Who's the Best Truck Brand Celeb Spokesperson and Why?

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Howie Long pitches for Chevy. Denis Leary & Mike Rowe are pushing the "Ford Tough" line, and countless other celebs have stepped in to extol the virtues of their manufacturer's pickups. Even Kermit the Frog had a turn.

It's a tough economy, and gloves are off:
http://www.autoobserver.com/2009/06/in-trucks-bare-knuckles-marketing-continues.- - html

Who's doing the best job to speak for their brands? Who's your favorite... or LEAST favorite?

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    Personally, i like Mike Rowe. He has obviously done a lot of crazy stuff and i like his calmness. The backwards driving through the cones F150 commercial comes to mind.
    I used to like Howie, but Chevrolet commercials spend the whole time dissing the competition, instead of promoting their own product and letting you make up your own mind. It must be a contract obligation for him.
    To me, Dennis is not a pickup truck guy, so his commercials don't work.
    Years ago, I had an F150 and loved it, but all the current pickups are huge, so I doubt i will have one in the future.
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    ...the celebrity spokesman for DeSoto! Tell 'em Groucho sent ya!
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