Jeep Liberty Diesel codes P1401 and P1140

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New to this forum. Dealing with a $1127.00 quote to replace my egr and airflow valve on my 2006 CRD. Read through several posts and am unclear a little on a couple of things.

Did "blowing your nose" with the overdrive off fix a current fault code or is this suggested by some for maintenance with a properly functioning valve?

Does anyone have any pics of the service or a recommended source for a service manual? I'm mechanically inclined so I'd love to do this repair myself if possible.

If disconnecting is the real answer, again, back to the pics question to illustrate. Where is the dern thing located?

Thanks very much for any feedback. I belong to another auto forum and I appreciate peoples willingness to share and help. Much thanks ahead of time.


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    I can not find a code P1401 in my manual . P1140 is a vacumn reservoir solenoid circuit short to ground .
    try I forgot how I did it but I got my manual from that site .
    Other than that I would go to a library . It cost over 100.00 to by one from the dealer. I would be willing to send info from my manual for this issue . Check the code #P1401 again "if it is an error"
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    Many problems after 9000 miles driving during warm weather and slowing down from 60 to 35/40 miles per hour car would not accelerate had to pull over, shutdown and restart car and all was ok. Dealer found no codes replaced airflow sensor on air filter housing. Same problem continued dealer could not fix on many vists. Engine computers, replaced, egr replace recalls done, problem continued. At 65,000 shutting off and restarting would not cure problem, RPM would increase but car would shudder until it got to about 30miles per hour shift hard than accelerate a little better and could get to about 60 miles per hour. Back to dealer they had the car for 6 weeks changed the fuel filter housing, O rings on fuel injector lines and the lines,Egr valve, turbo charger, removed the fuel tank, never got an answer why. Drove for a while ok, than summer came and back to same problem. Now at 79,000 miles I have had it with the dealers . At present car shudders , hard to acelerate , seems like no turbo charger . Have gotten code high rail pressure and bleed fuel filter and checked all lines for leaks and tight. Ran ok for a day than got the P1140 code and a P0090 fuel control circuit. Dissconnected the electrical connector on the EGR valve car ran better for a while but now back to P1140 and no aceleration. Any suggestions please. Also any where I can get a
    maintenance manual and wiring manual HELP
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    i got an excellent pdf manual on ebay for $13...2000+ pages...EGR is on the drivers side under neath the fuel filter and hell to do...had mulitple probs until the harness was more probs of late
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    did you get that recall on the torque converters?

    ebay has get manuals in pdf for $13
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