. Hopefully this year's model runs smoothly. I currently drive a 1999 Volvo S70 GLT and its had its share of problems, but not to the extent that was described above.
  • shawn325ishawn325i Posts: 100
    again, Volvo's are known for being good winter cars!!! How long have they been FWD and or AWD???The fact that you had some difficultey with your Volvo in the snow probably says more about the person's driving in that condition than anything.

    Besides, I believe the question was rgarding today Volvo's not yesterdays.
  • robertagrobertag Posts: 6
    I'm afraid some of it applies to the 2001. So far, I've had to visit the dealer for a recall, a broken power door lock, rattle, seat back that won't recline, stalling problem, and now my rear brakes are shot after only 16,000km!
    Hope you have better luck than I do.
    But, on the other hand, it's still a nice car to drive.
  • For anyone who feels that an occasional lemon does not necessarily make for a bad car model, go back and read the posts and compare them to other cars/manufacturers. Where else do you see dozens of posts complaining about the same recurring problems? While every manufacturer has the occasional lemon, MOST owners of the S40 have had the same persistent problems which seem to indicate that Volvo (or more accurately volvo/FORD) is no longer making a good, safe product.
  • maggienmaggien Posts: 6
    Sue -
    I also just bought a 2001 S40. I was assured by the dealer that they were very dependable cars but am incredibly depressed to read all of these posts.
    I got an incredible deal and thats why I purchased it. They told me that when/if I had problems with the car I would get a service loaner. Have other people at least got that when they have problems? Robert? How long are the brakes under warranty? I do stop-go commute every day in LA.
    If everyone is having problems then we need to insist that the dealership fix them. is it that they can't find them or are trying to tell everyone that its just them? I had a lemon Saturn with recurring problems and can't deal with it if the Volvo is the same. Life is too full to spend time at the dealers.
  • I too was told that a loaner car would be available. This was true the first couple of times that I took the car in, but once I started having recurring problems I was not given the loaner. Instead they gave me a voucher for the local rental outlet down the street which would always tell me that the voucher didn't quite cover the cost of a comparable car. The volvo roadside service was also worthless. The last time the car broke down I waited over 4 hours for their "guaranteed 45 minute service" and finally called the auto club.
  • ArasGArasG Posts: 1
    Bought my sport edition after looking at Passats (Audi) and several others. I was ready to pick up a S40, when I went to the dealer to pick one, the Sport Edition had arrived. Fell in love immediately.

    Bough mine at the end of January and now have 8500 flawless miles. A joy to drive, comfortable (even for a 6'3" guy like myself). Have to take it in for an oil change at the dealer (Did the first one myself at 4000 miles). Get compliments everywhere I go and has plenty of Horsepower. (97 octane is currently $1.30 here in Florida)

    Just got notice of a recall (replace a diode on the fan... big deal !).

    Glad I made this choice
  • s40girls40girl Posts: 2
    Thanks Rob for sharing your experience. The more I think about it, the more I want to go back to the dealer and rip up the papers! For a 30K plus car, I'm disappointed to hear it has so many problems. I'm beginning to feel that the problems don't just affect specific cars, but the entire model.

    Well, a few more weeks and I go to pick it up. I'll let you know if I'm enjoying the ride or kicking myself everyday.
  • robertagrobertag Posts: 6
    I was told by the dealer's service dept. that there is no such thing as warranty on brakes because it's a "wear & tear" item. I have, however, read on other forums that some people have been sucesfull in having Volvo pay for at least part of the repair cost. I have an appointment this Friday so... we'll see.
    As far as a loaner goes, I do get one from my local dealer, although it usually takes up to a week's notice. Another dealer closer to Toronto will charge $10/day for a car but also has a free shuttle to and from the subway (which I prefer anyway).
  • I saw both the S40 and V40 at the local Volvo dealer recently. My first impressions were that these two are some of the nicest cars I've come across in this category. However reading the posts here makes turns me right off the idea of getting one. The NHTSA complaints database has quite a few service bulletins, but not that many consumer complaints -- that could also be because so few of them are sold in North America.

    Would you think that by the 2002 MY these issues would be worked out? My understanding is that this car has been around since 96 in Europe and I'm surprised to see that there are still so many issues.

    Would you estimate that the V40 would have the same reliability problems as well?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Considering the S40 and V40 are the same car except for the body shell, I would say yes. Of course, you all know that buying any car is like gambling, no matter what kind you get. Some have the promse of better reliability, but no one can be sure. Anyone can get a lemon.
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